Your besties Andrew Pekler, Tom Carter, Decimus, Marcia Bassett, and Call Back the Giants contribute to a free compilation based on a J.G. Ballard story

Your besties Andrew Pekler, Tom Carter, Decimus, Marcia Bassett, and Call Back the Giants contribute to a free compilation based on a J.G. Ballard story

If everybody in the world were like me, the professional world would basically be grinding to a halt for the next couple of hours because we would all be rocking back and forth at our desk jobs where we can’t listen to music, pulling at our hair, itching to get home so we can finally listen to this cool thing we just heard about on the internet. Much to my narcissistic chagrin (and, apparently, my mother’s delight) I am the only me, so the world will probably keep on spinning. However, that doesn’t mean other people might not also feel lead to shirk their professional responsibilities once they feel the gentle warmth of the knowledge bomb I’m about to drop.

Check it, nerds: a Greek music blog called Soundeyet has released a free compilation based on J.G. Ballard’s excellent short story “The Enormous Space,” and I am so far beyond stoked I’m coming around for a second pass. Though it is literally all Greek to me, and in spite of Google Translate’s constant attempts to further defamiliarize the English language, I can at least say for sure that the blog covers a wide range of interesting music, some of which will be familiar to TMT readers. For example, recent posts cover Alan Licht’s Four Years Older (TMT Review) and Urpf Lanze’s Procession of Talking Mirrors (Chocolate Grinder). The compilation itself boasts contributions from Andrew Pekler, Call Back the Giants, Locust, Marcia Bassett, and several others, all of whom provide music that seeks either to soundtrack a particular scene in Ballard’s story, or highlight the mood or atmosphere (check out the tracklisting below for a complete list of contributors.)

Regardless of whether you listen to this comp or not (though, if you don’t, you can consider this burgeoning internet friendship OVER), Ballard’s 1989 story is worth your time to an almost comical degree (Soundeyet posted a Scribd link if you’ve not yet had the pleasure of making the story’s acquaintance). It describes the personal dystopia of a recently divorced man who cuts himself off from the world by permanently holing up in his home, and it does what Ballard does best, by taking an interesting, if simple, premise to darkly surreal ends.

The Enormous Space tracklisting:

01. Expo ‘70, “Primitive Crystallized Hemisphere”
02. Mordant Music, “Martinique or Mauritius”
03. Locust, “Carpenter’s Interlude”
04. Alastair Galbraith, “A View To Endless Black”
05. Decimus, “The Letter Slot Rattles”
06. Troy Schafer, “Untitled”
07. Tom Carter & Barry Weisblat, “The Enormous Space”
08. Bridget Hayden, “Shipwrecked”
09. Call Back The Giants, “Cat Trap”
10. Migraine Inducers, “Sunset Gun / Smashed Milk”
11. Marcia Bassett, “The Enormous Space”
12. Andrew Pekler, “Sustain”

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Legendary Pink Dots tour in support of new album The Gethsemane Option, are legitimately legendary at this point

As the adage goes, you die a Legendary Pink Dot or you live long enough for a portion of your name to become literal. When the London-based experimental group started back in 1980, there was probably a tinge of irony to their name. Who are these youngbucks and where do they get off calling themselves legendary? After 33 years, The Legendary Pink Dots are kind of, sort of legitimately legendary. To tell it less charitably: they’re just long-lived and persistent. Let’s just stick with legendary, though.

A key piece of the Legendary Pink Dots legend is their massive discography, consisting of roughly 50 or 60 albums. It’s so massive, even The Legendary Pink Dots don’t know. Now, though, that discography has to be amended to 51 or 61 albums. The band’s newest record, The Gethsemane Option, is out now through Metropolis. Assumedly, the record went through a longer gestation period than usual, as the album was a year in the making. Do the math and you’ll see that you don’t get 50+ albums in 33 years by taking a year on each one. According to frontman Edward Ka-Spel, the record revolves around a central concept, BUT is not a concept album, because “concept albums were already passe in the 80s.” It is no longer the 80s.

