Ashley Eriksson (LAKE) and Mount Eerie to go on tour together, like a bunch of fancy people

Ashley Eriksson (LAKE) and Mount Eerie to go on tour together, like a bunch of fancy people

Scientists theorize that the world is fancier now than the world has ever been before. I’m inclined to believe it. Only the fancy will survive, while the un-fancy will have their flesh picked off their bones, albeit very delicately. These are the times for the fancy people, the fancy people like Ashley Eriksson of Olympia’s LAKE. Ashley “Fancy” Eriksson is going on tour with fellow Washingtonians Mount Eerie, who also happen to be very, very, very fancy. Really, just the fanciest. The tour will be very Oregon- and California-centric, because all the dates are in Oregon and California. Afterwards, Mount Eerie will be heading to Europe, arguably the fanciest continent.

While I’ve got your ear, I’d like to mention one more thing to you, the possibly fancy. Eriksson has a new solo record titled Colours coming out July 16 through K Records. If you’d like to hear a preview of some of the record’s songs, go to one of her aforementioned shows with Mount Eerie. That is, of course, if you’re fancy enough. If you’re not, well, pity.

Ashley Eriksson + Mount Eerie dates:

04.11.13 - Portland, OR - Mississippi Studios
04.12.13 - Eugene, OR - Old Whiteaker Firehouse
04.13.13 - San Francisco, CA - The Chapel
04.14.13 - Oakland, CA - LoBot
04.15.13 - Santa Cruz, CA - The Crepe Place
04.16.13 - Los Angeles, CA - MiMoDa Studios
04.17.13 - Los Angeles, CA - The Smell

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Like a breath from nowhere: three unheard Arthur Russell tracks emerge

Arthur Russell… where to begin. Musically speaking, the guy was a renaissance man, a devastating (de)constructor of music, an amplifier of sounds, and engineer of imaginary worlds. (Deep inhale.) Russell was a formally trained cellist learned in Eastern classical music, an NYC underground music scene mainstay, a fluent mastermind of (mutant) disco singles (“Let’s Go Swimming,” “Is It All Over My Face,” “Go Bang!”), country ballads (Love Is Overtaking Me), new wave (Calling Out of Context), and whatever the hell World of Echo is. The last of which remains his most stirring statement.

World of Echo is an almost-too-personal portrait of a person frighteningly naked. It’s like peeking at someone’s soul through a keyhole. This is blues music for ghosts — a skeletal singer-songwriter blueprint all impossible cello patterns and narcotic, reverberating distortion. It is the most singular and individual of the lasting memories we have of the late Arthur Russell’s genius, though it is certainly not the only deep imprint he left behind. His heady brew of otherworldly compositions, always toying with spatial and temporal dimension, acted (acts) as a mutually beneficial catharsis for both himself and his audience. His music always had the hazy glaze of a dream state, easily lending itself to psychological escape and the capacity to provide an outlet for the moral and social burdens that accumulate during everyday life. In this way, Russell’s music is a therapeutic release of sorts, a purging of internal and external demons that transports the listener to uncommonly beautiful places.

In virtue of his immense variety and perpetually-in-flux approach, Russell showed himself to be an ever-shifting sonic puzzle with a body of work always in motion, always changing and always growing.

On that note, even in death his canon grows. Three new Arthur Russell tracks have been unearthed, and they are good, real good. As FACT report, these songs were spawned from a series of 1985 recording sessions with multi-instrumentalist Steven Hall. The story goes that Russell had been called in to mix and produce Hall’s own music, and ended up dominating the sessions (at least, that is what my ears are telling me). Like everything in his back catalog, these cuts have one foot in another world. The starkly dubby “Foxy Pup” is the most immediately recognizable as an Arthur Russell Product, and the best of the bunch as well.

You can hear “Foxy Pup” below, and stream all three tracks on Hollie Records’ SoundCloud page. “Foxy Pup” will be released on 12-inch via Hollie on April 20.

