“The Reaping”

Appropriately, UZALA’s first album was released Sunday (February 12th) by At War With False Noise. If you’ve been burning for the first 2012 #1 doom release, melt no further: UZALA is solid. Not sludge-psychedelia and never “epic,” just straight-up marking listeners with impending DOOM. IMO Darcy Nutt’s vocals are way more threatening/provoking than Chad Remains’ end-game growling. They should release their next album entirely on VHS and see what video-art guru Miko Revereza could do with it. Maybe it’ll just be one long torture video of someone being suffocated with honey. Or how about people gardening and a fast forward of plants seasonally dying. Doom is my gardening music.

• At War With False Noise:

Lil B

“Pussy On My Face”

Lil B has dug deep within his soul this year and has emerged with a throbbing boner. HAPPY VALENTINE’S DAY! His latest video is called “Pussy On My Face,” and according to the description on YouTube, his “notty”-ness is being supported “heavily” by the girls. Opening lyric spoiler: “Girl, put that pussy on my face.” The track is definitely up there with “Tiny Pants Bitch,” “Bitch of the City,” “Watch Yo Bitch,” and “BasedGod Fucked My Bitches” from the new (but “old,” in the Lil B universe) White Flame mixtape.


Dromilly Vale EP [preview]

Earlier this year, Public Information released Electronics Without Tears, a retrospective into the archives of early-electronic music composer F.C. Judd. Buy it. But you should also start saving up, because later this month — February 27, to be exact — Public Information is releasing the Dromilly Vale EP by Bristol artist Ekoplekz (Nick Edwards). While it’s certainly in the vein of those crazy early Radiophonic workshoppers, the EP also has a quality that won’t make you too embarrassed to describe it as “forward-thinking.” Maybe Public Information’s claim that the EP consists of “five brand new emissions for 2102” isn’t a typo after all.

The EP is limited to 300 12-inches, with no repress in sight.

• Ekoplekz:
• Public Information:


“Aim To Please (Shoot To Kill)”

Trending-trending-trending. This morning the radio was banging “Crooklyn.” Going between that and some new Lil Wayne cash-in made me think of modern day hip-hop intricacies: ScHoolboy Q taking the tough-guy route. Rick Ross living forever. Based God spitting whatever. Blue Sky Black Death gone nacho. Hip-hop is all about nationalism.

Later, “Aim To Please (Shoot To Kill)” infiltrates my YouTube playlist, and I came to the conclusion that all music should make me feel like the dude around the 2:39 video mark. Nationalism still applies to Redhead, but what’s his schtick? Figure it out via his newest mixtape The Schemata. #goodtimingg

• Redhead:


Kindred EP

Hyperdub is streaming Kindred, the new EP by London electronic artist Burial. His real name is William Bevan, but we all know that because he’s an attention-hogging, spotlight-stealing media darling who participates in various social activities and spends a significant amount of time entertaining and being entertained at fashionable upper-class events.

Stream Kindred here:

• Hyperdub:

Belbury Poly

“Summer Round”

I just got word that Ghost Box is getting their catalog distributed here in the good ol’ U.S. of A. Finally! But more importantly, will they help me revive Trish Keenan by turning her into the Six Million Dollar Woman? The only thing more awesome than Broadcast is robot Broadcast, right? While I go through the Ghost Box catalog and ponder all the “what if” situations that could have come from the Broadcast/Ghost Box associations following Broadcast and The Focus Group’s Investigate Witch Cults of the Radio Age, you can check out the new video for Belbury Poly’s “Summer Round” by Focus Grouper Julian House (and Ghost Box label head). The track is off their new album, Belbury Tales, due February 24 on Ghost Box. I don’t know if it was the drugs or what, but somehow House managed to get me into his DeLorean, and we’ve gone back to my grade school science class. I suppose the drugs would definitely explain all the trails I’m seeing in this video…

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