To cement their legend in the North American territories, the band is going there on tour this fall. By starting in Vancouver, touring for roughly a month throughout the US and Canada, and finishing up in Seattle, the band will successfully create a circle around the area. From there, they will fill it with pink paint, transforming it into a pink dot many would consider legendary. They will also probably write a new record in that time. I mean, they’ve got to get to 52 or 62 records.

Legendary Pink Dots dates:

09.14.13 - Vancouver, BC - Rickshaw Theatre
09.15.13 - Portland, OR - Doug Fir
09.17.13 - Salt Lake City, UT - Urban Lounge
09.18.13 - Denver, CO - The Walnut Room
09.20.13 - Minneapolis, MN - 7th Street Entry
09.21.13 - Chicago, IL - Double Door
09.22.13 - Detroit, MI - TBA
09.23.13 - Toronto, ON - Lee’s Palace
09.25.13 - Montreal, QC - Petit Campus
09.26.13 - Cambridge, MA - The Sinclair
09.27.13 - Brooklyn, NY - Knitting Factory
09.28.13 - Washington, DC - U Street Music Hall
09.29.13 - Charlotte, NC - Casbah @ Tremont
10.01.13 - Atlanta, GA - The Earl
10.02.13 - New Orleans, LA - Siberia
10.03.13 - Houston, TX - Fitzgeralds
10.04.13 - Austin, TX - Red 7
10.05.13 - Dallas, TX - The Prophet Bar
10.07.13 - Albuquerque, NM - Launchpad
10.08.13 - Phoenix, AZ - The Crescent Ballroom
10.09.13 - West Hollywood, CA - Roxy
10.10.13 - San Diego, CA - Casbah
10.11.13 - Santa Ana, CA - Constellation Room
10.13.13 - San Francisco, CA - DNA Lounge
10.16.13 - Seattle, WA - Crocodile Cafe

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Tropic of Cancer release new LP on Blackest Ever Black, ready their bat-driven carriage for European tour

Tropic of Cancer are the soundtrack to two synthpunk ice cubes falling in love in Nick Cave’s West Berlin refrigerator in 1987. Los Angeles-based Camella Lobo’s dark electronic project debuted in 2009 with the 10-inch single “The Dull Age” b/w “Victims” on the Downwards label. Since then, Tropic of Cancer have released 12-inches with cult labels Mannequin, Sleeperhold Publications, and a live split with HTRK on Ghostly International. Now they’re back with the band’s first-ever studio full-length, Restless Idylls, which drops September 23 via Blackest Ever Black.

Idylls is Tropic of Cancer’s return to the Blackest label, after the release of three-song EP The Sorrow of Two Blooms a while back. The new album will be available on LP, CD, and digital download. And to put the proverbial cherry on top of yer goth sundae, Blackest Ever Black is re-pressing The Sorrow of Two Blooms in August, plus a one-sided, limited edition 7-inch of album single “More Alone.” The band will tour Europe this fall, with Dva Damas as support on most dates. Tour wraps up at the Blackest Ever Black showcase in London, and the Unsound Festival in Krakow.

Restless Idylls tracklisting:

01. Plant Lilies at My Head
02. Court of Devotion
03. The Seasons Won’t Change (And Neither Will You)
04. More Alone
05. Children of a Lesser God
06. The Hardest Day
07. Wake the Night
08. Rites of the Wild


09.19.13 - London, UK - Boiler Room *
09.20.13 - Athens, Greece - Fuzz Club *
09.21.13 - Stockholm, Sweden - Berns *
09.24.13 - Berlin, Germany - Urban Spree *
09.25.13 - Leipzig, Germany - UT Connewitz *
09.26.13 - Cologne, Germany - Tsunami Club *
09.27.13 - Brussels, Belgium - Catclub *
09.28.13 - Amsterdam, Netherlands - Trouw Amsterdam
09.29.13 - Njimegen, Netherlands - Merleyn Club *
10.01.13 - Vienna, Austria - Rhiz *
10.03.13 - Torino, Italy - Stereo Live *
10.04.13 - Bologna, Italy - RoBOt Festival
10.05.13 - Milan, Italy - TBA *
10.06.13 - Rome, Italy - Teatro Lo Spazio *
10.08.13 - Paris, France - La Machine du Mouline Rouge *
10.09.13 - Padua, Italy - Pulse *
10.10.13 - Barcelona, Spain - Moog *
10.11.13 - Madrid, Spain - Siroco *
10.12.13 - London, UK - Blackest Ever Black Fest at Corsica Studios London *
10.13.13 - Krakow, Poland - Unsound Festival

* Dva Damas

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kandodo to release sophomore album k2o on Thrill Jockey, water molecules rearrange themselves accordingly

Look, I might be your average kind of psych loving guy, but that doesn’t mean I don’t have standards (slaps back of Ford pickup). These standards have been raised from the infertile soil to the tops of luscious mushrooms trees. And while I’ve been spending all this time harvesting this heavy psych mentality, I’ve come to know a good execution of the genre from a bad one (throws hay bale into back of truck).

(Scene change.) So when folks come asking around about what good kind of psychedelic music experience I would recommend to them, I look into their eyes and say (places clean dishes into dish drying rack), “this here ‘kandodo’ really seems to do the trick (holds up bottle of degreasing liquid).” And then I tell them, “the experience gained from being a member of The Heads really shows in the quality. Not to mention the (Simon P)rice is very reasonable.”

(Another scene change.) And it’s not even the great execution between Krautrock and stoner metal that really does it for me. Much like last year’s self-titled (TMT Review), it how wonderfully these things blend together, the builds and compositions. That’s the kind of magic that can only be made at the hands of a true expert. Go long, buddy! (throws football to son).

(Final scene.) So whether it’s that true drug heavy feeling or as that there press release says, “music that is at once infinite and immediate,” I’m sticking with kandodo, the household name I’ve come to know and trust (rubs face against toilet paper).

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Deltron 3030 excite me by announcing new album Event II, freak me out a little by calling it a rap opera

Hot damn, hip-hop fans! If it seems like we’ve all been clamoring for another shit-hot collaboration album from Deltron 3030 (a.k.a. the supercollective comprised of Del the Funky Homosapien, DJ Kid Koala, and producer Dan the Automator) since way back in the year 2000 when the gang first released its self-titled debut and made all of our high school girlfriends threaten to dump our asses if we didn’t stop listening to it on a Discman plugged into a tape deck while smoking shitty weed; that’s because we HAVE been! It’s freaking THIRTEEN years later, man. WE’RE OLD as shit. We’re fatter, lazier, uglier (partially from drinking all of this crap), and possibly kid-ridden. On the plus side, though? Our weed is a little better.

…Which is good! Because we’re gonna need it come October 1, when the group’s long-awaited follow-up, Deltron 3030: Event II, finally comes out on Bulk Recordings. In addition to guest appearances from the likes of Damon Albarn, Mike Patton, The Lonely Island, Rage Against the Machine’s Zack De La Rocha, Emily Wells, and Jamie Cullum, the album also apparently features quite a few oddballs, including actors David Cross, Amber Tamblyn, Mary Elizabeth Winstead, and Joseph Gordon-Levitt, as well as, uh, chef David Chang. But because they’ve made us all wait for 13 years, the trio is being kind enough to release an EP, entitled City Rising from the Ashes, on August 13, which will feature three tracks from the new album. Oh, and there’s also a trailer out now that features the opening track… aaaand Joseph Gordon-Levitt. Sweet.

But… so… why is there a chef in the credits? And more importantly, what’s the album concept? Let’s ask Del:

This time, the album has a specific story. The Deltron world has gone too far with technology. Everything’s destroyed, and you just see the remnants of our technology. The streets are run by criminals, the police are outnumbered and outgunned, and we’re like pirates, running rogue, doing what we do to survive. That’s the scene of it. We’re trying to be as literary as possible while dealing with a musical format. I don’t know if you could even categorize this as a hip hop album - it’s more like a rock opera, but using rap.

