Bill Orcutt
“The Star-Spangled Banner”

Bill Orcutt, who wrote one of our favorite albums of 2011, who recently released a now-sold-out cassette titled Why Does Everybody Love Free Music But Nobody Loves Free People?, and who time-stretched a one-second sample of Adris Hoyos’ voice into an hour-long piece for Harry Pussy’s final album (which sees reissue via Editions Mego August 28), has reinterpreted “The Star-Spangled Banner.” It’s great. And well-timed.

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Lil B

848 Song Based Freestyle Mixtape [mixtape]

Last year, The Flaming Lips went for the gold. This year, Lil B has seven releases, a mix tape a month, and an instrumental album [see attached/fuck you]. B’s finally gone Platinum Flame (BasedGod bless O.G. Prez). Now, overthrowing his nomenclature as sage and folk hero, avant-gardener and JK Rowling, master-tracker and composer, entrepreneur and boss-mane, Brandon McCartney is attaining ethereal status. True spirit. Less listening. All experience. 848 Song Based Freestyle Mixtape. Haunting your internet speed for around 15 hours, Lil B is the audacity of the internet. Don’t he own 45% of America’s internet anyhow? Tshhhhhh, just. This 848 Song Based Freestyle Mixtape ain’t no joke. Name the next whoodie popping off another 848-track release. For serious real-real. Actually, nah. Forget who’s next, but WHAT. ‘_’ *wink* Also, I’m not telling you how to download this. Good luck!

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Dull Knife


Seattle’s weirdo super-collective Dull Knife has now, after six years of terror-jams, been pared down to just two, Garek Druss (Tecumseh) and Adam Svenson (Karnak Temples). Here, the duo ushers in a new era for Debacle Records with the label’s first-ever vinyl record, which, an impressive 78 CD-Rs later, is kiiiiiind of a big deal. So we rejoice in the bounty of wax, full of tones that are paradoxically razor sharp and blunt as brick. “Excavating” finds Dull Knife combing stacks of textures out into the tall walls of synthetic drone. It’s an intense mix of high frequencies grinding into one another to paint a dark and murky landscape with forlorn melodies hiding in the storm. And bleak. This is fucking bleak, by the way. But the entire effect ends up sounding gloriously holy, awe-inspiring, and enveloping like church organs or dare-you-think-it Tim Hecker. This short excerpt is but a modest peek into the group’s sense for sonic molding and compositional balance, features that make the self-titled effort a killer offering of improvised doom on the whole and Dull Knife stand out within 2012’s incredibly fruitful world of drone.

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If you’re not taking hallucinogenic drugs, Yeasayer’s new video will probably seem boring, like some type of corrupted screensaver. Even if you are taking said drugs, I can’t guarantee that watching the clip for “Henrietta,” the first track off the Brooklyn band’s forthcoming Fragrant World LP, will produce some type of life-changing epiphany. But talk about some awesome colors — A/V wunderkind Yoshi Sodeoka has whipped together beautiful fractals and visual noise to make one of the most hypnotic music videos we’ve seen yet.

Fragrant World is out August 21 on Secretly Canadian.

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Inga Copeland


First Dean Blunt, now Inga Copeland. “B.M.W.,” which we are going to go ahead and assume is a ‘solo’ Copeland track, is due on a forthcoming 12-inch called “Faith.” Listen here before the track is taken down (or before my editor takes down this post, which I guess is more likely because he is a total FUCK):

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The Downs

“Swamp Swag”

It is obviously and unquestionably the truth that Winning Sperm Party are, for the vast foreseeable future, the best-named record label currently operating (though there is arguably competition from A Beard Of Snails and Sonic Oyster). The label has become something of a hubbub for all Scottish acts who laugh mockingly in the face of moulds (see Plaaydoh, Phat Trophies, and (personal favorite here) Ultimate Thrush). Winning Sperm has consequently taken it upon itself to distribute this physical manifestation of 1s and 0s upended into the world by new Glasgow label Stabbed In The Back.

The Downs are taking back wah-wah from pub funk and recovering gothic-galloping guitar music from overblown melodrama. Two important and magnificent accomplishments, of course, but it doesn’t simply stop there. Their music is also listenable.

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