Chrome Wings
“Coast to Coast”

Deep Tapes is an unclottable wound oozing album after remix after VHS compilation of woozy jams and half-songs, semi-recognizable shards shakily glued back together to make whole, flaky layers of fucked-up bits, dead-battery distortion, shitty keyboards, maybe guitar, trash, and who knows what — all part of a new(?) zeitgeist(?) of sample-heavy music, still-experimental, equal parts “floaty pop” and “sizzling brainwash” — and the new split cassette from Portland groups Chrome Wings and Ladyshapes is no exception. Recently had the pleasure of meeting John Jurow of Chrome Wings, and I can tell you he was pretty tall and had a great hair swoosh-thing in his eyes. Dreamy. The video by Broken Machine Films features some good old orphaned medical filmstrip footage. You can actually pre-order this tape.

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