Arp announces MORE LP; is it still cool to reference that Will Ferrell SNL skit?

Arp announces MORE LP; is it still cool to reference that Will Ferrell SNL skit?

You can’t rely on your expectations. A religious perspective might promote the theory that the Earth and all of its inhabitants operate like well-oiled cogs in an otherwise incomprehensible machine, but in realty, the next time you open the door to your residence, it could go flying off its hinges and float off into the sky, as you stand there on your porch wondering just how much helium they somehow pumped into that thing. Well no, appreciating the laws of physics, the chances of that happening remain infinitesimal, but deep in the human unconscious lies an interest in holding the door knob just a bit tighter, because given the right circumstances… it could totally happen! Flying doors everywhere! Magic carpet rides are a thing of the past, my friend!

Much more within the realm of possibility, it’s not uncommon for musicians or bands to do a near 180° in terms of the style of their output. As someone who’s principally, though not purposefully, drawn to music-sans-lyrics, I’ve seen this happen with more or less spontaneous decisions to incorporate vocals, but for Alexis Georgopoulos a.k.a. Arp, the change appears to be a bit more stark. Borne from a desire to “challenge himself” by writing songs without the primary use of an analog synthesizer, his new album MORE, due September 17, maintains a melodic similarity, but is otherwise bound to have an appeal separate from the electronic pleasantness of his previous album The Soft Wave.

Expectations belied, much to the satisfaction of Bowie fans everywhere. Maybe I’m imagining things:

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• Smalltown Supersound:

OvO bring a new album to their loyal followers on Earth, ride down from heaven on a Supernatural Cat

Using a symbol for a band name instead of pronounceable words has always been cool. For those of you who have been asleep for the past quarter-century, here is Prince’s Wikipedia page. Probably no connection between the poster-boy for pop androgyny changing his name to the “Love Symbol” and Italian death metal/noise/experimental group OvO choosing their non-name, but it’s a sort-of connection. The OvO symbol does somehow capture the character of Stefania Pedretti and Bruno Dorella’s auditory assault. It’s like their screeching, rumbling, crashing sound is a storm and their name-symbol is the face of a terrified baby owl whose tree home is about to get smashed to tinder by the hurricane gales. No, that’s probably too cute. Maybe it’s more analogous to the masks Pedretti and Dorella wear during performances?

Maybe clarification will be found on their new LP Abisso, which is Italian for abyss. Stare into Abisso like a divining pool and all of OvO’s secrets will be lightning-bolted straight into your cerebral cortex. Of course, buying the album when it comes out November 4 will be necessary. Let your fingers do the walking over to Supernatural Cat’s website and bookmark it. Then check it everyday until the album comes out like you have nothing better to do with your time. The mysteries contained therein and the true meaning of OvO’s symbol will be deeply relevant to the future of all humanity. Alternately, it could just be an ear-rending, soul-immolating noise album. There’s really no losing on this one.

• OvO:
• Supernatural Cat:

Kid606 announces new album Happiness, much to the chagrin of people who hate that stuff

Ooh, goodness, I’m all itchy! Jeez, maybe it’s cuz electro-whiz Kid606 is all up in the air today; word is he’s comin’ back busy-style with somethin’ good and glitchy this year.

Word on the fuzzy streets is all: “Tigerbeat6 is gonna shake-up and release this new fizz called Happiness.” Which marks the first fuss since his last fuzz, an EP from last year, Buzz! It’s bouncing our way on October 21 of this year on some bitchin’ formats you’ll love, like some scratchy-ass vinyl, sketchy-ass downloads, and useless CDs! So don’t sketch out on the Kid now, guys. Don’t know about all of you, but I can’t wait to lick up his new static!

Happiness tracklisting:

01. Cute Never Dies
02. Blood Stevia Sex Magik
03. Cloud Sculpting
04. Happiness is a Warm Kitten
05. Smooth Sailing
06. Party Gambas
07. Taco Time
08. Coronado Bay Breezin’
09. Tarsier Treehouse
10. If I Am Only Allowed One Song on this Album With Cut Up Female Vocals
Then This Song Is It
11. Man: The Failed Child (Thank You and Goodnight)

• Kid606:
• Tigerbeat6:

Albert Hammond, Jr. to release new EP on Julian Casablancas’ label (I’d cry nepotism if The Strokes all didn’t seem to hate one another so much!)

Gee. Things have been going so awesome for The Strokes over the past several years that one wonders why any of its members could even possibly have enough steam left to embark on solo efforts. Nevertheless! Strokes guitarist Albert Hammond, Jr. will once again be stepping out on his own on October 8 with a new EP entitled AHJ. And yeah, I think that title’s just supposed to be his initials or whatever, but it kinda looks like one big stressy “ARG!” doesn’t it?

