OMG! SOPHIE strikes again. 2013’s “Bipp” was perfect, so part of me was half expecting SOPHIE’s next big single to be a bit disappointing, but SOPHIE has thankfully proved me wrong and made something that’s so kawaii yet so sexy-nasty at the same time. “Lemonade” marks a 2014 trend of reinventing pop music (Hyperdub’s compilation 10.2 comes to mind), embracing the saccharine and electronic as a way to get to the heart rather than taking a more realistic approach. And it totally works, cos it’s so sincere and so damn catchy.

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“Tape Bonus 1”

Ready for the classic MD flip? I’m sure y’all enjoyed In My World (TMT Review) as much as I did (which it’s paused in WMP right now). But here’s the kicker that MD always fronts: that drone/ambient dirge crawl through electronic scapes. As I see it, MD is fronting on Leaving and Stones Throw with a (double cassette) entitled Dual Form, and the snippet/tease from it here is called “Tape Bonus 1.” I’m sure this’ll be super limited. And Leaving is crushing ASS with that sorta pop-em-to-sell-out swag ALL 2014. So please, please keep an eye on this before it’s $100 on PEACE OF MIND IS ALWAYS THE ANSWER TO YOUR PROBLEMS!

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“Y Smart Car”

Following up on the spastic sounds of Fashion Lady (TMT Review), Gobby goes in hard via 1080p Collection with the single “Y Smart Car” (shouts out to Alan Ranta for the drop). Now, whether or not this is a new product Gobby has created in his “spare” time or if he’s actually questioning the vehicle, but it’s fun and clappy, and nothing like the non-music etchings on Wakng Thrst for Seeping Banhee (TMT Review). And if you didn’t think we sucked 1080p’s label swag hard enough, well, proof is in the Gobby on this one, ‘cause y’all KNOW we’d cover his nonsense, no matter what!

Also, there’s a track on this new album Wallet & Cellphone (pre-order digital AND cassette here) entitled “Clifford.” So, I’m buggin’ ‘cause I dunno this Bronx-boiiii. Probz the dog. Scope “Y Smart Car” below via 1080p releases it

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Hering und seine sieben Sachen

“Nächstes Mal Werde Ich Weniger Trinken”

“I see those empty whisky bottles / And records scattered on the floor / And from the next room I hear crying / Then I remember the night before”
-Lee Hazlewood

“Nächstes Mal Werde Ich Weniger Trinken”

Ah, remorse, followed by the promise from the heart to turn things around. However, excepting epiphany, things rarely change, for better or worse, for us, no matter how pure our promises or how determined our will. “What has been will be again,” we read in Ecclesiastes. No wonder a resume is a good gauge for employers: to see what a prospect has done and to see what a prospect will do.

Hering seems to know a thing or two about remorse, evidenced by “Nächstes Mal Werde Ich Weniger Trinken” and its low-spirited surfaces of warbles, bends, and clips. The surfaces, if not for their deterioration, might have rested in the calming waters of new age. Instead, the production, with its clouds of astigmatism, causes turbulence. It is a languid turbulence, mild and melancholy - a dead man’s float. It is funereal: hinting at a frown on an otherwise peaceful expression on a perished person. The waters are deep with regret. What could have been will not be.

The burial is one shovelful of dirt shy from completion, and, once complete, the feeling of remorse will fossilize.

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DRAFT [Teaser Video & Album]

It’s the sound of lucky $3.33. It’s shopping right. It’s everything at once. It’s being in sync. It’s becoming one with peace. It’s like having no problem spending money you don’t have. It’s the cheapest shit you’ll ever ingest. It’s the BEST pro-mo e-mail anyone can send. It’s each picture in DRAFT form. It’s being an expert in everything but that one thing. It’s being an expert in NOT that one thing. It’s the mystery everyone strives for, barely skimming the surface, and maybe a crop or two of an arm. It’s like happiness being the key to patience. It’s familiarity with nothing immediate, but everything on the whole. It’s like burning that piano dude at the stake.

$3.33 hit me up via e-mail – super simple – with a link to her Bandcamp album DRAFT. And it’s WAY more than just a walk in the park. Like walking in the park with eight legs attached and people aren’t looking. Listen for yourself to $3.33’s DRAFT streaming below:

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Trap Door & Dreams

“Gravity Break” [Dreams Remix]

Fittingly for his name, Dreams turns Trap Door’s “Gravity Break” into a dreamscape. Combining tangible short sounds with longer, meditative ones creates the feeling of an actual dream, one where tangible elements from your life combine with ones that can’t even fit into your perceived reality. Trap Door, of the London based Gang Fatale collective, makes music that is fitting for both the club or for the bedroom after, and it’s hopeful to see a remix that pulls it more to the bedroom rather than more to the club. Largely this is because of the elimination of the main vocal sample “let’s all break it down” in the original, and the addition of a vocal that’s much more esoteric. And doesn’t this remind you perfectly of Macalania Woods from Final Fantasy X?

Trap Door’s Emerald Dove EP is forthcoming via the French based B.YRSLF Division

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