Beirut side project Soft Landing announce new record on Ba Da Bing for October

Beirut side project Soft Landing announce new record on Ba Da Bing for October

So, a bassist and an accordion player walk into a bar, um, Brazil. Okay, they probably flew into Brazil, this being real life and not a lame joke your uncle told you before he tried to pull a quarter out of your ear, with the aforementioned bass and accordion players being members of Beirut. What happened is this: after wrapping Beirut’s month-long tour of Brazil, Paul Collins (bass) and Perrin Cloutier (accordion) joined forces with Mike Lawless to form Soft Landing. The group of “Jorge Ben wannabes,” as Soft Landing describe themselves, have a debut album due for release on October 5 via Ba Da Bing.

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Ducktails half-remembers recording a new LP filtered through a distorted lens that re-envisions the 80s in a more vague and lo-fi sense

I recently snagged myself a copy of the new Woodsist comp, and as I’m soaking in the Ducktails track, I’m thinking about two things in particular: (1) this song is awesome, though it’s not the Ducktails I was expecting, and (2) has Ducktails actually released anything on Woodsist? Cause it would make total sense if he had (he being Matt Mondanile, of course). In fact, it would surprise me if he hadn’t. Turns out he hasn’t! But this brings me to my next point:

The late 80s/early 90s were awesome, and for those who are unaware of this fact (which can only be fully realized by prodigal children of the 80s), Ducktails is going to drive the point home, assumingly, by releasing a new LP for who other than Woodsist. If my mind wasn’t sedate from the traumatic subjection to The Golden Girls as a child, I might have been capable of putting two and two together, and therefore you might have gotten this news sooner. The name of the forthcoming psych whirlwind is Ducktails III: Arcade Dynamics, and it’s set for release sometime this fall.

To get all the kids pumped up for this release, Ducktails will be touring the US and Europe throughout this month and most of September. In conjunction with the late-80s/early-90s vibe, all attendees are asked to sport their freshest Reebok pumps and two-tone tees. Sorry, bad joke.


08.22.10 - Chicago, IL - Neon Marshmalow Festival
08.25.10 - New York, NY - Cake Shop *
09.09.10 - Ghent, Belgium - Abattoir D’amis
09.10.10 - Amsterdam, Holland - Zaal 100 !
09.11.10 - Berlin, Germany - Madame Claude !
09.12.10 - Copenhagen, Denmark - Festival of Endless Gratitude !
09.13.10 - Aarhus, Denmark - Voxhall !
09.14.10 - Malmö, Sweden - Singsang-Studion !
09.15.10 - Göteborg, Sweden - Utmarken !
09.16.10 - Stockholm, Sweden - Restaurang Landet !
09.17.10 - Turku, Finland - Dynamo Klubi !
09.18.10 - Helsinki, Finland - Lal Lal Lal Festival !
09.19.10 - Helsinki, Finland - Lal Lal Lal Festival !
09.20.10 - Brighton, UK - The Prince Albert !
09.21.10 - Leeds, UK - Brudenell Social Club !
09.22.10 - Manchester, UK - Trof NQ !
09.23.10 - London, UK - The Nest !
09.24.10 - Bristol, UK - The Cube !
09.26.10 - Athens, Greece - Booze Cooperativa !
09.27.10 - Istanbul, Turkey - Arka Onda !
09.28.10 - Milan, Italy - Hundebiss !
09.29.10 - Geneve, Switzerland - Cave12 !
10.09.10 - Chapel Hill, NC - Cat’s Cradle & ^
10.12.10 - Washington, DC - 9:30 Club & ^

! Dolphins into the Future
& Deerhunter
^ Casino Vs. Japan
* Tennis, Family Portrait

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Deathbomb Arc Digital Singles Club starts in September with Foot Village, U.S. Girls, Modern Witch

They always come back to digital. Or at least that’s how it seems. There was the Deathbomb Arc Tape Club, whose subscribers (limited to an extremely slim 100 per year) received cassette tapes per month with contributions from folks like Hawnay Troof, Lucky Dragons, and A++. “Cassettes are the new vinyl,” they said. Perhaps because it’s proven too hard to find good tape decks in the new rush for cassettes these days, this year Deathbomb is beginning its Deathbomb Digital Singles Club — no cheap plastic allowed.

Exclusivity is everything when coolness is involved (or making a living), so free download sites like RCRD LBL just won’t do anymore. K Records had the right idea when earlier this summer they made their time-honored singles club go digital. In similar fashion, subscribers to the Deathbomb Digital Singles Club will have two unreleased tracks at their disposal each week via clandestine links and passwords, with art by Modern Witch’s Mario Zoots. “But cassettes sound better!” you whine. Well, get off Facebook and go back to your analog, then. These tracks will be in both MP3 and hi-res quality, so no complaining about fidelity.

