How to Create a Mix:

1. Browse through the mix tape requests below. Once you find a request that you’d like to compile to a mix, click on its title and you’ll arrive at the “edit” page.

* Note: Only click on a mix tape title if you intend to create the mix at that moment. Once you click on a title, the mix tape will be locked until you submit a mix tape (if you don’t submit anything within two hours, the mix will be made available again to everyone).

2. Fill out your name in “Compiled by” and put your mix tape in the “Mix Tape Tracklist” field. Please submit your tracklists in the following format (mind everything down to the punctuation!):

01. Artist - “Song Title”
02. Artist - “Song Title”
03. Artist - “Song Title”

Feel free to add a paragraph or two at the top of the “Mix Tape Tracklist” field. It’s funner that way.

3. Once you’ve saved your tape, the title will disappear from this Mix Tape Requests page and go straight to Trillian, our fearless mix tapes leader. If you wish for your creations to make it to the site, then please follow her rules. She’ll review each mix tape submission, and if all looks good, she’ll publish them on the site.

If you have any questions, please email

Thanks, and have fun making some mix tapes!

(Wanna request a mix tape of your own? Done!)

I didn’t want to break up with you, but your reaction is making me think it was a good decision.
You forced me to break up with you and now I’m the villain
I want to stop loving this girl. I want to be normal and straight and like to boys.
Songs to get incredibly drunk to in the company of all girls
I’m sick of all my 90’s Punk Rock; gimme something that sounds like it. (I’ve come to believe nothing is as good).
songs for second chances
Looks like I’m the involuntary home wrecker…again.
“Live like there’s no tomorrow, Love like you’ve never been hurt, and Dance like no one is watching.”
I don’t want to die one day
Its 3 in the morning, some chill songs that i wanna get lost in and fall asleep at some point but don’t remember the next day.
Songs to spark your creativity, paint and do other artsy things to
My best friend is leaving. I want him to stay. Don’t go.
If only a song could get me high..
You screwed him over but hes mine now bitch
you dump me, and then go to my best friend?! why the fuck do you think im pissed at you!
driving cross country
Music for a Political Revolution
Songs for working the overnight shift..
Every turn I end up betrayed and alone, thus apathy grows stronger.
Songs that sound like it’s 3am in the morning
I’m Uprooting My Entire Life and Moving to Foreign Far-Away Country by Myself
I want to tell you how bad your hurt me, but I don’t want to hurt my chances of getting you back.
im really into bands like a day to remember , senses fail and motion city soundtrack but my favorite is blink 182 and im at a block on how to expandmy music taste
Election Day Mixtape (Don’t let me down, Perú)
Music for a Graduation Barbeque
Don’t you think this service is just splendiferous? go go gadget…
We’ve been on and off for almost two years, let’s make it work this time :)
I Think I’m Black, Therefore I Am
a sofia coppola’s atmosphere please
oldschool blues/country with guitar or banjo. slow paced, back country twang
The love of my life is my best friend and I can’t tell her how I feel because then it’ll be awkward so I’m stuck with a bunch of sadness and I’m lonely
songs for extracting the wisdom teeth (before, during and after)
happy songs for sad people
Acoustic words for hate
I just finished College Summa Cum Laud and I still can’t get a summer job!
I’m finally finished with these fucking exams.
I Hate Myself
I Love You
Music that will motivate to clean.
I love but don’t hurt me
YOU broke up with ME. Now why the fuck won’t you leave me alone, you ignorant bitch?
An upbeat playist for a shitty situation
My Summer Indie Jams
Depressing songs aren’t bad, but sometimes I just need happy music
Staying Still
Here’s to getting over douchebags
Where are you prince charming?
Truth is, everybody is going to hurt; you just gotta find the ones worth suffering for
Get naked and get in my bed. Now.