Black Host

New York-based jazz quintet Black Host thrives on contrast, and “Hover,” the opening cut from debut album Life In The Sugar Candle Mines, is a prime example. In the version below — cut-and-pasted from the 10-minute original — the contrast isn’t subtle: it opens with dissociative, barely-there free jazz, before settling into a major-key uplift of sustained guitar, impressionistic piano, post-rock bass, and a 4/4 beat, courtesy of band leader Gerald Cleaver. But as soon as we start feeling comfortable, the vibe’s disrupted by a fragmented, “Lonely Women” melody, the urgency of which is punctuated by Brandon Seabrook’s fuzzy guitar and the aggressive saxophone articulations of Darius Jones. This musical contrast is complemented by director Mario Latham’s video, which features dirty stone sidewalks next to pristine cobblestones, urban decay foregrounded against a bustling city life, film sped up and slowed down, imagery from various periods of New York jumbled together to set the structural, claustrophobic elements of city life (signs telling you to do this and that) against the ecstasy of dance and the freedom implied in wide open skies.

Also be sure to seek out the original version of “Hover,” which features a stunning piano solo by Cooper-Moore and several dissonant buildups that showcase Cleaver’s intuitive sense of dynamics and rhythmic interplay. It’ll also show how the video’s version is a rare moment of clarity in an otherwise much more complex and penetrating exploration.

Life In The Sugar Candle Mines is out now on Northern Spy.

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ScHoolboy Q

“Collard Greens” (ft. Kendrick Lamar)

Before we get to this new ScHoolboy Q track, let me give you a little cooking tip apropos of its title. When you’re making collard greens, be sure to add some brown sugar. I know obesity and type 2 diabetes are on the rise and that eating too much sugar is bad for you, but trust me on this one. Adding the unexpected ingredient gives the greens just the right flavor, especially when combined with ham hocks and red pepper flakes and all that good stuff. Man, I could go for some greens right about now…

Where was I? Oh right. I’m not here to talk about collard greens, the delicious, delicious side dish, but “Collard Greens,” the latest cut from ScHoolboy Q’s upcoming release, Oxymoron. The banger’s built around the pairing of a heavy, ticking drum beat with a sprightly synth line. ScHoolboy’s scruffy scowls aren’t a perfect match for the wintery beat, but he makes up for it with some creative boasts, like how he spends more on his daughter’s shoes than we all make in a year. *insert broke college student sob here* And then there’s K dot — C Monster’s favorite rapper of all time and the highlight of the track. He talks dirty in Spanish! He does that “doo doo doo doo” onomatopoeia thing he loves to do! His flow is on point! Nice to see the Black Hippy partners coming together — at the very least, they give me an excuse to talk about my favorite vegetable.

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Joachim Nordwall

“Soul Vibration”

Joachim Nordwall (the one with the extremely penetrating stare) has crafted some quietly terrifying music from malfunctioning synths and malevolent maracas. Furthermore, he has sanctioned a video in which a body of leaves raves as if it were back in the day (skip to 2:06 for the real juice). This record will be especially enjoyable if you live in Belgium, as it will be marginally cheaper due to reduced postage and packaging costs.

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Danny Brown

“Kush Coma” [feat. A$AP Rocky] / freestyle on Crib Sessions

When we first heard Danny Brown’s new smash crowd banger, “Kush Coma,” it was a rough draft with a placeholder verse and a promise that A$AP Rocky would be on the final version. No one complained though; the more Danny, the better. Plus, the production by Skywlkr, fellow Bruiser Brigade member, is sooooo fucking great that the rapping’s like the blunt on top. In any case, thanks to Tim Westwood and BBC Radio 1 (via Hip-Hop Dons), we can now hear the version that’ll be on Danny’s forthcoming album, Old. While A$AP’s guest verse is indeed here — look ma, no triplets! — BBC Radio 1 unfortunately edited out every time the word “kush” was dropped, which is frequently since the chorus is about being in, well, a kush coma. Darn. I guess we’ll have to wait for Old — hitting stores in August via Fool’s Gold — to hear the full version.

In the meantime, check (“CHECK!!”) out Danny Brown freestyling over Pusha T’s “Numbers on the Boards,” courtesy of Westwood’s Crib Sessions. He looks like he’s possessed by Mr. Fox, but no bitch it’s Danny Brown, and he’s got some weed up in his sock. Dude’s going to die like a rock star.


