Bat for Lashes announces new album The Haunted Man, probably because Scott Walker told her to

Bat for Lashes announces new album The Haunted Man, probably because Scott Walker told her to

Guys, I know this is a little scary, but just keep calm and we’ll get through this together. We at TMT don’t usually negotiate with singer-songwriters, but in Bat for Lashes’ (Natasha Khan’s) case, we’ve decided to hear her demands and pass them along to our readers. After all, you don’t want to mess with anyone who is friends with Scott Walker. I mean, we’ve all seen him punching sides of beef with his fists, right? Right. Okay, then. Here we go.

First, Natasha really wants you all to know that she has released a new song called “Laura.” She says it’d be nice if you all took a minute to tweet about what a beautiful name for a song that is. Second, She also wants you to know that “Laura” is the first new track from her highly-anticipated-among-people-who-like-anticipating-new-albums-from-Bat-for-Lashes new album The Haunted Man, which is hitting the streets on October 23 in the US via EMI’s mom n’ pop indie-rock imprint, Capitol Records, and follows 2009’s Two Suns (TMT Review). She also mentioned that Pitchfork immediately named “Laura” a “Best New Track,” possibly without even listening to it first, because they could see in her facial expressions how haunting and beautiful and ghostly and good it was going to be and definitely not because of the whole Scott Walker-punching-meat thing.

You’re doing great, everyone. We’re almost done here. Natasha just wants you to slowly scroll down from here in a calm, orderly fashion and check out the new single, as well as its accompanying music video, which features some really artistic things like hair and clothes and people. Feel free to leave positive comments about those things. If you can’t think of anything positive to say, simply tell her that everything “flows really well.” Please comply with these requests as quickly as you can, readers, and this will all be over in a few minutes. I’m going to check those things out myself now as I eagerly await the release of the new Bat for Lashes album. Hail Scott Walker.

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The Velvet Underground & Nico to receive six-disc reissue in celebration of 45th anniversary; Warner begins preliminary plans for seven-disc 55th anniversary package

The Velvet Underground & Nico. That’s an album that’s pretty good! I did an informal poll of the Tiny Mix Tapes staff and at least five of our staffers referred to the album in terms at least as complimentary as “pretty good.” One of those staffers was me! I think that album is at least pretty good. However, I have never formed a band. I think the statute of limitations on that old thing might be over anyway.

As FACT Magazine reports, Warner is celebrating the album’s 45th anniversary with a six-disc reissue out on October 1. Clearly, the first disc is the album in stereo mix and, obviously, the second disc is the album in mono mix. Beyond that, things get a little less clear and obvious. The set’s third disc swerves from the predictable anniversary set path: a remastered edition of Nico’s 1967 debut Chelsea Girl. Strange! But not that strange, considering that Chelsea Girl contains music and songwriting contributions from members of The Velvet Underground. For maximum cheekiness, disc four of this set should just be The Velvet Underground’s 1969 self-titled album.

It’s not, though. Instead, the set’s fourth disc contains tracks from a session at Scepter Studios, which were sourced from an acetate cut on April 25, 1966, as well as six unreleased tracks from a rehearsal at Warhol’s Factory during January 1966. Rounding out the set are two discs of live material from shows at Columbus, Ohio’s Valleydale Ballroom. This is a good bit of Velvet Underground & Nico material. This is pretty good for an album that’s at least pretty good.

Velvet Underground & Nico 45th Anniversary Edition tracklist:

Disc One: The Velvet Underground & Nico (Stereo Version)

01. Sunday Morning
02. I’m Waiting for the Man
03. Femme Fatale
04. Venus in Furs
05. Run Run Run
06. All Tomorrow’s Parties
07. Heroin
08. There She Goes Again
09. I’ll Be Your Mirror
10. The Black Angel’s Death Song
11. European Son
12. All Tomorrow’s Parties (Alternate Single Voice Version)
13. European Son (Alternate Version)
14. Heroin (Alternate Version)
15. All Tomorrow’s Parties (Alternate Instrumental Mix)
16. I’ll Be Your Mirror (Alternate Mix)

Disc Two: The Velvet Underground & Nico (Mono Version)