Uh oh. Sorry Del, but… that all kinda sounds like Waterworld. Jeez, I hope you guys didn’t make Waterworld.

Deltron 3030: Event II tracklisting:

01. Stardate (ft. Joseph Gordon-Levitt)
02. The Return
03. Pay the Price
04. Nobody Can (ft. Aaron Bruno of AWOLNATION)
05. Lawnchair Quarterback Pt. 1 (ft. David Cross and Amber Tamblyn)
06. Melding of the Minds (ft. Zach De La Rocha)
07. The Agony (ft. Mary Elizabeth Winstead)
08. Back in the Day (ft. The Lonely Island)
09. Talent Supersedes (ft. Black Rob)
10. Look Across the Sky (ft. Mary Elizabeth Winstead)
11. The Future of Food (ft. David Chang)
12. My Only Love (ft. Emily Wells)
13. What Is This Loneliness (ft. Damon Albarn and Casual)
14. Lawnchair Quarterback Pt. 2 (ft. David Cross and Amber Tamblyn)
15. City Rising From the Ashes (background vocals by Mike Patton)
16. Do You Remember (ft. Jamie Cullum)

City Rising From the Ashes EP tracklisting:

01. City Rising From the Ashes
02. The Agony (ft. Mary Elizabeth Winstead)
03. Pay the Price

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GG Allin is back! In bobblehead form!

On June 27, 1993, naked and covered in his own blood and fecal material, GG Allin ran down the streets of New York in an attempt to avoid the police after one of his notoriously chaotic (and often short) live shows was shut down. Successfully escaping arrest, Allin made it to a friend’s place where the party continued into the next day. In the wee hours of the morning, God decided to reclaim one his angels from this earthly plain and return him to the heavens. 20 years ago, young Kevin Allin shuffled off this mortal coil.

So how do we pay tribute to this fallen hero? Well, rather than crack beer bottles over our heads and shove bananas in our asses in a public, or fucking everything we kill/killing everything we fuck, you can just spend some money, as there’s a bunch of GG memorabilia hitting the streets this year.

First up, we have America’s favorite scum rocker once again immortalized in polyresin with a brand new bobble Throbblehead doll. Unlike the first one Aggronautix released a few years back, portraying GG in his “1991” look, this one is based on his general appearance circa 1989; some hair, bandana, big sunglasses, leather jacket, the whole nine yards. Slightly more dignified than a glorified diaper and cowboy boots. You can check out it out on the Aggronautix site but if you want to make your office space 80% more transgressive you need to get on it because it’s a limited run of 2000.

What might be the strangest (and probably most downright terrifying) piece of GG merchandise is this which is available from Sikrik Masks. Have you ever wanted to feel like you were GG? I mean, like, be GG? Well, now you can! Sort of! This super creepy latex mask also depicts GG from the late 80s and is sure to give everyone who sees you wearing it all kinds of nightmares. Aside from scaring the shit (would GG have it any other way?) out of your friends, you can also use the mask if you’re trying to rob a bank or have the technical know-how to interrupt the signal of your local PBS station.

Really, though, the best thing about the barrage of GG stuff this year is My Prison Walls, a collection of GG’s journal writing, prose, lyrics, artwork, and correspondences (including letters to/from John Wayne Gacy). The 208-page hardcover is limited to 2500 individually numbered copies and is available from Aggronautix. The first 50 pages of the book are comprised of GG’s log of his first 30 days (his first first 30 days) in prison, titled “30 Days in the Hole.” Our pals over at Vice have offered up a preview/write-up of GG’s prison experience, and from the looks of it, there’s a lot of one-person pant rummages going on. Really though, the book gives some firsthand insight into the mind of an, at best, polarizing and, at worst, psychotic figure in American underground rock culture. It also will probably serve as a good compliment to Todd Phillips’ (yes, that Todd Phillips) 1993 documentary Hated: GG Allin & the Murder Junkies.

No word yet on Merle Allin’s take on this, or if he’s getting a cut of the sales, but I’m just glad that we’re one step closer to a real life Planet GG.

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