Danny Brown updated his SoundCloud account with the full version, which includes another verse:

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Chocolate Grinder Mix 82

Swann SWDVK-825508 8-Channel Digital Video Recorder with Smartphone Viewing

What is the song that goes “da dada da dada dadadada”? It’s one or more male singers and after the chorus is sounds as if they’re saying, “Why you so…”

Whats that song that goes nanananananananananananananana…< Help. It’s supposedly a really annoying song and It’s sung by this guy and I think all he does is go ‘nananananananana na na na nanananananana na na na nanananana na na na na na na na na na naaa naaa’ It’s weird and I think it was one of the most annoying songs or something. What is it? I can’t find it anywhere. :/

Whats that song that goes…cause im ballin….??? ok the song goes like cause im ballin..then has a short break and beat and then says somethin about shot callin. dont no who it is by but it is a very common song…anyone no what it is???

What is the song that goes da da da daaaaaaa da? it is a love song from a while ago but well known i cant find it on youtube cos i dunno any of the word lyrics

What is that song that goes yeah yeah yeah ? I heard this song that the chorus goes yeah yeah yeah yeah a guy sings the song except the chorus the chorus is like a bunch of girls saying yeah yeah yeah yeah, it has like a beachy melody to it and it’s like soft rock.

What is the song that goes da da da da dadadada da da? I’ve got this song in my head its starts off like i said da da da da dadadada da da then a drum beat comes in and it continues please tell me the song if you know it!!!!!!!!!

Song that goes girl shake that dun dun dun? i herd this song last night but i was wasted lol it goes girl shake that dun dun dun

Whats the name of that song that goes like this…? It goes like this. Do do do de rodododoodedooo do bee do dum da bum da rrum da dum. I heard a big grabber thingy at a junkyard playing it, and it was really catchy.

What is the song that goes da da da da, da da da da da? it was used on an old five alive advert and i have heard it remixed in clubs recently its great. anybody have any idea what it could be. ??

Stream below, and subscribe to our podcast here.

[00:00] BVLMΛ - “Fuck U All The Time”
[01:27] Zelooperz - “Hit A Lick”
[05:21] cyborgjungle - “666 κλοπη”
[05:51] ianisiah - “MINDFUCK” [produced by Arca]
[09:11] WEIRDLUCK - “Espresso Venom”
[13:45] Kodak Cameo - “Flamingo”
[24:31] a i r s p o r t s - “Feelings”
[27:40] D/P/I - “DEAD HEARTS”




Reasons why:

1. These beats are slaying like Beowulf and Odysseus: the fucking GREATS, man. That shit. No-holding-back-style approach. Mind pirouette, let that shit break your spirit.

2. For real though, “INDIG0 NIGHTS” has all the laid back pelvic thrust that the kids these days are craving. They want music their ears can shimmy to when they drive their dads’ cars behind the abandoned train yard to smoke joints and throw signs; drink Jungle Syrup ®.

3. WARM THIGHS brings up to bat that ice-cream thick stutter, representing SP-404 samplin’ and dancin’. The choice of sounds on this tape harkens back to the thrift store days; chopping up VHS tapes and splicing the footage across your bedroom ceiling, letting that shit corrupt your little brother when he walks into your room and you’re bumping. Let him hear that 90s snare snap and the grubby tape-quality hip-hop strut. He came to ask if he could borrow your headphones, but he doesn’t want them anymore! Now he just wants to join the dub and get a little up, so you guys head down into the drainage ditches at the end of the street to tag your names super quick-like, because you’re afraid of getting caught.

4. This is (presumably) the fifth WARM THIGHS mixtape. They come out like new flavors of Gatorade or limited edition Nikes… you gotta cop that shit, man.

5. In my personal opinion, WARM THIGHS 5 is better than WARM THIGHS 4. On 5, there is a greater effort put into the intentional deconstruction of the beats. In the wake of all this 90s-revivalist, “Beast Coast”-beat making (see: Team Supreme), WARM THIGHS is using organic sampling techniques to chop & screw Starburst-sized cuts of audio. There is no certain start and end point to each beat, meaning it is entirely plausible that the songs presented on the WARM THIGHS 5 Bandcamp page are only snippets of a greater whole — music that has been recovered from a warbling, brain-dead cassette and is only now being salvaged. WARM THIGHS 4 placed emphasis on adding otherworldly qualities to classic hip-hop breaks. Often the resulting effect of this process is a little disorientating, whereas on 5, the tracks play laughs on the 4/4 time signature, allowing the rhythm of each song to establish its own awkward, stuttering gate. Don’t get too comfortable. Name your price.



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