Subscriptions are only $10, the price of a new CD (depending) with a paltry 12 tracks (generally). It runs until September 2011 — that’s 104 songs for subscribers, plus bonus releases from time to time, and the guarantee of being cool.

Confirmed bands for the series:

Baby Birds Don’t Drink Milk, Back to the Future the Ride, Batwings Catwings, BITCHES, Blackbird Blackbird, Blissed Out, Captain Ahab, Ear Pwr, Endless Endless Endless, Ghost Animal, Girls in the Eighties, Haunted Horses, IE, Jason Forrest, Juiceboxxx/Foot Village collaboration, Kevin Greenspon, Kiss Kiss Fantastic, Mickey Mickey Rourke, Modern Witch, Pariah Carey, Railcars, Rale, Saivus, Sickboy, Sister Fucker (members of Child Pornography, ex-Coughs), Teeth, Turbine, tik///tik, The Urxed (member of High Places), U.S. Girls, VNV.

Go here to set up your subscription and listen to an audio sample of a Ghost Animal contribution.

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RIP: Abbey Lincoln, jazz singer

From Spinner:

Jazz singer, songwriter and actress Abbey Lincoln passed away on Aug. 14 in New York City, filmmaker and friend Carol Friedman – who’s working on a documentary on Lincoln — told the media. The 80-year-old died of natural causes.

“There are gorgeous women, there are spirited women, there are genius women — Abbey Lincoln was all of that,” Friedman told Billboard. “You don’t find an artist that embodies this kind of level of physical beauty and cerebral magnificence in one package.”

• Abbey Lincoln:

John Darnielle signs to Merge as The Mountain Goats and The Extra Lens; celebrates with grits, tobacco, and other stereotypes from NC

Shocking news in the music industry: The Mountain Goats switch from 4AD to Merge Records for the follow-up to last year’s The Life of the World to Come (TMT Review) and beyond, officially making John Darnielle the most inoffensive yet sexy figure in music today. Merge also signed Darnielle’s other project, The Extra Lens, who have plans to release their album Undercard October 19, keeping everything under one North Carolinian roof. (Pitchfork helpfully points out that Darnielle and Merge both call Chapel Hill home, while MG drummer Jon Wurster also plays for Superchunk, a band nearly synonymous with “Chapel Hill indie” and comprised of Merge founders, yadda, yadda, yadda — and the circle of life continues).

The Extra Lens are not quite as NC-centric as it may seem, however. John Darnielle and Franklin Bruno initiated the group in the Inland Empire and recorded Undercard in both Carrboro, NC, and Brooklyn. While Darnielle and Bruno purportedly contribute equally to the project, based on this free track from the new album, they, uh… sound pretty much like The Mountain Goats. Still, Darnielle’s voice and Franklin’s arrangements sound decent, if not different — what more can you ask for?

Undercard tracklisting:

01. Adultery
02. Crusierweights
03. Only Existing Footage
04. Communicating Doors
05. Programmed Cell Death
06. How I Left the Ministry
07. Some Other Way
08. Ambivalent Landscape Z
09. In Germany Before the War
10. Tug on the Line
11. Rockin’ Rockin’ Twilight of the Gods
12. Dogs of Clinic 17

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[Photo: Meg Zimbeck]

Arcade Fire announce more North American dates this fall

Did you really think Arcade Fire was going to skip St. Paul or Mexico? If so, you can put your worries to rest. Arcade Fire have just announced additional North American tourdates for September and October (as we announced via Twitter during our break), which includes stops in Canada and Mexico. These tickets will be “on sale soon” according to Arcade Fire’s website. For other upcoming dates and ticketing information click here.

Extended tourdates:

09.22.10 - St. Paul, MN - Roy Wilkins Arena
09.23.10 - Winnipeg, MB - MTS Centre
09.25.10 - Saskatoon, SK - Credit Union Centre
09.26.10 - Calgary, AB - Stampede Corral
09.28.10 - Vancouver, BC - Pacific Coliseum
09.29.10 - Seattle, WA - Key Arena
09.30.10 - Portland, OR - Memorial Coliseum
10.02.10 - Berkeley, CA - Greek Theatre
10.05.10 - Big Sur, CA - Henry Miller Library
10.07.10 - Los Angeles, CA - Shrine Auditorium
10.08.10 - Los Angeles, CA - Shrine Auditorium
10.10.10 - Mexico City, MX - Palacio de los Deportes
10.12.10 - Monterrey, MX - Banamex Theater

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