01. Sunday Morning
02. I’m Waiting for the Man
03. Femme Fatale
04. Venus in Furs
05. Run Run Run
06. All Tomorrow’s Parties
07. Heroin
08. There She Goes Again
09. I’ll Be Your Mirror
10. The Black Angel’s Death Song
11. European Son
12. All Tomorrow’s Parties (Single Version)
13. I’ll Be Your Mirror (Alternate Ending)
14. Sunday Morning (Alternate Mix)
15. Femme Fatales (Single Version)

Disc Three: Nico’s Chelsea Girl
01. The Fairest of the Seasons
02. These Days
03. Little Sister
04. Winter Song
05. It Was a Pleasure Then
06. Chelsea Girls
07. I’ll Keep it with Mine
08. Somewhere There’s a Feather
09. Wrap Your Troubles in Dreams
10. Eulogy to Lenny Bruce

Disc Four: Scepeter Studio Sessions (Tracks 1-9)/Factory Rehearsals (Tracks 10-15)

01. European Son (Alternate Version)
02. The Black Angel’s Death Song (Alternate Mix)
03. All Tomorrow’s Parties (Alternate Version)
04. I’ll Be Your Mirror (Alternate Version)
05. Heroin (Alternate Version)
06. Femme Fatale (Alternate Mix)
07. Venus in Furs (Alternate Version)
08. Waiting for the Man (Alternate Version)
09. Run Run Run (Alternate Mix)
10. Walk Alone
11. Cracking Up/Venus in Furs
12. Miss Joanie Lee
13. Heroin
14. There She Goes Again (w/ Nico)
15. There She Goes Again

Disc Five: Live At Valleydale Ballroom, Columbus, OH

01. Melody Laughter
02. Femme Fatale
03. Venus in Furs
04. The Black Angel’s Death Song
05. All Tomorrow’s Parties

Disc Six: Live at Valleydale Ballroom, Columbus, OH

01. Waiting for the Man
02. Heroin
03. Run Run Run
04. The Nothing Song (see below!!!!!!!!!!)

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Black Lips join up with Lebanese rockers Lazzy Lung for Middle East tour

America’s most inappropriate band is about to become the Middle East’s! Constructors of catchy garage punk melodies and avid displayers of dick, Atlanta’s Black Lips have booked a two-week Middle Eastern tour to celebrate their latest, the appropriately-titled Arabia Mountain. (The album’s actually named after a REAL LIFE mountain outside of the band’s REAL LIFE home city.) Black Lips have already toured Australia, Thailand, Portugal, and India — where they famously fled the country after growing worried they’d be imprisoned for onstage naughtiness during a show in Chennai — so when the chance to tour Egypt, Dubai, and… Iraq came up, just like Van Halen, the boys jumped.

Bassist/vocalist Jared Swilley said, “We want to play everywhere on the planet, and the opportunity came up. We couldn’t say no. Anywhere that we haven’t been excites us. Not many Western bands have toured the region and to be one of the first is amazing. Adventures are the best.” Swilley adds, “People like music and having fun and I think that’s pretty universal.” So the Black Lips will venture on this fall, bringing their message of fun, rockin’ out, and inappropriately exposing oneself to audiences across this less-than-toured region. Beirut-based indie rockers Lazzy Lung will accompany Black Lips on select dates.


09.14.12 - Amman, Jordan - TBA *
09.19.12 - Larnaca, Cyprus - Savino Live *
09.21.12 - Cairo, Egypt - Culturewheel *
09.23.12 - Tunis, Tunisia - Le Squat *
09.26.12 - Dubai, UAE - Music Room *
09.28.12 - Hawler, Iraq - TBA
09.29.12 - Sulamaniah, Iraq - TBA
10.06.12 - Beirut, Lebanon - Metro Al Madina *

* Lazzy Lung

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The Yoko Ono-ing of Sonic Youth begins with new YOKOKIMTHURSTON collaboration

While the status of Sonic Youth is still in limbo following the unexpected breakup of Kim Gordon and Thurston Moore late last year, no one had any doubt that the two indie stalwarts would continue to make music in some capacity. In June, we reported that Moore was starting a new band called Chelsea Light Moving, and Gordon is scheduled to perform as a solo artist this fall at the UK’s Supersonic Festival. But now we have word from FACT on their first collaborative album since their separation, following what was thought to be a one-off single with Yoko Ono released in June as a fundraiser for the Ashinaga Rainbow House, a charity that is building a Rainbow House in Japan to support victims of the 2011 tsunami.

