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Wednesday: My Turn to Bathe Dogs at Work
My best friend thinks I don’t love him anymore so he is sleeping with someone else.
If my life was a musical, which songs would best say “FUCK YOU”?
I’m terrifyingly broody at age 19.
Showering but pretending it’s a waterfall
Toga! Toga! Toga! Toga!
world going to hell but couldn’t really care less
Nobody Likes Me
I was born on fourth of july, twenty four years ago, and I haven`t found my place in this world
We’re leaving for college, but let’s keep trying
I love a girl who is always ignoring me.
Music Steve Albini Would Approve
songs to get crazy to
Indie/Alternative Rock Summer (Best Coast, Wavves, Etc.)
Songs for a girl who was broken up with because the guy wanted to be with his ex.
I just punched the guy I like in the face like I meant it. Help me convince him I’m not crazy.
I keep having to remind myself the silence speaks volumes, but what if no one’s listening?
I Hold Down Three Jobs And Don’t Make a Dime (Maybe it’s because I’m weird…)
I am living with someone that I am in love with, and he doesn’t love me anymore, and every time I look at him my heart breaks over and over again.
Stuff that sounds like Nicolas Jarr but isn’t him
Songs that Oscar Wilde would enjoy, if he was alive today.
if i ruled the world i’d be lonely unless you ruled it with me
I want to feel like I’m capable of anything. I want to be inspired to do great things.
Tiny Tim Takes Tokyo Tomorrow
I’m leaving the place I’ve lived in for the past 5 years for good, moving to somewhere totally new. Music for my voyage please?
the most underrated songs ever
Fell in love in a foreign country, fell in love with someone from a different foreign country. Let me out of this country!
Really fucking good songs not necessarily directly about friendship, but for people that are friends.
We may be related, but we’re not family
I’m in love with my best friend
my inner child needs a hug and you keep giving her a bitch slap
Songs for realising that I’ll always be the rebound girl and never experience the kind of love found in John Hughes movies
Songs for not giving a crap that I’m single, no matter how much people try to tell me otherwise
North Carolina
shamelessly cliche
I’m about to move into a VERY small apartment but it’s going to be amazing/New York City is now my home
he’s not gay he just likes someone else
Remembering the most wonderful time in your life; knowing you can never go back to it and there’s nowhere to go but down.
mufafuckin las vegas shit, IT’S SHIT CRAZY
deal or no deal ?
Twin Shadow´s Castles in the Snow. encapture it´s awesomeness in a mixtape, please.
Songs about change and metamorphosis
Road Trip With My Mother
All of those wonderful songs from the 90s and early 2000s that everyone knows but doesn’t really know the name of
Music to drown out my office mate listening to Evanescence loudly from her tinny computer speakers every afternoon around 3
Living Near an Airport
Watching Someone Else Masturbate
Dropping Out of Civilization and Into the Idaho Wilderness