Stephen Malkmus

It only took two and half years, but Stephen Malkmus & The Jicks has emerged, clothed and all, with a new album entitled Mirror Traffic. The album, out August 23 on Matador, was produced by Glenn Beck or something.

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“Depressive Evening”

After nearly 40 years, Ilitch, a 70s experimental/Krautrock project headed by French musician Thierry Müller, will finally be releasing Un Jour Come Tant d’antes. The album, one of the group’s earliest, would have remained unreleased had Beta-lactam Ring (home to Nurse with Wound, irr. app. (ext.), Nadja, Daniel Menche) not decided to pick it up. Think Ash Ra, Schnitzler, Heldon, Schulze. The album’s out late July in a custom-made book-bound gatefold sleeve and later on limited-to-300 double vinyl.

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Sir Stephen

“Public Style”

Here are more “diamond-life dance & bliss-disco & basement luxury grooves” from 100% Silk, this time from Sir Stephen. Look out for a 12-inch soon. In the meantime: teaser vid above.

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Aaron Dilloway

Lip Syncing to Verme [preview]

Aaron Dilloway (Spine Scavenger, The Nevari Butchers, proprietor of Hanson, former Wolf Eyes member, dude with great hair) has released a new LP on Hundebiss Records. Titled Lip Syncing to Verme, the LP is limited to 500 and comes in an insanely beautiful, reversible artwork package. Hundebiss says this is his “last” album, but I think it means “latest.”

Meanwhile, Hanson reissued To Live and Shave in L.A.’s now-classic 30-minuten männercreme on cassette earlier this year. Holy shit.

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Grimoire [full-album stream]


Kreng (a.k.a. Pepijn Caudron), whose debut album, L’Autopsie Phenomenale De Dieu, made #35 on our Favorite Albums of 2009 list, has returned with a follow-up entitled Grimoire. Extending the film noir, shuffling jazz, and surreal Badalementi-esque orchestration, Grimoire is already shaping up to be one of my favorite albums of the year so far. And I gotta be honest: I’m not even halfway through the album yet. Might as well crown “Wrak” song of the year, while I’m at it.

Grimoire is out now on Miamsah. Don’t think. Buy.

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Cicciolina Holocaust/Sermonizer

Albeit Albeit/Sibelius Spiders (Split LP)

Self proclaimed electronic archivers Forced Nostalgia give us a reissue of this pioneering early-drone split between Cicciolina Holocaust and Sermonizer. Brimming with abstract guitar ambiance and scuzzy, sometimes rhythmic synth tones, both sides evoke a totally dark and menacing haze, like outtakes from a Tarkovsky sci-fi epic. Preview three tracks via soundcloud.

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