Big Boi names his next solo album Daddy Fat Sax in honor of the great service he received at White Castle

Big Boi names his next solo album Daddy Fat Sax in honor of the great service he received at White Castle

Hot on the heels of the release of his second solo album, Sir Lucious Left Foot: The Son of Chico Dusty (TMT Review), Big Boi has announced that his follow-up album will be titled Daddy Fat Sax and is slated for a “late 2011” release, which seems pretty far off to be hinting at something already.

Now, before you assume that ALL of Big Boi’s albums will be named after his more flamboyant and eccentric family members, let me tell you a story about the origin of the title Daddy Fat Sax. Back before Outkast were the megastars that they are now, even before ATLiens, Big Boi and Andre 3k used to visit a local White Castle whenever they got hungry in between recording/writing sessions. They kept returning to one particular location because of a lovable dude they called Daddy Fat Sacks, for his habit of including two or three extra sliders in every 10-sack that the guys bought, because he was a huge fan of the band’s music.

After the completion of Sir Luscious Left Foot, Boi once again felt a craving for The Castle and returned to his favorite location, where Daddy Fat Sacks still worked, to feed his appetite. Unfortunately, upon arrival, Big Boi discovered that Daddy Fat Sacks had passed away in a horrible chicken-ring accident. Distraught, Big Boi bought 50 sliders and returned home, where, after eating 30 burgers in one grief-fueled sitting, Big Boi decided that he would name his next album after the local burger hero, except that he would change “Sacks” to “Sax” because, “I’m planning on a doing a bunch of sax samples, tenor, soprano, and probably have at least a couple sax players come into the studio for the next record.” And the rest was history.

“I got about four, five songs that I’m tinkering with right now,” Big Boi told Music Tele-Vision News about the new album. “But at the same time, there’s a couple of records that we picked out for the Outkast record too. So while Dre is working on his records, we’re kinda, with Organized Noize, seeing what’s gonna go for the ‘Kast album. And at the same time, with the beats I already got, I’m just making the most out of my time, whether I’m on the road touring or just on the bus or whatever; just putting ideas down.”

Big Boi also remained silent on the future of a new Outkast album, saying that neither he nor Andre 3000 will say anything, anything, until the album is completed and near release.

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RIP: Walter Hawkins, gospel singer

From Intercession Marketing:

Walter Hawkins, the Grammy Award-winning gospel singer/composer and pastor of Oakland’s Love Center Church, died @ 2:48 PST July 11th at his home in Ripon. For the last two years, Hawkins has been battling pancreatic cancer. He was 61 years old.

During the 1970s, Walter Hawkins personified a new wave of gospel artists such as his brother Edwin Hawkins of “Oh Happy Day” fame, and Andrae Crouch, who brought a youthful contemporary vibe to gospel music. Hawkins cut a series of best-selling “Love Alive” LPs that remain gospel classics to this day. Hawkins’ songs have been recorded by a who’s who in music ranging from Aretha Franklin and “American Idol” champ Ruben Studdard to Vickie Winans and M.C. Hammer.

“The impact that Walter Hawkins had on gospel music was so profound and far-reaching that it is now, and forever shall be, part of gospel’s DNA,” says gospel music historian, Bob Marovich, who edits The Black Gospel Blog.

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Grinderman 2 tracklist and cover art revealed, Euro tour planned; noticeable lack of songs with “pussy” in the title slightly discouraging

As everybody’s favorite mistake Nobodaddy dutifully reported in May, professional Australian motherfuckers Grinderman have slated their sophomore LP Grinderman 2 for a September 14 release on ANTI- (a day earlier in Europe via Mute). It looks like they’re making good on that promise, and they’ve even been so kind as to toss us poor plebes a few bones in the form of a tracklist and album art! Observe how that bust of Pericles has scolded the wolf into a fit of unbridled seething, and revel in the sexual innuendo in at least half of those song titles. And if all that ain’t enough to whet your Grindermappetite (relax, people, I don’t get paid for this shit), check out this freaky series of John Hillcoat-directed trailers that are guaranteed to have you screaming about how you never get any pussy in no time.

Grinderman 2 tracklist:

01. Mickey Mouse and the Goodbye Man
02. Worm Tamer
03. Heathen Child
04. When My Baby Comes
05. What I Know
06. Evil
07. Kitchenette
08. Palaces of Montezuma
09. Bellringer Blues

European tourdates:

09.25.10 - Nottingham, UK - Rock City
09.27.10 - Leeds, UK - University
09.28.10 - Glasgow, UK - Barrowlands
09.29.10 - Manchester, UK - Academy
10.01.10 - London, UK - Hammersmith Apollo
10.04.10 - Lausanne, Switzerland - Les Docks
10.05.10 - Zurich, Switzerland - Volkshaus
10.06.10 - Milan, Italy - Live
10.07.10 - Rome, Italy - Atlantico
10.10.10 - Vienna, Austria - Gasometer
10.11.10 - Munich, Germany - Muffaalle
10.13.10 - Leipzig, Germany - Haus Auensee
10.14.10 - Berlin, Germany - Columbiahalle
10.15.10 - Cologne, Germany - E-Werk
10.17.10 - Brussels, Belgium - Ancienne Belgique
10.20.10 - Utrecht, Netherlands - MCV
10.21.10 - Hamburg, Germany - Docks
10.23.10 - Copenhagen, Denmark - Falkoner Theatre
10.24.10 - Randers, Denmark - Power Station
10.26.10 - Paris, France - Cite de La Music

