Eleventeen Eston
“Two Stroke Vertical Climb”

As grainy as its sounds, the video for “Two Stroke Vertical Climb” calms breezes with the white-washed strings of Eleventeen Eston’s trusty guitar, and blurs out a blend of that age-old Not Not Fun esoterica fans are always interested in absorbing. Like being played on crackling pool, mini-golf, drive-thru, and telephone speaker system, Eleventeen Eston takes listeners back to a place in their mind – opposed to time – where “Two Stroke Vertical Climb” has been a familiar song to you your entire life. Anytime is right. Every gust is a paradise. Mists of sea and salt coat your body. “Two Stroke Vertical Climb” leaves you sweatless. And Eleventeen Eston has done good in the name of peace

Head to Not Not Fun’s store and grip Eleventeen Eston’s newest tape Delta Horizon (limited to 100), scope Britt’s description, LAWLZ like a true fan, and Hi-Vis your next Perth vacation ASAP!

• Eleventeen Eston: https://www.facebook.com/pages/Eleventeen-Eston/215619231941116
• Not Not Fun: http://www.notnotfun.com



The future: coral is bleached into extinction, due to acidification in the hot pot. No frogs in the trees; no trees at all. Most species are shadows, entries in encyclopedias; our pals (cockroaches, bacteria, rats) go where we go. We move as one. The air is toxic; one puff of the stuff and we puff up with malignant tumors. The factories sell their privatized air and water at premium prices, ending class warfare. The survivors supplement the H2O + O2 diet with electricity and pill powder. They go to museums to check out the natural world. In one exhibit, they get the chance to swim in a colorful, virtual coral reef. For some of their offspring, its their first exposure to color. While the survivors, or tourists, splash around, Jon Burkhart’s (Hylidae) “Coral” enhances the experience, with its gorgeous mod synth / guitar harmonics and its temperate tempo. As they dive deeper, past colonies of “surreal” coral, one tourist declares, “Oh, isn’t this lovely!”

• Hylidae: https://soundcloud.com/hylidaefamily



Potentially just as long (or maybe LONGER) than his RICO EP on Leaving Records, D/P/I (a.k.a. [you already know]) continues his mind game tactics in the new ” INA LL LANGUA GES ” MIX TAPE. It actually dropped this past week during the holiday, which was also my birthday, so… BEST BIRTHDAY PRESENT OF 2014!!!! But check it, D/P/I actually absorbs Google Translate with this one, y’all. There’s so much terrain here, when I play it aloud at work, I’m not sure what is reality and what is ” INA LL LANGUA GES ” MIX TAPE. It will completely melt nodes together and bring you to another place in the world that isn’t pictured in a book or the internet. Like opening up a curtain to a forest beyond human imagination, and colors blend into fragments of light that can’t be replicated or mirrored: THIS IS D/P/I:

• D/P/I: http://www.chanceimag.es


Mind Garden

Ohbliv’s got his craft down pat. Not too many can touch him on that chopped-the-fuck-up-and-then-reassembled-back-into-wholeness he’s mastered over the years. While a gaggle of beat-builders can be discovered everyday on SoundCloud and the like, he’s one of the few mainstays of the scene who continually release high-quality, truly contemplative material, the majority of which can readily be returned to without much of its initial appeal being lost. His latest output — Mind Garden — keeps in line with this, as well as maintains his own theme of disguised simplicity. You can thank the newly sprung St. Louis based label Thrash Flow for the cassettes, and at 250 deep, this one will probably be available for longer than most of his other tapes, but don’t sleep on it for too long. Its well worth your time, so long as you’re into seamlessly fractured loops that can be as complicated as you want them to be, or as easy.

Sidenote: I wonder how many rounds of replacement pads he’s gone through on his 404? Two? Thirty? NONE?!?

• Ohbliv: http://0hbliv.tumblr.com
• Thrash Flow: http://www.thrashflow.com


“Molly’s Mood”

From the free-falling sounds of standing in the largest crater to the salt/crystal licking hysterics of audible hallucination, DOROSOTO is the only pathway leading to Maxtoon Physics. Here on Maxtoon, listeners can sense the weight of everything continuing to crash down upon them, for the infinitely falling sky is merely a cyclical way the planet perpetuates new atmospheres and scapes to venture. But as one tries hard to keep up, “Molly’s Mood” interrupts any processes leading to thought, and crashes down upon the psyche willing enough to transmit the track for four minutes and 48 seconds.

“Molly’s Mood” is exactly what it’s like to distribute your mind on imaginary time. If you’d like to be somewhere completely else, DOROSOTO is here to help you experience the ups and downs of Maxtoon Physics. Relentless in beat, hollow in nearly all melting melodious sound, “Molly’s Mood” disintegrates into the bombardered skyline of jagged rock and plums of water, frantically in control of losing every last bit of mentality. Clawing at your face and shaking your head won’t help you escape. Expand your mind.

DOROSOTO has worked with many larger artists, including Black Moth Super Rainbow/Tobacco and Brian Grainger, and now he’s popping off his newest tape Maxtoon Physics via the illustrious Illuminated Paths. OUT TODAY; LISTEN BELOW; STREAM EVERYWHERE:

• Dorosoto: http://www.i-absentee.com/artist-dorosoto.html
• Illuminated Paths: http://illuminatedpaths.bandcamp.com


“Hello World”

Dylan Khotin-Foote has worked under various guises throughout the years, but most notably Happy Trendy and Kumon Plaza. Earlier this year, he began releasing music under his own name – specifically with the Vitebsk 12-inch on Normals Welcome (which Dylan runs) – and now he’s put out a full-length tape on Vancouver’s 1080p, entitled Hello World. The eight tracks here bring to mind a more dance-oriented version of E*vax’s Parking Lot Music, with elements of the bedroom pop of his previous projects paired with his more recent techno leanings. The tracks here are woozy bits of lo-fi, low-key house, and the tape format perfectly captures the dusty atmosphere that makes these tunes feel so captivating and engaging, even as you press play for the first time. Start your week off on a very smooth note by streaming the whole tape below and head over to the 1080p shop and pick up your copy of Hello World.

• Khotin: https://soundcloud.com/khotin
• 1080p: http://1080pcollection.bandcamp.com


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