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RP Boo, footwork pioneer, to release Legacy on Planet Mu

If you want to hear the main difference between juke and footwork, check out this mix:

At 2:45, you’ll hear a track called “Baby Come On,” a proto-footwork but exemplary juke track that thuds and syncopates in a manner not unlike Chicago ghetto house of the mid-to-late 90s. Compare that to the track at 15:10, “Heavy Heat” (a.k.a. “11-47-99”), which has since become known as the pioneering template for footwork tracks, a sort of monkey wrench in the history of Chicago dance music. Two strands of Chicago house, two wildly different sounds, one producer: RP Boo (a.k.a. Arpebu a.k.a. Kavain W. Space). The kicker? Both of them were made over a decade before Planet Mu released its first footwork comp and helped launch a worldwide obsession.

Now that I’ve 100% proven RP Boo’s “authenticity” and “historical relevance,” perhaps you’ll be glad to know that RP Boo is releasing his own Planet Mu full-length called Legacy. While RP Boo was featured on both Planet Mu comps — including the aforementioned “Heavy Heat” — this time he’s got 14 tracks in which to showcase/show-off/shower us with his suspenseful (“Steamidity”), minimal (“Invisibu Boogie!”), vocal sample-heavy (“The Opponent”), and geographically rooted (“Area 72”) style of footwork.

Check out Legacy when it drops May 13 via Planet Mu, and if you see RP Boo at a party, ask him when he decided to cop Young Smoke’s style. It’ll be so funny!

Legacy tracklist:

01. Steamidity
02. Invisibu Boogie!
03. Red Hot
04. There U’Go Boi
05. Battle In The Jungle
06. The Opponent
07. 187 Homicide
08. Speakers R-4 (Sounds)
09. Havoc Devastation
10. No Return
11. Robotbutizm
12. Sentimental
13. What’Cha-Gonna Du
14. Area 72

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Ke$ha continues to inspire and infect The Flaming Lips, Wayne Coyne announces new collaborative album

Exclaim! is reporting that in a recent Reddit AMA session, ‘Animal’ Wayne Coyne let it be known that not only do The Flaming Lips have an album coming out April 16 (titled The Terror, courtesy of Warner Bros./Bella Union), but another, more refined musical endeavor is also on the horizon. Coyne queefed the glitter-covered and booze-soaked nugget of news that the Lips will be putting out a full-length collaboration with the stuttering, ghost-fucking, dinosaur aping Warrior herself, Ke$ha.

The Flaming Lips and Ke$ha have worked together before, though, first on TFL’s duets album from 2012, The Flaming Lips and Heady Fwends, then on Ke$ha’s most recent album Warrior, with the Lips overseeing a single track from the otherwise Dr. Luke and Max Martin-produced album. Wayne noted of Ke$ha (née Kesha Rose Sebert) that, “She’s funny, she’s humble. She’s badass. She’s everything. She’s awesome.” Note to readers: if you want to impress Wayne Coyne, give him a vial of your blood.

No release date was announced, but we did learn that the album will be cleverly named Lip$ha. Expect songs about robots, cannibalism, filth, and you just being you. Hey, maybe the two artists actually have way more in common than originally thought…

For all the rabid Ke$ha fans who frequent TMT, my buddy who recently did a drag performance of a Ke$ha track at a house party that included Jurassic Park-themed props (think small cup of water) and back up dancers in t-rex masks pointed me to two unreleased Ke$ha tracks, both below. Blah, blah, blah, enjoy.

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Arrington de Dionyso’s Malaikat dan Singa announces tour, shares video, demonstrates scientific principle

Let’s get this out of the way: I’m no scientist. If I was a scientist, do you think I’d be writing about music on the internet? Of course not. I’d be telling my science buddies about music in person while we invented time machines or whatever. As it stands, I was an English major, and I have neither real scientific skills nor any buddies to speak of. Even so, I’ve heard a segment or two of the popular program Radiolab, so I feel pretty confident talking about most science-y subjects. For example, Heisenberg’s Uncertainty Principle, which is basically the principle that states “when you look at something too closely, it gets harder to understand.”