Speaking of members of The Strokes being really awesome at titling things, the EP follows a pair of previous solo efforts of Hammond — 2006’s Yours to Keep and 2008’s ¿Cómo Te Llama? — and will be released via Strokes lead singtalker Julian Casablancas’s label, Cult Records. Yeesh. Anyway, the thing was produced, engineered and mixed by Gus Oberg and recorded at the freakin’ two studios that Hammond apparently owns (Broome Street in Manhattan and One Way Studios in upstate New York). “I’ve been working with [Oberg] since my first solo project,” Hammond says. “After we met and became best friends. We get along and we understand each other musically, so everything just flows.” Hammond also played all of the instruments himself, except for some drums, which were played by longtime collaborator Matthew Frank Romano, because no guitarist is nearly as good at playing drums as they are always saying they are.

So how does it sound? Probably like some awesome, radical departure from The Strokes’ straight-ahead rock and Hammond’s own previous efforts, right?? “It’s a combination of both previous recordings, which in turn makes it feel like it’s the best material that I’ve made so far.” Oh. Okay. But at least, you were probably spurred on to make this by some burning artistic desire to get these songs outside of your head before they burned up your soul from the inside out or something, yeah? “Once you play music for a living, you’re always thinking about stuff. Conversations with friends and things you hear in movies — things come up and become lyrics […] Life in general is pretty inspiring.” Huh. Inspiring? I was thinking of a different word.

AHJ tracklisting:

01. Cooker Ship
02. Strange Tidings
03. Carnal Cruise
04. Rude Customer
05. St. Justice

• Albert Hammond, Jr:
• Cult:

Giant Sand’s Howe Gelb to release adorably-titled Little Sand Box set this December for when it’s too cold to actually play in one

Listen up, Old-man Claus! You might want to start feeding them-there reindeer of yours a little more growth hormone than usual, because my man Howe Gelb (a.k.a. the shambolic front-cowboy of that little-band-that-could named Giant Sand) is gearing up to release Little Sand Box — a box set on Fire Records just in time for Christmas on December 9! It’s an INTENSELY HEAVY son-of-a-bitch, featuring all six of his HIGH-OCTANE, commercially-released solo albums, as well as bonus tracks, alternative takes, the live album Sno Angel Winging It, and a selection of piano pieces entitled Some Piano (it also comes replete with EXTREME! liner notes from Gelb, a BLISTERING introduction from Sylvie Simmons, and “other Gelb Goodies,” according to the press release). So yeah, you’re counting it up right; that’s eight MAMMOTH discs altogether, St. Nick! Not to mention how heavy all the damn sand is gonna be. You been doing your Crossfit kettleball swings???

But enough from me. I should probably let the crazy-intense, highly outgoing, totally bull-by-the-horns Gelb speak for himself about this mammoth hunk of a release that’s gonna be bogging down your sleigh! Howwwwwweeeeee!

The solo albums came about as an afterthought, loving better the notion of hiding inside a band like Giant Sand for the rest of my life. When life demanded something else, then they began to happen.


Little underwhelming, Howe. Sorry, Santa. You’re good.

• Howe Gelb:
• Fire:

Glasser announces new album Interiors, teases tracks on Instagram, throws the Amaro filter on everything

Stop Instagramming your collection of antique Pepsi cans right now! There’s important news afoot, namely that Glasser has a new album coming out. The electronic pop artist otherwise known as Cameron Mesirow is releasing Interiors, her follow-up t0 2010’s Ring (TMT Review), on October 8 through True Panther Sounds. This time around, the album was produced by Mesirow herself, alongside Van Rivers, producer for the likes of Fever Ray and Blonde Redhead. Listen to the album’s first song, “Shape,” over at Glasser’s website — or below!

If you’d like to hear more of Interiors but only in the form of short snippets, then have I got news for you. Every song on the album is being previewed through the hottest new music platform, Instagram. Oh, you thought Instagram was just some place for you to place old-timey filters over your antique Pepsi pictures? It mostly is, but previews of every track from Interiors have been spread across 12 Instagram accounts. Find them all in an exciting internet scavenger hunt. Or just click here to see them all organized under the #glasserinteriors tag. Hurry, though, before the internet starts attaching that tag to pictures of genitals. And if I’m the first to introduce that idea, I am very, very sorry.

Interiors tracklist:

01. Shape
02. Design
03. Landscape
04. Forge
05. Window I
06. Keam Theme
07. Exposure
08. Dissect
09. Window III
10. Window II
11. New Year
12. The Divide

• Glasser:
• True Panther Sounds: