Oneohtrix Point Never and Rene Hell releasing split LP on steroids via NNA Tapes

Oneohtrix Point Never and Rene Hell releasing split LP on steroids via NNA Tapes

And to think, prior to 2009, almost nobody had any idea who this Oneohtrix Point Never character was. Who is this guy with the moderately nerdy sounding moniker releasing all this sweet, synthesizer-laced music — similarities abound between it and what I imagine the perfect soundtrack for space exploration must sound like? I suppose Replica (TMT Review) is somewhat of a different story in that regard, but Rifts (TMT Review) is the release that made a believer out of most of us.

Since that time, OPN has released two acclaimed albums, as well as started, alongside Joel Ford, the Software imprint on Mexican Summer. Likewise, as if his collaborating with ambient demigod Tim Hecker wasn’t indication enough of his ascendence, a split LP between him and Jeff Witscher’s Rene Hell project is due out September 17 in the UK, and September 18 in the US, via NNA Tapes.

Let’s not neglect Rene Hell either. The Terminal Symphony was up there as one of my favorite albums of 2011, and like OPN’s early work, it’s a wholly worthwhile flashback to electronic music of the 70s. The new split LP appears to take things in a slightly different direction, however.

Each side consists of five tracks. The OPN side, Music For Reliquary House, consists of “sonic reworkings” of the similarly-named audio/visual project between Lopatin and video artist Nate Boyce. Expect something similar to Replica. Meanwhile, Rene Hell’s contribution, In 1980 I Was A Blue Square, juxtaposes “mid 20th century classical music with chaotic electronic blasts.” You probably heard some of that on The Terminal Symphony.

The ultimate take-away? Two innovative figures in electronic music are appearing on the same LP together. Enough said.

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Royal Trux reissue Accelerator on Drag City, because it’s their best album

Listen up, everybody! Royal Trux is talking: “We’re Royal Trux and we don’t think that enough of you remember how Good, capital ‘g’ on purpose, our album Accelerator is. Which is a shame, because it is an ass-kicking music machine. If you don’t buy it, then we will be forced to turn our ass-kicking music machine into a regular ass-kicking machine and direct it towards your face.” If I were you, I’d do what I supposedly said they said; these guys are crazy enough to spend an entire recording advance on illegal fireworks!

For the born-too-late and born-too-soon people out there unfamiliar with Accelerator, you might remember that it’s the first record that Royal Trux released after being dropped by Virgin. The record label had been questioning the band’s commercial viability ever since the band’s decision to make a photo of a shit- and puke-filled toilet the album art for their previous LP, Sweet Sixteen. After being dumped, Royal Trux went back home and, in 1998, released Accelerator, the album they had been recording for Virgin but eventually released through Drag City, the home of the band for every day after, and, who just happen to be doing a reissue, available October 9.

Original 1998 Accelerator TV commercial:

Accelerator tracklist:

01. I’m Ready
02. Yellow Kid
03. The Banana Question
04. Another Year
05. Juicy Juicy Juice
06. Liar
07. New Bones
08. Follow the Winner
09. Stevie (For Stevie S)

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Vanessa Rossetto releases Exotic Exit on Graham Lambkin’s Kye

Vanessa Rossetto. Given the context in which her name has come up, I almost assumed that she was an Italian opera singer. That’s right: if you’re a woman, have an Italian last name, and are even remotely involved in music, I will automatically assume you’re an opera singer. I’ve clearly never lived in New Jersey.

No, as it turns out, Rossetto is involved in something far more congruent with the content of TMT: field recording and free improvisation. She lives in Austin, TX, one of two cities serving as the source material for her new LP, Exotic Exit. The other city is New York City, and the other material stems, of course, from her improvisational side, which centers around the creation of elaborate sound collages.

According to a press release, Rossetto utilizes viola, violin, cello, dulcetina, and glockenspiel in order to create an effecting contrast and shroud over the sparse sounds of the aforementioned cities. In her own words: “Exotic Exit is a summary of my daily life and the environments that I passed through; traveling and remaining at home, walking, working, eating, talking and listening to music behind closed doors.” Rossetto obviously has a penchant for understating.

Check out the wonderful track “34815” below. The LP is available for purchase now via Graham Lambkin’s Kye Records.

