“Digital Seance”

Zomby, best known for covering his coughs (1, 2, 3, 4), has uploaded a new track to his YouTube account. It’s called “Digital Seance” and flutters along with some well-timed airhorns for just under two minutes.

• Zomby: http://twitter.com/#!/zombymusic

Infinite Body


We loved Carve Out the Face of My God, Kyle Parker’s last album as Infinite Body. In fact, we loved it so much that it made it to #12 on our Favorite Albums of 2010 list. So we’re of course ecstatic to hear “Enlacing,” an elongated fuzz of a track that features looped/manipulated/chopped vocals atop a thick wash of harmonic drone. But before you hit play below, Parker has one request: “play Loud, no laptop speakers pls.” Do what he says.

A new Infinite Body album is in the works. We’ll let you know when we hear more.

• Infinite Body: http://soundcloud.com/infinitebody

Laurel Halo

“Light and Space”

Gorilla vs. Bear has a special treat for us today: a new Laurel Halo track! “Light and Space” is the closing track off her upcoming album Quarantine, and it definitely sounds like it. It also sounds really fucking great. Stream here:

Quarantine is out May 28 in the UK and June 5 in the US via Hyperdub. And don’t forget that Halo is playing Unsound New York next Friday, April 20.

• Laurel Halo: http://laurelhalo.com
• Hyperdub: http://hyperdub.net

Lil B

NYU lecture

Lil B made his highly-anticipated visit to New York University last night. Here’s how he begins the lecture: “Man. I love y’all, man.” Sounds spot on. Check out the entire lecture streaming below, and, hey, why not read along with Fader’s full transcription?

Do you like Lil B? Do you find it strange that NYU invited him to do a lecture? Think lives were changed? Leave your comments below.

• Basedworld: http://www.basedworld.com

Mad Gregs

Relatives [album stream]

Families are fucked up. My mom’s been married four times, my dad died when I was 23, and most of my older relatives still talk to me like I’m a teenager, even though I’m now in my thirties — but I care about them all. Chances are, if you tried to summarize your family in a sentence, you’d come up with something just as chock-full of polarizing love and regret.

The new album from Mad Gregs, Relatives, presents a modest case of historical revisionism. Over the three years between this and 2008’s Big Nun, each of the tracks on Relatives was continually reworked and revised within the framework of chamber pop and late-70s soft rock, but the results are not overwrought. It was a labor of love, following inspiration rather than design, with the space to fix future mistakes as they happen. If only more relatives were this creative and forgiving.

• Fake Four, Inc: http://www.fakefourinc.com
• Mad Gregs: https://twitter.com/madgregs

Mount Eerie

“The Mouth of Sky (MIDI strings)”

First, there was this:

Then this:

Then it somehow got to this:

Fucking crazy. This last version, “The Mouth of Sky (MIDI strings),” is the B-side to a 7-inch off Atelier Ciseaux. Check out its A-side, “To The Ground,” here, and purchase the 7-inch at Atelier Ciseaux. Time-sensitive tip: it’s limited to 300 and went on sale yesterday.

In related news, Mount Eerie’s new full-length, Clear Moon, is out May 22 on P.W. Elverum & Sun.

• P.W. Elverum & Sun: http://www.pwelverumandsun.com
• Nicholas Krgovich: http://nicholaskrgovich.tumblr.com
• Atelier Ciseaux: http://www.atelierciseaux.com


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