Roedelius Schneider
“Single Boogie”

Hans-Joachim Roedelius, the cute half of one of the greatest groups of all time (Cluster, bitch!), is teaming with Stefan Schneider (Mapstation, To Rococo Rot) for a new album, Stunden, due on Hamburg label Bureau B. Read more about the album in Mike Reid’s news post, but for the love of Czukay, listen to “Single Boogie” first.

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Avey Tare

“Oliver Twist”


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Slow Club

“Two Cousins”

Girl/Boy bands are as common now as female adult-contemporary singers were in the 90s. Videos involving cinematic melodies like “Two Cousins” need more statement than song or at least contain a stigmatized dance routine. In general, video changes personal perspective of everything. This is why people hate movies adapted from books (duh). Of course, this only shows how everything has some sort of companion (Alexander Slotnick, Lee Michael, Kmmy Gbblr).

None of this is bad, though, concerning “Two Cousins.” I couldn’t remember the aforementioned Annie Lennox link and may have lost sleep over it. Maybe I got so worked up (Sunday into Monday afternoon) that when I found it, everyone at my office had the song stuck in they’s head. Guess what, Slow Club. Ten years from now, someone somewhere in Hempstead, NY will be finally finding this video after five cups of coffee consumed as fast as these dudes’ move they feet. Find Slow Club’s next album Paradise on Moshi Moshi Records (released yesterday, September 13), and let it consume you.

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Pink Priest

“Swallow Your Dreams”

The second vinyl LP from Arkansas’ stone-cold drone king Pink Priest is two 18-minute slabs of textural exploration, levitating tones, and implied melody. This music video for the entire A side of Swallow Your Dreams is like the dreams of a TV set left on overnight. Pieces of flipped channels, flickering color forms, slow frames moving in and out half-superimposed, pictures of domesticity contrasted with vast expanses of nature that could be the b-roll from a Nova special, weird fragments, all smashed together and dipped in some kind of static video buzz; dripping with atmosphere, virtuously boring and beautiful. William Cody Watson of PP says the album is about “the end of certain things, but also a realization of reconstruction, hope, decay, balance, and progression.” Pre-order it from French label La Station Radar.

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“Pair Bonds (sample)”

Try finding a longer sample of “Pair Bonds” digitally. SWAPS wins. Now, make this sample clip the soundtrack to your search; looping tense layers of plucking, “Bing-it, bitch,” cymbal-tapping, snare-popping, and blank canvas-building, until: *play again*. What. A fucking. Tease. Which means you have to buy the SWAPS 10-inch now! Give ‘em props: any band that voids internet piracy through name confusion is okay in my literature.

The combination of SWAPS serves no wrong: Steve Touchton of XBXRX, Ches Smith of Secret Chiefs 3, and John Dieterich and Ed Rodriguez of Deerhoof. Like Dean’s Uncle Leonard, and as the A-Side’s name “Pair Bonds” suggests, mating of these different styles are complementary. It’s symbiotic, almost. Kind of like the 10-inch sleeve art: particles, colors, yaddas, forming something of something, but not completely a thing, only more some… ? Pop on over to Joyful Noise Recordings; the SWAPS 10-inch is on sale now in mint green, because where else will you find it?

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“Fire Dream”

FACT has just posted a promising new track from the sample-mangling bass music mysterioso Patten. “Fire Dream” is taken from the forthcoming album GLAQJO XAACSSO (it’s pronounced “glack-geut zack-so,” you idiots), out on No Pain In Pop at the end of the month. The track suggests Patten are going to be dishing out some murky walls of sound over the 12 tracks promised. Sickeningly distorted drum sounds and deep textures are the staples here, only parting way for the odd blast of blinding, squashed white noise. If you strain your ears enough, there are faint, muddy vocal lines that trail off before anything is pronounced. This is definitely immersive enough to justify a pair of headphones like these.

• No Pain in Pop:


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