Nick Millevoi and Ed Ricart Quartet

It’s fairly understandable that the twain of noise rock and free jazz would find a way to meet, even if the spiritual/secular axes might be strange cohabitants — concern with cathartic pure sound and voluminous protest, coupled with allover rhythm, present a shared freedom-from, even if the freedom-for is less easily defined. Philly guitarist Nick Millevoi (Many Arms) and Ohio guitarist/bassist Ed Ricart (Matta Gawa, Hyrokkin) have their ears tuned to a variety of heavy forms, though their separate output differs heavily, with Ricart’s following a more outwardly spiritual path. Haitian Railroad is their first collaboration on wax, due out in July as a split release (LP/CS) between Gaffer and New Atlantis, and finds them joined by the metallic, paint-peeling saxophone playing of Travis Laplante (Little Women) and the acrobatic chug of drummer Ches Smith.

“Linive” marries knotty progressive tendencies and improvised clatter in a pretty remarkable way, Ricart’s frenetic fuzz a wild foil for Millevoi’s studied flintiness. It would be fair to say that they feed one another to the point that each musician enters an area they might skirt independently; the partnering of Ricart and Smith is also grounds for a powerful, controlled abandon within the rhythm section. Laplante emerges with a throaty wail at the halfway point, curiously opening up the ensemble to spare, incisive, and resonant exploration, at which point Smith takes the reins unaccompanied before the ensemble returns for a monolithic charge of seething sound. If “Linive” is any indication, the Millevoi-Ricart Quartet is about to drop a wonderfully unhinged stew of avant-garde jazz rock on an unsuspecting public.

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Ex Nihilo Nihil Fit

Exo Tapes, “The Pathway Through Whatever,” has shared with its patients, a new direction, this time in the form of Parallives. For help through subterranean melancholy, please listen to Side A and B of this tape, Ex Nihilo Nihil Fit. With repeated listenings, Exo Tapes Inc. believes the experience can help you overcome most standard-issue difficulties, similar to Ibuprofen. Thank you for listening. We hope you found your footing.

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Nickelus F

“Da Reaper” [prod. by Shawn Kemp]

January 23, 2013: Lil Ugly Mane (producer alias: Shawn Kemp) posts to Facebook, “nickelus f x shawn kemp e.p is gonna drop next week.” However, much to the chagrin of various ghouls, demons and Virginians, that didn’t happen, and altogether, not much else has been seen or heard of the sorcerer apothecary since then, except for this Sunday night performance at Chaos in Tejas, which, rumor has it, Ugly says will be his last.

…Satanic sad face : (>

Wake up this morning, come into work, pop a few Savannah Smiles only to discover a new Nickelus F x Shawn Kemp track premiered sometime last night, in the darkness, no doubt cloaked by the black cowl of death herself. Well, the fog has lifted to reaveal this as probably the illest of the three tunes NickShawn have dropped thus far (the other two being “Dirty Street Level” and “EMU”, which dropped 1/12/13 and 1/17/13, respectively). And three songs is basically an EP, right? : )>

Duppy Gun (Cameron Stallones and M. Geddes Gengras)

“What Would You Say About Me?” [feat. Fyah Flames]

Recorded in Spanish Town, Jamaica by Duppy Gun fellahs M. Geddes Gengras and Cameron Stallones, “What Would You Say About Me?” features vocals from the gorgeous Fyah Flames, capturing both the hope and pain of living within that local hustle and bustle of the St. Catherine capital city. On the outskirts and within the lush video below — shot by ICON EYE’s Tony Lowe — the prosperity of love and friendship is abound through laughs and the natural surrounding sounds of the neighborhood. It’s lovely to watch Fyah Flames record her vocals within that outdoor habitat, freeing her lyrical encouragement and settling her sung spirit within the production hands of DJ High Wasteline (a.k.a. Matthewdavid). Find Fyah Flames queendom now on Duppy Gun’s third 12-inch What Would You Say, with the B-side track “Own Patterson” featuring I Jahbar and a beat by Big Flite and Velkro (Duppy Kings), out now on the cheap via Duppy Gun Productions (and distributed by Stones Throw). ENJOY!

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Michael Jukeson

“Addendum/Self (A/VMIX1)”

Blankstairs is a new net-based beat music label out of Portland, OR. And I mean new. Like first-release-coming-soon new. The whole thing is run by a bunch of youngsters not quite old enough to get into any music venue in the city without an all-ages show going on, of which Portland has very few. So, they started throwing their own shows at bike shops and art galleries which they called Beatogether. All of these details so far are pretty similar to that NYC label, Astro Nautico. Two young collectives on opposite sides of the country, essentially pursuing the same thing under similar circumstances? A collaboration was bound to happen. And here it is; a 25-minute deeeep-breathing track from Astro Nautico’s Michael Jukeson, accompanied by gelatinous visuals from members of the Blankstairs label. If the first proper release (like BS001) is anything at all like this, then I imagine we will all be adding this collective to our to-follow list of youngsters making electronic music.

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aaronmaxwell’s bidness associate is back in town with another trunk full of over-compressed Black Market beats for sale. Cigars and suntans are FREE.



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