Da Mind Of Traxman [mix by Mike Paradinas]

Another day, another footwork mix. Today, we’re bringing you 30 brand new tunes by the legendary Traxman, all mixed by Planet Mu’s Mike Paradinas (who has clearly proven himself to have a fantastic ear for the cream-of-the-crop footwork tracks). Traxman, who runs with both the Ghetto Tek DJs (with Rashad, Spinn, Manny, Boylan, Taye, etc.) and Geto DJz, has been making dance tracks since the 90s, helping spearhead the evolution from ghetto house to juke to footwork. He’s also one of the most outspoken, hilarious, and passionate footwork producers out there.

Traxman has albums coming out on Planet Mu and the up-and-coming Lit City Trax (run by DJ Rashad and Aziza Man). This mix features tracks from both. Lots more info coming soon, but in the meantime, check out Traxman’s SoundCloud for his own house/footwork mixes.

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“Heaven’s Gate”

PillowTalk’s video, I think, speaks for itself. But from where does this dazzling specimen hail? Rather than exhaustive exegesis, here’s a brief etymology — rooted in the style of early TV broadcast, complimentary angles, and soft focus — illustrating just how we’ve arrived at heaven’s gate. The lineage, as you’ll see, is sterling.

- Nancy Sinatra, “These Boots Were Made for Walkin’”
- David Bowie, “Ashes to Ashes”
- The Strokes, “Last Night”
- Outkast, “Hey Ya!”
- Duck Sauce, “Anyway”
- Thieves Like Us, “Never Known Love”
- Future Islands, “Give Us the Wind”
- Beyoncé, “Party”
- Destroyer, “Kaputt”

PillowTalk has a new EP, Far From Heaven, out now on Wolf + Lamb.

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“Where Are You Now”

Look, “Apocalypse 2012” is because everyone is over wanting to fuck each other, so we’re looking for something to fuck Earth. Personally, I believe the “apocalypse” will arrive when every spin in one episode of Wheel of Fortune lands on “bankrupt.” The show cheats, but the day post-Merv producers find out the end of the world is nigh, they’ll stop rigging the wheel for advertisements. And Sajak will sweat his wig hair away.

Aside from fictional mental anguish, but in comparison: SOPA will lose. “Where You Are Now,” SOPA is in a BP oil spill media frenzy. SOPA will pass when it sucks Wikipedia’s brains IRL over “live” television. For now, I’ll stick with bands like Images, struggling to hook tunes recorded through a faded atmosphere, giving me a greedy feeling. But not until January 31, when their Know What I Mean album is released on AMDISCS and Last Nights Records. #censorthisSOPA

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“Bionic Pu**y”

I guess the asterisks in this track’s title could be T’s, and the song might be about some human-Gumby hybrid. But… nah. Excessively silly. This funk shuffles far too smoothly to be about anything other than sweet love in The Age of the Machine.

Despite DāM-FunK being based in LA, the digital goo of “Bionic Pu**y” brings me back to some gray summer days on Long Island, cruising around with a buddy, aviators propped low across his Sicilian mug. Nothing to do, we slinked by shopping malls and smokestacks for miles, pavement for years. Barren times. Only people getting turned on were the machines. Then night came down across the water over Manhattan where the sky was red and there was music being made in warehouses by a million kids just like us, loveless and looking out for some sweet something, some sweet bionic pu**.

DāM-FunK’s M.O., breeding computers and Soul, should be championed and cherished. I for one take some comfort in the idea that across the fiberoptic highways and byways of the world, there might be some true cinnamon-scented love getting uploaded between harddrives. Consider this: when the rise of the machines finally, inevitably goes down, with any luck it’ll be more orgy than gory. But then again, let’s hope it’s not both.

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Golden Calves

“Mod Bacteria (for Fred Neil)/Alchemy Interlude”

Woodsist got all the right jams. Scope this pre-Wooden Wand and the Vanishing Voice material from James Jackson Toth’s Golden Calves project. 1996 was a hot year for the acoustic man and song, but WW & VV (if I may abbreviate) hit that sentimental noise scene like, like, like a boss. Err, bosses. Now Toth all country and briarwood, which is equally as hot and not a surprise. Anyway, the Golden Calves collection will be reissued in limited release on Woodsist, so get your po-mo-style prologue listening on!

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Nova Scotian Arms


This Quiet Evenings member and Hooker Vision co-founder has just released his debut solo vinyl and his most distinctive and visionary work to date as Nova Scotian Arms. Cult Spectrum delivers 37 minutes of languid, labyrinthine drones meticulously constructed with a nest of synths, keyboards, weird pedals, tape scraps, and beautifully heady thoughts. “Citadel” conjures an image of an ancient mountainside jewel in some Calvino-style imaginary city; it’s a simple melody cloaked in fog, with deep deep history — the perfect album to finally canonize NSA on wax. The cream-colored vinyls were mastered by the illustrious Lawrence English and feature some choice album artwork of ink painted on 35mm film by Grant Evans himself. Already sold out at Digitalis, this ought to be hitting the distros right about now.

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