Tunnel virtual violence pro-no. Deeply rooted wire-string tapping. “Oh, fuck. She’s home.” Desire stripping digital flesh. The recycling bin on your computer. Tracking beyond the screen before you. Never finding the right body to be complete. Insertion that trails on and continues to rattle. International living room party camera. High internet dealer on the low. Reality is pussy versus snake, universally. Crossing over dimensional boundaries via breaking rules. Shattered scattering shards suspending self selection. Closing your eyes to a loading screen. Feeling the ping surrounding ear drums. Bandwidth your mind to “EXECUTION.” Click 18+ to enter. Washed down smoove with that “REMI RED” frying at the core.

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Sweet Valley

“Total Carnage”

Whooooaaa. That dude Nathan from Wavves has gone 404! Which basically just means he put down the distortion pedals and joined the ranks of white boys making beats in their bedroom. Pretty good, though. I like that 45 at 33 sound. I think that’s another genre on the rise.

Listen to “Total Carnage” below. It doesn’t really sound like total carnage. Maybe he meant Maximum Carnage. Who knows? That would certainly be relevant, by which I mean 90s. Buy it from Fool’s Gold using a real currency on August 7, and expect to hear some rapping over it in the coming months.

• Wavves: http://wavves.net
• Fool’s Gold: http://foolsgoldrecs.com


“Gold Standard”

Hello, and welcome to a great music video by a great band. Minden comes from Portland, although the group has some ties to Kansas City, where I believe this brilliant clip was created and the band was originally formed by the very talented songwriter Casey Burge. Decoder just excellently premiered the excellent lead cut from the band’s excellent forthcoming debut recording, Exotic Cakes. Further research (i.e., going to the band’s website) revealed this gem of a video, which… well, it sort of speaks for itself, and loudly — as in the obnoxiously loud, hot pink spandex’d booties shakin’ it in the yarn store here. Everything about Minden is everything that I love about life. And ultimately what I’m trying to say is that Minden is a band that is all about sex. It seethes from this music’s deep pockets of rhythm, effervesces from the smokey vocal harmonies, then kicks you where it hurts when the genius turns of lyrical phrase and sizzling one-liners make you realize it doesn’t all necessarily have to be about sex. But the bass playing? Sheer, unadulterated sex, people.

The self-released Exotic Cakes hits vinyl this Fall. Sex.

• Minden: http://www.mindenband.com



Darren Cunningham, known best as Actress, has once again nonchalantly dropped a new track via Twitter. “ShockTherapy101,” which follows one of the year’s strongest releases, features cyclical beats and stuttering electronic chords searching for a center, a sort of outside-the-club quest for home. And the best part is that home’s never found, mirroring both the fleeting nature of this song’s release and our own never-ending search for purpose. Check out the track here:

• Actress: https://twitter.com/ctress_a
• Werk Discs: http://www.werkdiscs.com
• Honest Jon’s: http://www.honestjons.com


“Self Defense”

After having released the scariest video of the year (for “Ass Swung Low”) and collaborated with the likes of Mykki Blanco and $hayne, Arca is back with a new track called “Self Defense.” The song features stuttering beats and claustrophobic electronics, all tightly wound up with mutated vocals rapping “Dumb luck, numb fuck/ Come out with your motherfucking hands up.” It’s freaky and suffocating and I love it.

Look for Stretch 2, his excellent debut release for UNO NYC, on August 6.

• Arca: http://soundcloud.com/arca-2
• UNO NYC: http://www.unonyc.com


Idle [album stream]

From the hot, fresh, and juicy California cassette label Constellation Tatsu comes a new record from psyched-out rockers Cankun, called Idle. As reverberating, echoing guitars mingle with gentle, steady drum machines, a perfect summertime stoner album is conceived. A glittering guitar haze resonates throughout the record, helping you find Zion, express your love to dance, swim fast with dolphins, and perform several other aquatic activities. Joyful howls and hollers bounce off the jumpy power chords driving the trip, and backseat beats keep the journey structured enough to keep us on the road. Grab your noodles and innertubes, pack a bowl, cruise to the beach/lake, and bump Idle the entire time — it’s a great combination, I swear.

Order the cassette from Constellation Tatsu and get a free download, or bump it all on the Bandcamp for a limited time.

• Cankun: http://soundcloud.com/cankun
• Constellation Tatsu: http://ctatsu.com


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