Le Révélateur
“Bleu Nuit”

Gneiss Things will be releasing a new LP from Le Révélateur titled Fictions this summer, and you can preview a track and it’s accompanying video right here. “Bleu Nuit” is a finely crafted, slow-building epic, with some of the most careful synth-usage I’ve heard in some time.

• Le Révélateur: http://www.myspace.com/circeotones

Eleanoora Rosenholm

“Valo Kaasumeren Hämärässä”

A rectangular video that takes advantage of the fact that these kind of things are watched exclusively on computer screens? Why hadn’t I thought of that? Eleanoora Rosenholm’s tiny stature transposed behind apocalyptic imagery brings a weird inevitable sadness to this track, though part of that interpretation might be my inability to understand what she’s saying. Check out the album Hyväile minua pimeä tähti on Fonal, who are clearly on to something after all these years.

• Eleanoora Rosenholm: http://www.eleanoora.com/
• Fonal: http://www.fonal.com/news.php

Captain Ahab

“The Shadow of Heaven” [puppet show live on WFMU]

On Captain Ahab’s recent US tour, the band performed a 15-minute puppet show, entitled “The Shadow of Heaven,” which explained the origins of their dancer Jim. They recently went on Marty McSorley’s show on WFMU, who helped document it with fancy cameras. Check it out above — it’s amazing.

Captain Ahab’s third full-length, The End of Irony (TMT Review) was released last year on Deathbomb Arc.

• Captain Ahab: http://www.myspace.com/captainahab
• Deathbomb Arc: http://deathbombarc.com


A Man Should Die Gaunt [Daytrotter session]

“Incredible, thank you!!!”

“This is so good.”

“I did not expect that noticeable a guitar, and I thoroughly enjoy it.”

“This is so great. Why? are fantastic.”

These are just some of the comments about WHY?’s recent Daytrotter session. Go here to read more. (You could actually listen to WHY?’s session there too if you want, but I know what really makes you tick.) Oh, and hey, while I have you, might you be interested in purchasing our Darfur benefit comp for the exclusive WHY? track?

• WHY? http://whywithaquestionmark.com
• Daytrotter: http://www.daytrotter.com

Imai Keishô / Yamase Shôin


On May 24, World Arbiter will release Japanese Traditional Music: Koto - Shamisen, a compilation of 1941 recordings of the Kokusai Bunka Shinkô-kai, masters of the koto and shamisen. This release, the third installment in a projected five-volume series, features koto/shamisen literature and dances from Kabuki and puppet theater traditions. You should buy the real deal too, as it comes with lengthy liner notes. With any luck, maybe you’ll learn a thing or two.

• World Arbiter: http://www.arbiterrecords.com

Jon Mueller

“Alphabet of Movements”

Stream percussionist Jon Mueller’s new album Alphabet of Movements in full. The first track is an epic meditation with snare drums, which are placed on top of small amps to create a billowing resonance as volume increases. The second transfers a similar aesthetic to the gong, repeating phrases meticulously to display the instrument’s natural reverberations and overtones.

• Jon Mueller: http://www.rhythmplex.com/
• Type: http://typerecords.com/releases/alphabet-of-movements-2


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