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The Pop Group reunite after nearly 30 years of being office admins

While Swans have recently denied its “reunion” status (TMT News), saying that it’s “not some dumb-ass nostalgia act,” The Pop Group have decided to go the “dumb-ass nostalgia act” route by “blow[ing] the dust off the old songs and pick[ing] up where [they] left off.” According to ATP Concerts, Bristol’s acclaimed post-punkers The Pop Group are reuniting for four club dates in September, with two performances in Italy and a couple more in London.

The reunion features Mark Stewart (vocals), Gareth Sager (guitar, keys, sax), Bruce Smith (drums), and Dan Katsis (bass), the lineup from their second and final album, For How Much Longer Must We Tolerate Mass Murder. We suspect they’ll be playing tunes from that album and their debut release, Y. While only four dates have been announced so far, the band is at the very least planning to bring the “dumb-ass nostalgia act” to some festivals in 2011.

No word if The Pop Group plan on writing or recording new songs, but according to the band: “There was a lot left undone,….we were so young and volatile….Let’s face it, things are probably even MORE fucked now than they were in the early 80’s…..and WE are even more fucked off!” [UPDATE: According to the AV Club, The Pop Group have a new album, The Alternate, tentatively scheduled for release sometime in September.]

09.09.10 - Bologna, Italy - Locomotiv Club 9
09.10.10 - Turin, Italy - Spazio 211
09.11.10 - London, UK - The Garage *
09.12.10 - London, UK - The Garage *


Tickets for the London shows are on sale now.

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“Mega”faun to release “Mini”-LP

Hahaha, this shit just writes itself. It’s funny because the title refers to two things that are at polar opposite ends of the size spectrum!

Okay, you’re right, that’s not funny at all. Let’s proceed.

North Carolina-based Megafaun have been nonstop busy these past couple years, what with North American and European tours, a roots music project for Duke University, and contributions to the album from indie/soul/whatever supergroup GAYNGS. Now the group has announced the follow-up to last year’s Gather, Form & Fly (TMT Review), a six-song mini-LP called Heretofore that is slated for release September 14 on Hometapes.

Megafaun just wrapped up a series of summer North American dates, but you can still catch them live in a month or two. You know, if you’re into that sorta thing.

Heretofore tracklisting:

01. Heretofore
02. Carolina Days
03. Eagle
04. Volunteers
05. Comprovisation for Connor Pass
06. Bonnie’s Song


08.06.10 - Portland, OR - Pickathon
08.07.10 - Portland, OR - Pickathon
08.13.10 - Marina di Ravenna, Italy - Hana Bi
08.15.10 - Leicester, UK - Summer Sundae Weekender
08.16.10 - London, UK - Lexington
08.19.10 - Hasselt, Belgium - Pukkelpopp Festival
08.21.10 - Trondheim, Norway - Pstereo Festival
08.22.10 - Wales, UK - Green Man Festival (Glanusk Park)
08.23.10 - Dublin, Ireland - Crawdaddy
08.24.10 - Cork, Ireland - Cyprus Avenue
08.26.10 - Groningen, Netherlands - Noorderzon Festival
08.27.10 - Venlo, Netherlands - Zomerparkfesten
08.28.10 - Utrecht, Netherlands - Ekko
08.29.10 - North York Moors, UK - The Band Room
09.11.10 - Raleigh, NC - Hopscotch Fest at King’s

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Christian Fennesz, David Daniell, and Tony Buck announce new live LP Knoxville

It’s not every day that you bear witness to an album being created in its full form within the context of a live setting. I mean, unless you’re a DMB or Phish fan. But even taking those powerhouses into account, rarely does one experience such an event within the context of a fully improvisational live show. One such lucky crowd was those who soaked up last year’s Big Ears Festival in Knoxville, TN on February 7, when a completely improvised performance took place between guitarist/computer wiz/sound manipulator Christian Fennesz, guitarist David Daniell, and drummer Tony Buck (of The Necks). The performance took place without any prior meeting or collaboration between the three musicians. Eat that, Mr. Matthews.

Since this performance was obviously of a unique and non-repeatable nature (and apparently completely mind blowing), Thrill Jockey has decided to step up and document this happening by giving it an overly appropriate name (Knoxville) and an LP and CD release come August 24 of this year. Thrill Jockey also reports that future performances can be expected from the trio. Ultimately, we can only hope that they’ll follow in the footsteps of Phish and release an album from every single one of those performances.

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