Johnny Headband
“And Then Again”

Try again. Again, please. How else are you going to get to Carnegie Hall… or at least to the Rodeo? Practice! It will make perfect. Try it again. Maybe that horse snaps you off, you break a rib, maybe you’ve got some internal bleeding, or maybe you pull a hamstring out there, trying to jog in a suit and tie under an imposing cowboy hat in 80-degree weather, or maybe breakdancing in reverse will sprain your ankle. You mend, and then you try it again. Detroit’s brother duo Johnny Headband show their resolve in this video for the second single from their forthcoming Who Cooks For You (summer 2012). The secret as to how mastery of the royal game of Chess can lead to the Americana corral-kick-outs of the rodeo will likely be revealed throughout the subsequent songs on the full album.

In the meantime, this is just a glimpse, wherein the boys (Chad & Keith Thompson) casually flare their funky dance moves with tasteful employment of laser lights and smoke machines.

• Johnny Headband:

Patrick Higgins

“Bouree” [from Lute Suite No.1, J.S. Bach @ Garfield Artworks]

This whole Patrick Higgins/Diamond Terrifier tour sports a strict balance between electronic and instrument crafting. Remember last Thursday? Well this is that, and live-r than ever. Patrick Higgins ain’t fuckin’s ‘round. At first, it’s possible to get confused at all that sound-drone-plugged-delay furry. Err, wait. Isn’t that what is happening? Man between guitar and motherboards. And doing it across a couple states, right now. And, again, at your leisure, show your balance between electronic and instrumental craft by clicking on ya mouse and going to the tour Twitter! Give ‘em something to do on their way to you.

• Patrick Higgins:

Jintana & Emeralds

“Honey” / “Runaway”

Jintana & Emeralds is a Japanese “neo doo wop” group featuring steel guitarist Jintana, multi-instrumentalist Kashif, and vocalists Toi, Mami, and Chao. The group just released a 7-inch on club/soul/tropical label Pan Pacific Playa, which is great, because you are totally in the mood for this and need this running through your ears. Listen to both tracks, “Honey” and “Runaway,” here:

• Pan Pacific Playa:

Lil B

The Basedprint 2 [mixtape]

You know, there’s such thing as too many Lil B mixtapes. Just kidding. To no one’s surprise, Lil B, who is still contending with the pussy on his face, is back (insider secret: he never left) with a new mixtape. The Basedprint 2, which follows up recent mixtapes #1 Bitch and God’s Father, features 20 new tracks, making a grand total of 82 songs in less than a month a half. Stream below and/or download from Dat Piff.

His NYU lecture is tomorrow. The first track on this mix is called “NYU.” Be prepared.

• Basedworld:

Mr. Muthafuckin eXquire

“Now a Nigga Rappin”

The press photo included with this track is amazing in and of itself: a beaming, giddy Mr. Muthafuckin eXquire posing with a startled redhead in what can only be described as an Awkward Family Photos submission. MME has always been an odd one, and that’s the reason we love him: as we learned in his opus “The Last Huzzah,” his only gimmick is “going in.” And while he doesn’t attack “Now a Nigga Rappin” with quite as much gusto, it’s still a nice offering from the Brooklyn rapper. Over a sparse, panting beat, eXquire waxes poetic about Legos, Monopoly, and, of course, drinking multiple types of alcohol at once. We can almost hear him smiling as he spits his laid-back bars, and it makes us do the same.

• Mr. Muthafuckin eXquire:

DJ Rashad & DJ Spinn

We Trippy Mane Mixtape Pt. 1

Oh fuck. DJs Rashad and Spinn just dropped a new mixtape via FACT. Aside from one song (by Addison Groove vs DJ Rashad), every cut will be released at some point in the future by the much-talked-about-by-us new label, Lit City Trax, including eight tracks from Rashad’s much-anticipated album, TEKLIFE Vol.1: Welcome to the Chi. Check out the mix below, including the tracklist:

01. DJ Rashad - Welcome to the Chi *
02. DJ Manny - I Can’t Explain
03. DJ Rashad - Fly Spray 2k12 *
04. DJ Rashad - Well Well Well *
05. DJ Manny & DJ Kidd - Hold My Dick
06. DJ Earl - H.A.M.
07. DJ Rashad ft. RP Boo - All Across The World
08. DJ Rashad - We Run This Shit *
09. DJ Manny - We So Banned Up
10. DJ Manny - Off The Wall
11. DJ Rashad - Chicago *
12. DJ Spinn - Golden Kush
13. DJ Spinn - Smoke Dat Shit
14. DJ Spinn - She A Bad Girl
15. DJ Spinn & DJ Manny - Gettin It
16. DJ Rashad - Walk For Me 2k12 *
17. Addison Groove vs DJ Rashad - Sexual (Juke Refix) #
18. DJ Spinn - For A 5 Dolla Bag
19. DJ Rashad - CCP 2k12 *
20. DJ Manny & DJ Spinn - What You Need
21. DJ Rashad & DJ Spinn - We Trippy Mane *

* from DJ Rashad’s forthcoming album, TEKLIFE Vol.1: Welcome to the Chi
# non-Lit City song

• DJ Rashad:
• DJ Spinn:
• Aziza Man:!/AZIZAMAN



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