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Holy shit. In case you missed this: DJ/PURPLE/IMAGE and OHBLIV are trashing out a VERSUS jam session, making this Alex Gray’s billionth “VERSUS” this year. And trillionth release. Mmm, this is also a double cassette. At least, I think. I think it is, right? Below the YouTube video says something like x2 cassette. Also listed: ZONA T A P E S… they got a Facebook. Okay. And a Bandcamp. I’m believing in this. This is my faith-based belief system via the internet. Digituality on the least sacrificial and most ritualistic. Smother in the fog. Put it on me, put it all on me… Put that internet-mystery-built-around-monikers-and-NASTY-music-name-dropping-hi-my-name-is-Clifford-this-double-tape-will-be-awesome-OMG-mad-talent-lawlzz!!! Will this taste the light of day? Follow Zona Tapes closely or the DJ/PURPLE/IMAGE tumblr. Fizzzzzzzzzzzzzzz….

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Frank Ocean

“Blue Whale”

On a commentary level, “Blue Whale” is hilarious, right? That real slow minimal melody, that nasty bass line, that piano beat, that guitar. And Frank just flows that shit. Yo, any Cthulhu reference is fun too @monstertail&wave. Sure, sure, he’s talking about himself and shit surrounding himself and, well, repeating himself, so maybe he’s trying to bring to light how rappers get caught up in club joints using the same style of song work, only Frank is bringing it down a notch or two. Speed-wise. Errm, but unlike what Frank claims at the beginning, this is totally not a “tropical vibe.” And, no, he ain’t saying what I’m saying. This dude don’t know my life. Frank only knows corporation, ain’t that right Jay-Z? What about Earl? Earl get a grand for that namedrop? Wait, what does Frank know? Not Channel Orange, ‘cause if he did, it’d have been a way better album had he not had anything to do with it. Maybe DatPiff should put out a Channel Orange mixtape. Like, recreate this exact same album, only get other DatPiff frequenters to contribute to the sound. OMG, yes! They might do it better. Frank would want his money either way, so let him continuing dropping tracks via Tumlbr, right? NUDITY!!!

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Freddie Gibbs

Baby Face Killa [mixtape] / “Go For It”

First up, let’s talk about “Go For It”: A rapper from Gary, Indiana, making a trap-rap song that would put Luda to shame? Then again, you wouldn’t expect anything less from Freddie Gibbs. “Go For It” comes to us from Baby Face Killa, the Gibbs/DJ Drama mixtape that recently came out. It’s a trunk-rattling track that sees Gibbs and Young Jeezy exchanging their thoughts on feminine hygiene, swisher sweets, and general debauchery. SPIN’s Chris Martin has come up with a pretty ingenious rephrasing of the song’s hook: “Snitch, scream if Gary Busey’s mean.” If you’d rather listen to the real thing rather than be reminded of the fact that Gary Busey was in a movie called The Gingerdread Man, take a listen and be sure to download it too: this one’s on Gibbs.

Meanwhile, Baby Face Killa, Gibbs’ long-anticipated, DJ Drama-assisted mixtape, is finally here, featuring the likes of Jeezy, SpaceGhostPurrp, Jadakiss, Dom Kennedy, and Z-Ro. Download it from DatPiff ASAP.

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DJ Baglady

Beloved [album stream]

The heat is here via hot flashes and DJ Baglady. The color red fills everyone’s eyes, and flipping out is the new dance-fuck. In rapid succession of utilizing every dance noise once conceived, DJ Baglady got crowds bouncing all the hair out they heads. And in cult form and fashion, under the disco ball bares reused two-steps and removed clothes in a decadent facade of pleasure and sequence, happy falling lights shine on half happy faces and lots of nodding sunglasses. So much intensity that your day job boss stops everything and axes, “What is going on?” Yo, y’all know Beloved is banging and “going on,” duuuuude. Flip a bitch and start nodding your head in praise of ritual dance mix. Also, maybe AMDISCS will release this as a physical release. Or they’ll just continue bringing music into the 21st century, completely digitally.

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Crescent ParC [album stream]

Like a psychedelic space-ride through Willy Wonka’s scary tunnel, Constellation Tatsu Records has delivered its first vinyl release in the form of a turquoise 12-inch. And when you scrape a needle along the teeny-tiny grooves on this aqua-marine piece of plastic, you can hear sounds that were recorded on some alien beach alongside a giant globe floating in the ocean by two guys who call themselves Seabat. It’s a quirky cosmic hallucination to Uranus and back. You can hear Crescent ParC below and order it from the Constellation Tatsu Bandcamp page.

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Katrina Stonehart + Potions

“Stoney Islands”

“Stoney Islands” is the A-side collaboration between Midwest noisemakers Katrina Stonehart and Potions, and I’ll be damned if it isn’t the perfect soundtrack to sunlight breaking through the leaves. Surprising, considering it was “recorded in a damp Chicago basement.”

You really have to check it out below. It makes a bed of thumping noise sound like an entire orchestra of angels glancing down from the heavens as they hold the same note out, forever.

Buy the tape over at Solid Melts.

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