While it’s never funny to joke about breakups, it’s hard not to when Yoko Ono is involved. At least in this instance she’s bringing Kim and Thurston back together and giving us, their adoring public, the sense that even though they may not be romantically linked any longer, they’re going to continue to collaborate. The trio’s album is mysteriously titled YOKOKIMTHURSTON and will be released September 25.


01. I Missed You Listening 
02. Running the Risk 
03. I Never Told You, Did I? 
04. Mirror Mirror 
05. Let’s Get There 
06. Early in the Morning

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Maserati announce Maserati VII, then they do about a million donuts in their rad car

A Maserati is one cool car. I guess. I don’t know things about cars, also I don’t care about cars. Still, I have this impression that a Maserati is a cool car. Lil’ Wayne mentioned a Maserati in “A Milli,” but I initially confused it with illuminati, which is a different thing. The other thing I thought of when he said Maserati was the post-rock band from Atlanta, who I also assumed named themselves after the illuminati. Again, different thing. Somewhere along the line, I figured out it was a car. With that settled, hey, Maserati (the band) are coming out with a new record! On October 2, Temporary Residence will release Maserati VII, a record which may or may not be their seventh album. Honestly, I’m a little fuzzy.

Though the band’s recent history has been shaped by the tragic death of drummer Jerry Fuchs, Maserati knows they’ve got to keep cruising their cool car down the road. Maserati VII is their first record written since Fuchs’ death, with the band hoping to capture the spirit the late drummer bought to the band during his tenure. As the album’s press release states, the group’s new drummer Mike Albanese (of Cinemechanica) has a level of “dexterity and stamina [that] proves a perfect fit for Maserati’s trademark relentless, driving rhythms and epic song lengths.” Elsewhere, the album’s described as “Moroder Metal,” which sounds like the coolest thing to ever happen. Well, until I do all these donuts in an abandoned quarry. Nothing’s cooler than quarry donuts.

Maserati VII tracklist:

01. San Angeles
02. Martin Rev
03. The Eliminator
04. Flashback
05. Abracadabracab
06. Solar Exodus
07. Lunar Drift
08. Earth-Like
09. San Tropea

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Bikini Kill launch Bikini Kill Records featuring music from Bikini Kill

Bikini Kill have technically been disbanded for over a decade now, but you shouldn’t consider their absence, or riot grrrl’s retreating prominence in American culture, as an indication of resolution to all of the feminist causes that served as an inspiration during the early-to-mid 1990s. On the contrary, with the introduction of so-called “personhood” bills in some states, and Republican attempts to defund Planned Parenthood, one could quite easily make the case that we’re actually regressing, not progressing, when it comes to women’s issues, at least in terms of the national debate.

Yes, yes, I know what you’re thinking: “What the hell is this guy doing talking about politics!? Just get to the fucking music, man!” Well, MAN (or PERSON), any discussion of Bikini Kill, and by extension, the riot grrrl movement, has to involve politics to some extent, and I find it particularly relevant that, at a time when we’re reviving debates from the 1960s about the validity of contraception, Bikini Kill have started their own record label, Bikini Kill Records, dedicated largely to reissuing each of their physical albums, in commemoration of their upcoming 25th anniversary (they were formed in 1990). The label itself is a reminder of the issues that they stood for, many of which have yet to be settled among the national consciousness.

In addition to reissuing each of their physical albums, Bikini Kill also intend to re-release their original demo tape, which contains songs that were “previously unavailable and/or hard to find on vinyl & CD.” Likewise, their self-titled EP is set to come out this fall, and members are currently sifting through their archive for “photographs, practice tapes, live recordings, unreleased songs, films, video, writing, interviews, zines and flyers” to include with future releases, or to post on their website.

Currently, digital versions of albums from Bikini Kill, The Frumpies, and The Casual Dots are available via Bandcamp, alongside several new t-shirts. One thing I wouldn’t expect any time soon: commemorative women’s razors.

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