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Oneida return from Mordor with A List of the Burning Mountains in November 13

As far as I know, only one burning mountain exists, and that’s Mount Wingan in Australia. An underground coal fire has burned there for approximately 6,000 years.

Still, Oneida have titled their 13th LP A List of the Burning Mountains, a follow-up to last year’s Absolute II (TMT Review). Maybe they’ve discovered more burning mountains. Maybe they’ve discovered mountains with blazing summits. Maybe they’ve discovered exploding volcanos. Whether or not the rock/drone/psych/noise group has actually been exploring strange mountains, they’ll be releasing A List of the Burning Mountains digitally and on vinyl on November 13 via Jagjaguwar. Pitchfork recently premiered a three-minute, slow-motion mountain-burning sampler mix as a preview of the album.

Oneida didn’t record in the mountains either. They recorded at the Ocropolis, their trusty Brooklyn studio. Oneida aren’t playing any shows in the mountains either, at least not yet. Only Hopscotch Festival in Raleigh, North Carolina on September 8.

A List of the Burning Mountains tracklist:

01. A List of the Burning Mountains 1
02. A List of the Burning Mountains 2

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Clinic impinge the shit out of us by totally imposing new album Free Reign on us this November

If there’s one thing that fans of Clinic need to know about Clinic, it’s this: Clinic is a band that does shit sometimes, and this current time is one of those times. The second thing they need to know is that this news story you’re reading at the present time concerns itself with the latest shit that they are doing. That shit — the shit that I just spoke of earlier — is exactly the same shit as the shit that concerns itself with releasing their seventh album via Domino on November 13 (in North America), November 12 (in the rest of the world besides Antarctica), and Never (in Antarctica). That shit also has a name, and that’s Free Reign, the shit on which was produced by Clinic themselves in Liverpool and mixed with Daniel Lopatin (Oneohtrix Point Never, Chuck Person, Ford & Lopatin), possibly also there, but equally-possibly, somewhere else (again, besides Antarctica).

Oh, and there’s still a third thing that fans of Clinic need to know (and yet, like all of this shit, the forthcoming shit concerns itself greatly with the antecedent shit that I shat all over up there earlier): NOT ONLY will Free Reign come out in its released form in the usual formats of CD, LP, digital download, and satellite uplink, but — and this is the part of the shit that’s The Shit! — it will also get shat out in this “limited edition UFO format, in the form of an exclusive, glow-in-the-dark, cosmic flying disc which comes with the album download code.” In other words, this shit is also getting flung out as a Frisbee. So, you know, that’s it. That’s the shit. If you’re into it, click here to pre-order some when it’s ready.

Free Reign:

01. Misty
02. See Saw
03. Seamless Boogie Woogie BBC2 10pm (rpt)
04. Cosmic Radiation
05. Miss You
06. For the Season
07. King Kong
08. You
09. Sun and the Moon

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OM reschedule fall tour, ride dinosaurs this time instead of skateboards

Emil Amos plays drums in OM, and earlier this summer, he got pretty banged up in a skateboarding accident. OM had to postpone their fall tour, and that’s what’s most important here, but I can’t stop thinking about two other skateboard-related things: Rocket Power and Skrillex. Those Rocket Power kids rode their skateboards everywhere. Skrillex skates too. Or so I’ve heard.

But I’m not here to ramble about some old cartoon or a self-proclaimed psychedelic glass dolphin blower. I’m here to say that OM have now rescheduled the tourdates. They’ll be supporting their new album, Advaitic Songs, which came out back in July on Drag City. We chatted with them recently, and even though we didn’t ask if they’ll be skating from city to city, I’d reckon there’s a damn good chance they won’t be.


11.17.12 - Chicago, IL - Empty Bottle
11.18.12 - Toronto, ON - Great Hall
11.19.12 - Montreal, QC - Il Motore
11.20.12 - Boston, MA - Brighton Music Hall
11.21.12 - New York, NY - Bowery Ballroom
11.23.12 - Philadelphia, PA - Johnny Brendas
11.24.12 - Baltimore, MD - Ottobar
11.25.12 - Chapel Hill, NC - Cat’s Cradle
11.26.12 - Atlanta, GA - 529
11.27.12 - Nashville, TN - Mercy Lounge
11.28.12 - Bloomington, IN - Bishop

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