Take it from me when I say that Arrington de Dionyso’s (everyone’s favorite purveyor of throat singing and throat singing accessories) upcoming tour with his band Malaikat dan Singa is basically all the confirmation you need that the uncertainty principle is, you know, a thing. I mean just look at it! A huge chunk of those dates are TBA!! One of them just lists “Ohio” as the location! THAT’S A WHOLE STATE! Ladies and gentleman, it does not get much more uncertain than that. Science confirmed. I mean, I guess it could get a little more uncertain. Maybe if he just listed “Earth” as the location for all of them, but Arrington knows how to walk a line, he knows that would’ve been too uncertain.

Confirmation of scientific principles aside, this is an extensive tour, and one that does not suffer from the all-too-common plight of “not coming anywhere near my house” (give it a gander, I’ll bet you a bitcoin and a half that it comes close to your house too). The tour is in support of de Dionyso’s upcoming release with Malaikat dan Singa Open the Crown. If it’s anything like 2011’s Suara Naga (TMT Review), its combo of jagged rhythms, skronky clarinet, and throat singing will punch right through any of your lingering uncertainty and make you dance like no one but de Dionyso himself is watching. Open the Crown is out April 30, and you can pre-order it right now from K Records. Until then, check out the video for “I Create in the Broken System” off the album below:


04.05.13 - Seattle, WA - Comet Tavern @
04.06.13 - Portland, OR - Cherry Sprout Produce #
04.07.13 - Ashland, OR - 221 Oak
04.08.13 - Hayfork, CA - Northern Delights Cafe
04.09.13 - Arcata, CA - Mexnwow (house show)
04.10.13 - Sacramento, CA - The Press Club
04.11.13 - San Francisco, CA - The Knock Out $
04.12.13 - Los Angeles, CA - The Smell
04.13.13 - San Diego, CA - The Void
04.14.13 - Irvine, CA - TBA, UC Irvine
04.15.13 - Los Angeles, CA - Lot 1
04.16.13 - TBA
04.17.13 - Tucson, AZ - La Cocina %
04.18.13 - Phoenix, AZ - Trunkspace w/James Fella and Barren Nieces
04.19.13 - Prescott, AZ - Yoga Shala (Early solo throat singing show)
04.19.13 - Prescott, AZ - 846 Middlebrook Road
04.20.13 - Albuquerque, NM - Synchro Studio
04.21.13 - Taos, NM - Mesa Brewing Company ^
04.22.13 - TBA
04.23.13 - TBA
04.24.13 - TBA
04.25.13 - Austin, TX - Las Cruxes Gallery
04.26.13 - Austin TX - Museum of Human Achievement
04.27.13 - Norman, OK - Ampy Shanty
04.28.13 - Oklahoma City, OK - The Coochie House
04.29.13 - Kansas City, MO - Mini Bar &
05.01.13 - Saint Louis, MO - Blank Space
05.02.13 - Bloomington, IN - Root Cellar Lounge
05.03.13 - Cincinnati, OH - Comet Bar
05.04.13 - Chicago, IL - The Burlington *
05.05.13 - Kalamazoo, MI - Louie’s Trophy House Grill
05.06.13 - Ann Arbor, MI - Elks Lodge !!
05.07.13 - Detroit, MI - Trinospheres
05.08.13 - London, Ontario - Art Show
05.09.13 - London, Ontario - TBA
05.10.13 - Ottawa, Ontario - Pressed 750 Gladstone
05.11.13 - TBA
05.12.13 - Quebec City, Quebec - Bar-Coop L’Agitée
05.13.13 - Montreal, Quebec QC - Casa del Popolo
05.14.13 - TBA
05.15.13 - Toronto, Ontario - Double Double
05.16.13 - Buffalo NY - The Vault
05.17.13 - Lowell, MA - 119 Gallery
05.18.13 - Brooklyn, NY - The Silent Barn
05.19.13 - Philadelphia, PA - Studio 1026@@
05.20.13 - Pawtucket, RI - Machines With Magnets@@
05.21.13 - Boston MA - Cambridge Elks Lodge@@
05.22.13 - New York City - TBA@@
05.23.13 - Manhattan, NY - Cake Shop ##
05.24.13 - Brooklyn, NY - Secret Project Robot $$
05.25.13 - Pittsburgh, PA - TBA
05.26.13 - OH - TBA
05.27.13 - Chicago, IL - Schuba’s %%
05.28.13 - Milwaukee, WI - Quarter’s Rock and Roll Palace
05.29.13 - Madison, WI - Dragonfly Lounge ^^
05.30.13 - Minneapolis MN - Kitty Cat Club
05.31.13 - Omaha NE - TBA
06.01.13 - Denver, CO - Deer Pile
06.02.13 - Salt Lake City, UT - Urban Lounge
06.03.13 - Boise, ID - TBA
06.04.13 - Portland, OR - Record Room
06.07.13 - Tacoma, WA - House Show &&
06.08.13 - Seattle, WA - Heartland **

