Thee Silver Mt. Zion
“I Built Myself A Metal Bird”

The group’s latest, Kollaps Tradixionales, is out this week on Constellation.

• Thee Silver Mt. Zion:
• Constellation:


“Fin de Siècle”

Daedelus’ new album, Righteous Fists of Harmony, is due March 23 via Brainfeeder.

• Daedelus:
• Brainfeeder:

Hayaino Daisuki

“Ghosts of Purgatory”

Hayaino Daisuki’s The Invincible Gate Mind of The Infernal Fire Hell, or Did You Mean Hawaii Daisuki? is out February 23 on Hydra Head.

• Hayaino Daisuki:
• Hydra Head:

Dust From 1000 Years


Another one from Absolutely Kosher’s new imprint, Moon Jaw Records. Dust from 1000 Year’s Marble Memo will be out March 2, and lead-off single “Young” is a snazzy li’l introduction. Mmm… distorted drums.

• Dust From 1000 Years:
• Moon Jaw:


“Natural Selection”

UNKLE’s new LP, Where Did The Night Fall, is released May 11.


Cap'n Jazz

“Oh, Messy Life”

As mentioned in the news section, Cap’n Jazz has officially reunited. Here’s a track from the past: “Oh, Messy Life,” which was released on the group’s Jade Tree anthology, Analphabetapolothology. A vinyl reissue is set for June 15.

• Cap’n Jazz:
• Jade Tree:



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