Thus Owls
“How In My Bones” (Live)

I’m a enthralled with Thus Owls’ performance of “How In My Bones” live at La Tulipe in Montreal. Sunday I saw CHVRCHES in McCarren Park and felt like I was in a Bubble-Yum commercial. And typically when I witness “live” “music,” I feel tacky. It’s like watching someone being emotional in a really weird way for (MAYBE) 45 minutes and then clapping (????) and walking away. However, Thus Owls really lays down a retro-psychedelic blues-rock vibe here that harnesses that before-its-time nostalgia. And they’re totally not afraid to feel it too. Also, I’m convinced that all good groups have vocals from everyone involved. I love it when tambourines are used in today’s musical world. Yes!!!

Turning Rocks, Thus Owls’ newest CD/LP is available through Secret City Records NOW/HERE/GRIP. You can snoop at that live video below of “How In My Bones” being given a nearly flawless performance by Thus Owls’ below:

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The KutiMangoes


First-world problems: the weather forecast says 88 degrees, the landlord’s letter says the utility company will be turning off the power for 7 hours, the iMessage conversation with said landlord says nothing new, and the Tramp Records Bandcamp says the Afro-Fire CD by jazzy German afrobeat ensemble The KutiMangoes is all sold out.

First-world solutions: go to air-conditioned office, bring bags of perishable foodstuff to temporarily store in office refrigerator, report landlord to the Department of Homeland Security (make something up), and stream The KutiMangoes’ Afro-Fire below or Buy Now the Limited Edition Vinyl LP.

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Juliana Huxtable


From House of Ladosha, artist Juliana Huxtable serves us the newest mix for her trans*queer Shock Value parties in NYC. Similarly to DJs from labels like Night Slugs and Gang Fatale, she combines cold, heartless UK instrumental grime with banging US hip-hop and R&B, creating a satisfying tension that is more feminine and American than the British artists mixing similarly. The fact that Juliana practices in different mediums is clear: the set is not only danceable, but visual, political, and emotional. In her sets, she likes to pepper in disparate musical genres and sound bites (anything from Judith Butler, to opera, to a GrubHub voicemail) that function to create a full world’s soundscape rather than just a set.

“SV3 (POWER GOT CUT OFF)” is notable for its layering of almost entire tracks over others, so much so that many of the transitions exist as their own equally appreciated track. In the past couple of months, Juliana has been rising in the New York scene as a DJ, becoming even more visible than she already is and developing a specific and important voice, which is both exciting and political in the large-majority white, cis male-dominated world of electronic production. Plus, check out her well-curated Instagram!

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Charles Barabé

Adieu Fantôme B

Charles Barabé (pronunciation here) stole my TV! Psych! He just stole my breath. DOUBLE PSYCH! He just borrowed it. And he gave it back, eventually, after I had already passed out from lack of oxygen. Nice guy; a goddamn thief, but a nice guy.

Like nightmare television for the sleepless (does that even make sense?), the above clip is extremely representative of the rest of the cassette — alarming, spectral, foreboding. Entitled Adieu Fantôme and released earlier this month on (((Cave))) Records alongside Ala Vjiior’s Detours & Details and a split between Brian Beaudry and Gianluca Favaron, the c30 from which the audio is pulled is highly recommended, as are the other two releases. That is, if you don’t want to get to sleep tonight. Might as well stay up and get weird, right?

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Real Love Doesn’t Have Past Tense

We are dropping Vtgnike’s unreleased goodies to help our brother in his Babylon struggle. After releasing a heavy and well-acclaimed album on Nicholas Jaar’s label, Danila is further investigating 140 bpm music, breaking the frames of juke and diving deeper into drum & bass and jungle roots. This material represents his latest research into deconstruction, while adding original Slavic signature for which Danila is famous.

Some extracts, along with unreleased joints will be soon available on vinyl via Gost Zvuk records. All donations will go to Danila’s cause.

We believe in the power of community, and any help will be highly appreciated.

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I’ve got an old TV with dual AV inputs. When two VCRs/DVD players/whatever are used at the same time, each video simultaneously plays overtop of one another. The screen will also violently and colorfuly react when this is done, overlaying the already overlaid images with upward-moving rectangular patterns in all the colors of the rainbow. It’s brought me plenty of enjoyment over the years, but I’ve always scratched my noggin’ as to why this feature existed. And then, all of the sudden, it hit me. I bet the manufacturers were privy to sundial’s thizzls WAY before completing their design. And I bet they just wanted to make something to sell to the public that would visually compliment the stacked sounds of the tape. Those time-traveling, money-grubbing bastards!

The side A kicks off with what could only be described as an underwater church organ being played by a dexterous robot, and what comes afterwards isn’t as extreme, but it all still has that “have I comedown yet, or is that tree still talking to me” vibe. Once flipped, the side B takes off into remixland, with duties being dished out to D/P/I, delofi, and some other heady heads. Like the flip-side, nothing overstays its welcome and everything heightens your senses. Kinda like that TV.

Available now on sundial’s own Big Ear Tapes in an edition of 75. Have at ‘em.

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