@ Yada Yada Blues Band and Briana Marela
# Million Brazilians, Jason Traeger, Girls in Trouble
$ Sweatlodge
% Ohioan
^ Art of Flying
& Aurograph
* Hotegaia, The Sundance Kids
!! Black Pus
@@ Chain and the Gang, Calvin Johnson
## Daniel Higgs, PC Worship
$$ Greg Saunier’s Aye Aye Rabbit
%% Mako Sika
^^ Spires that in the Sunset Rise
&& MTNS, DJ Urine
** MTNS, Geist & The Sacred Ensemble, DJ Urine

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• K:

Sun Araw’s European vacation: more guitars, less Chevy Chase (sadly)

You know, our own James Parker was right in his review of Sun Araw’s most recent effort The Inner Treaty (TMT review). Sun Araw do sort of lend themselves to verbose, ostentatious descriptions. That being said, the purveyors of languid, interstellar-island-psych jams (see? I know some words!) better known as Sun Araw are taking the show overseas to peddle the aforementioned jams to the Old World.

Hot off an appearance at Unisex Earplug, TMT’s first (unofficial) South by Southwest showcase, and collaborating on an art installation (I’m assuming this was a real story, I don’t really trust anything published on the internet on April 1, regardless of the source), Cameron Stallones is packing up his pedals, synths, and shit for Europe. The tour hits up a lot of those tiny countries I can’t find on a map — my sincerest apologies to our Latvian readers — so I did get a nice little geography lesson while writing this piece. It wraps up in Berlin at a venue called West Germany and I know just enough about history and geography to be confused by the venue’s name. The American public school system didn’t completely fail me in that regard, teaching me that the Berlin Wall fell in my lifetime.

Part-time Sun Araw member and fellow ambient dude (okay, I ran out of words) Deep Magic a.k.a. Alex Gray (a.k.a. DJ/PURPLE/IMAGE) will be joining Sun Araw on a bunch of the dates. A new Deep Magic album, titled Reflections of Most Forgotten Love, will be out on Preservation. It should be noted that Dracula Lewis, Love Cult and Diva + Matthewdavid are also making appearances on the tour.

The dates are as follows:

04.05.13 - Moscow, Russia - Artplay *
04.06.13 - St. Petersburg, Russia - Zoccolo *%
04.09.13 - Tallinn, Estonia - Kino Sõprus
04.10.13 - Valmiera, Latvia - Kafērīga
04.12.13 - Lisbon, Portugal - ZDB @
04.13.13 - Lisbon, Portugal - venue TBA
04.15.13 - Amsterdam, Netherlands - Muziekgebouw aan ‘t IJ *
04.16.13 - Belgium, Brussels - Les Ateliers Claus
04.18.13 - London, UK - Corsica Studios *
04.19.13 - Bologna, Italy - Bologna Live Arts Week Festival
04.20.13 - Madrid, Spain - Electronica En Abril
04.21.13 - Barcelona, Spain - Upload
04.23.13 - Lausanne, Switzerland - Le Bourg *
04.24.13 - Milan, Italy - Spazio Concept #
04.25.13 - Turin, Italy - Spazio 211 #
04.26.13 - Padua, Italy - Pulse #
04.27.13 - Ljubljana, Slovenia - Kino Siska #
04.29.13 - Rome, Italy - Dal Verme #
04.30.13 - Naples, Italy - venue TBA #
05.03.13 - Berlin, Germany - West Germany *

* Deep Magic
# Dracula Lewis
% Love Cult
@ Diva + Matthewdavid

• Sun Araw: