Pink Priest
“Swallow Your Dreams”

The second vinyl LP from Arkansas’ stone-cold drone king Pink Priest is two 18-minute slabs of textural exploration, levitating tones, and implied melody. This music video for the entire A side of Swallow Your Dreams is like the dreams of a TV set left on overnight. Pieces of flipped channels, flickering color forms, slow frames moving in and out half-superimposed, pictures of domesticity contrasted with vast expanses of nature that could be the b-roll from a Nova special, weird fragments, all smashed together and dipped in some kind of static video buzz; dripping with atmosphere, virtuously boring and beautiful. William Cody Watson of PP says the album is about “the end of certain things, but also a realization of reconstruction, hope, decay, balance, and progression.” Pre-order it from French label La Station Radar.

• La Station Radar:

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