Acid Mothers Temple tour the British Isles (minus poor old Wales); earplug sales soar across the UK and Ireland

Acid Mothers Temple tour the British Isles (minus poor old Wales); earplug sales soar across the UK and Ireland

To all of our readers in the the British Isles: get ready to have your minds blown by an absolutely out of control space ritual! Yes, the one and only Acid Mothers Temple are on their way to conquer your various islands with the continuation of their 2011: A Space Ritual Tour.

After having slaughtered the ears and grey matter of mainland residents in October, AMT are headed across the channel to partake in a blistering 16-day marathon of shows across the UK (England, Scotland, Northern Ireland) and Ireland. Little-known fact: the Japanese hate the Welsh.

If you’ve never experienced the aural assault of a live AMT show, it is not to be missed. They will no doubt have piles of numbered, limited-edition, handmade CDs being sold by the legendary members of the band. There could be random barbershop singing. There will definitely be lots of killer psychedelic rock music as overseen by the leader of the collective himself, Kawabata Makoto. Secure your knickers and crumpets and prepare to be changed.


11.04.11 - Cambridge, UK - The Portland
11.05.11 - Birmingham, UK - Hare & Hounds
11.06.11 - Nottingham, UK - Bodega
11.07.11 - Manchester, UK - Ruby Lounge
11.08.11 - Hebden Bridge, UK - Trades Club
11.09.11 - Glasgow, UK - Nice N Sleazy
11.10.11 - Belfast, UK - Auntie Annies
11.11.11 - Dublin, Ireland - Crawdaddy
11.12.11 - Cork, Ireland - Crane Lane Theatre
11.14.11 - Bridgend, UK - Hobos
11.15.11 - Bristol, UK - Thekla
11.16.11 - Oxford, UK - Jericho
11.17.11 - London, UK - Corsica Studios
11.18.11 - Brighton, UK - Hectors House
11.19.11 - London, UK - Cafe Oto

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Dâm-Funk to perform live in your bedroom, thanks to Stones Throw’s direct-to-disc live album

In an effort to further enhance your at-home funkdafied exxxperience, Stones Throw has chosen to spread the live love juice with a Dâm-Funk six-track limited-edition vinyl. Just in time for winter, the release is the color of the purest snow and smells like a freshly plucked Christmas tree. Once you begin to spin the hand-stamped record, you’ll find yourself surrounded by the friendliest little elves, who want to spank your bottom with seasonal cheer as you spin around listening to “Killdat,” which you can check out below. Get your pretty paws all over the pre-order by heading here.

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Thank You politely break up

Bad news for Baltimore and post-punk and me: according to Impose, Thank You are breaking up. The group decided to disband after being approached by Future Islands to join them on a January tour, a query which caused them to question how enjoyable they found touring. This Saturday, they will play their last American show at Baltimore’s G-Spot with Oxes. Their absolute final show will take place at the ATP Nightmare Before Christmas festival in Minehead, UK, the likes of which is curated by Thank You’s former tourmates Battles.

Thank You have one last release planned, though they have yet to release any details. They also have stated that they are all still buddies. And that they’re not leaving Baltimore. And that they love you. So don’t worry about those guys.

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Deep Tapes contribute to surplus label population with sublabel Heat Rave

A wise man named C. Spencer Yeh once tweeted, “7 billion people on Earth- all with their own tape label.” It’s true, and now tape labels are having little tape label babies. This calls for a thorough debate on population control in the underground music industry. Side A will be represented by Jeffrey Boltman of Oklahoma, and side B will be represented by Kim Dennis of Oregon.

Now debaters, our example scenario for this debate is the recent announcement by psychedelic label Deep Tapes, headed by Alex Gray, that it will begin a sublabel called Heat Rave, which will be responsible for all releases by Gray’s Heat Wave project. Begin the discussion.

Side A: So, Heat Wave was releasing music on the prolific label Deep Tapes and have now decided to move its discography to a small imprint for organizational purposes. Sounds logical.

Side B: It is unnecessary. Simply alphabetizing your catalog can help fans find the Heat Wave releases just as easily. Does Heat Wave really have so many releases that it requires a separate label to manage them?

Side A: Heat Wave is the most prolific act on Deep Tapes’ roster. It requires another label. Simple fact.

Side B: Then Deep Magic should get their own sublabel. Hell, why not give a label to Earthsurfers, too.

Side A: Well, that’s going too far. Then everyone would get a label.

Side B: Exactly! And then Deep Tapes would no longer be a music label, but instead a label label that only releases labels!

Side A: This is getting too meta! I demand a debate within a debate!

Side B: Very well. Side Aa will be represented by Ashley Koontz of Florida, and Side Bb will be represented by Daryll Edwards of Michigan. Debaters, the topic is the necessity of label labels….

And the spiral continues.

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RIP: Alan Meltzer, founder of Wind-Up Records

From Rolling Stone:

Alan Meltzer, the founder and former chairman of Wind-Up Entertainment, died suddenly over the weekend at age 67. Meltzer, who formed the label with his wife, Diana, after purchasing indie Grass Records in 1997, was instrumental in the success of Wind-Up Records crossover acts such as Evanescence and Creed. He left the company in 2010.

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Royal Trux comp Singles, Live, Unreleased gets Drag City re-release; they’ll wait for you to call your dealer

Almost 14 years to the day after its original release on Drag City, Royal Trux’s only compilation album, the aptly titled (except for the last item in the list) Singles, Live, Unreleased, is set to be released once again on Drag City. Available as a triple LP, a double CD, or a single digital download, the album will be re-released on November 8 and is available for pre-order now.

When the compilation originally came out, Royal Trux founders Neil Hagerty and Jennifer Herrema were emerging from their much-discussed heroin addiction and returning to their roots on Drag City after a stint with major label Virgin. Why bring back this hodgepodge of tracks now? Will sloppy noise rock be the next thing to re-emerge as a renamed genre for up-and-comers to emulate without any of the dedication to the substance abuse that made it possible in the first place? We’re almost to 2012, so put your order in now to catch up on the seminal heroin-jangle group of the roaring 90s and then place your bets for what’s to come….

Singles, Live, Unreleased tracklisting:

01. Esso Dame
02. Mercury
03. No Fixed Address
04. Red Tiger
05. Lucy Peaupaux
06. June Night Afternoon
07. Steal Your Face
08. Back to School
09. Faca Amolada
10. Luminous Dolphin
11. Spike Cyclone
12. Vile Child
13. Law Man
14. Shockwave Rider
15. Chairman Blow
16. Womban
17. Cut You Loose
18. Baghdad Buzz
19. Hero/Zero
20. Statik Jakl
21. Gett Off
22. Teeth
23. Cleveland
24. Theme from M*A*S*H
25. Strawberry Soda
26. Sunflavor
27. Love Is…
28. Ratcreeps
29. Hair Beach
30. Sometimes
31. Signed, Confused
32. Aviator Blues

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