DOOM/STARKS (DOOM and Ghostface Killah)
“Victory Laps (Madvillainz Remix)”

It’s about bleeping fucking time. The long-in-the-making collaboration between DOOM and Ghostface Killah, rumored since 2004-ish, is finally seeing the light of day. Well, maybe. At the very least, we have a new song to listen to until an album announcement is made (if one is made at all). The track, released under the name DOOM/STARKS — could also be DoomStarks or DOOMSTARKS — is called “Victory Laps,” and it comes from a cassette that Nature Sounds released over the weekend. While it would’ve been nice to hear the original version (you can hear that version on iTunes July 26 or on 12-inch picture disc August 30), what we get here, a remix by “Madvillainz,” is certainly nothing to whine about.

And hey, according to Nature Sounds’ Twitter, Rosenberg Radio and Hot 97 will be playing a new DOOM/STARKS “joint” at midnight. We’re not sure if they’ll spin the remix, the original, or an entirely new song, but I can’t wait to find out tomorrow morning after a good night’s rest. (via One Thirty BPM)

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“The Daily Mail” [new track, live on From the Basement]

Phil Selway’s Radiohead were recently on “From the Basement” to perform not only the entirety The King of Limbs (TMT Review), but also two new tracks, “Staircase” and “The Daily Mail.” We posted their performance of “Staircase” last month, and you can check out the video for “The Daily Mail” above. Actually, there are a ton of new Radiohead songs here, as long as you haven’t heard The King of Limbs yet.

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Lil Wayne

“Tunechi’s Back”

“Tunechi’s Back” is off Weezy’s forthcoming mixtape, Sorry for the Wait, a sort of apology from Wayne because of how long it’s taking for his next studio album to be released. That album, Tha Carter IV, is expected on August 29 and is reportedly Wayne’s last. Wait, so no Tha Carter LXXXVII? FUCK.

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Lil B

“Bill Bellamy”

Lil B, as you might know, released a new album, and it’s called I’m Gay (I’m Happy). You can buy it on iTunes or download it free from Lil B himself. THANK YOU BASED GOD! Meanwhile, he’s got a new video called “Bill Bellamy,” which is definitely not on the album. Check it out.

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The Black Swans

“Joe Tex”

The Black Swan’s Jerry DeCicca prefaces most songs on Don’t Blame the Stars with a spoken word intro. “I’ve had sooo many favorite R&B singers.” he says early on the album. “Arthur Alexander, Percy Mayfield, Barbara Linn, Otis, Aretha, but for a long while now the one that’s been speakin’ me the most is Joe Tex. He’s a beautiful man and he’s here to help us. And this song’s for him.” Then “Joe Tex” bursts in with two distinctly Mr. Rogers-worthy chords, a fake out before settling into a more natural lite-70s vibe, very easy and smooth, the mode this style of folk music seems to thrive in. Other songs are dedicated to Roy Orbison and Prince. Nice! Don’t Blame the Stars is out now on Misra Records.

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Ellen Fullman


Ellen Fullman, who has worked with Barn Owl and released a split LP with Eleh, recently unveiled her debut full-length, Through Glass Panes, on Important. “Flowers,” an adaptation from Stratified Bands: Last Kind Words, was originally composed for The Kronos Quartet and features Fullman’s “Long String Instrument” (see above), which is, according to Important, “an installation of dozens of wires fifty feet or more in length, tuned in Just Intonation and ‘bowed’ with rosin coated fingers.” Hope she’s up for giving some private Long String Instrument lessons, because I’m about to IM her.

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