Bill Callahan emotes, “Hey everyone, I’m going on tour! It’s going to be amaaaaazingg!!”

Bill Callahan emotes, "Hey everyone, I'm going on tour! It's going to be amaaaaazingg!!"

Ruminating in Bill Callahan’s under-appreciated back catalog is one thing, but I imagine (and I have to, because the experience has so far eluded me) that hearing him in a live setting is a different low-frequency beast altogether. Here’s how I imagine it going: Callahan walks out on stage, grabs his guitar, and assumes his position in front of the microphone. Breathe in. The microphone and its stand shake in anticipation. “There grows… ” And everyone’s clothes have vibrated completely off their body, in what is only an initial display of baritone sexiness.

Living on the West Coast, it looks like I’ll have to continue removing my clothes manually for the time being, as Callahan has just announced a series of lives dates centered around the middle of the country — Kentucky, Ohio, Missouri… you know, that whole area. Check out the schedule in full below.


04.29.13 - Little Rock, AR - The White Water Tavern *
04.30.13 - Oxford, MS - Proud Larry’s *
05.01.13 - Nashville, TN - Exit/In *
05.02.13 - Louisville, KY - Headliners *
05.03.13 - Nelsonville, OH - Stuart’s Opera House *
05.04.13 - Oberlin, OH - Dionysus Club (the ‘Sco) *
05.06.13 - Chicago, IL - Garfield Park Conservatory *
05.07.13 - Columbia, MO - Mojo’s *
05.08.13 - Kansas City, MO - Record Bar *
05.09.13 - Norman, OK - The Opolis *
05.10.13 - Dallas, TX - The Prophet Bar *
05.11.13 - Austin, TX - Central Presbyterian Church *
06.01.13 - Rehoboth Beach, DE - Dogfish Head Brewing and Eats

* Flat Foot

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Bill Orcutt and Chris Corsano are releasing an LP called The Raw and Cooked, and they’re making tacos to celebrate!

The Raw and the Cooked is not Bill Orcutt and Chris Corsano’s book of recipes involving apples, marzipan, and rainbow sprinkles, all of which require a miniature blender and an Easy-Bake Oven. The Raw and the Cooked is not an experiment in which Bill Orcutt tries all the possible ways to eat raw kale and Chris Corsano tries all the possible ways to eat cooked kale. The Raw and the Cooked is not a musical soap opera set in the kitchen of a brunch restaurant in which Bill Orcutt and Chris Corsano star.

The Raw and the Cooked is an LP that consists of 12 tracks that guitarist Bill Orcutt and drummer Chris Corsano recorded on tour during August and September of last year, in Brooklyn, Easthampton, Philadelphia, and Baltimore. It’s slated for a June 1 release of just 500 copies on Orcutt’s own Palilalia label, and before it drops, you can stream the first track below, which showcases the duo’s penchant for a sound that’s completely off the rails. Listen to it while you roast asparagus or slice strawberries or bake pie.

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Masaki Batoh lugs his Brain Pulse Music machine around on US tour

Masaki Batoh, he of legendary Japanese psych outfit Ghost, is bringing his Brain Pulse Music (TMT Review) project to the US for a series of live installations and performances starting a week from Friday (April 26). As we previously reported, Batoh set out to create music by directly tapping into human brain waves, cutting out the conscious self in order to access an individual’s true output. To do this, Batoh developed a machine to read brain waves and transmit them into sound. When the earthquake of 2011 hit Japan, though, the project morphed into something different altogether. As a practicing acupuncturist, Batoh noticed an increased level of stress and anxiety in his patients following the natural disaster and wanted to use his brain pulse machine to help. The resulting album that came out in February of last year was a combination of music resulting from Batoh’s unique ‘bio-electric procedure’ as well as a series of acoustic requiems that harken back to traditional prayer songs normally performed to appease gods once thought responsible for inflicting natural disasters upon the earth.

That’s all well and good, but how will this translate into a live show? The press release gives little info on what’s to come, but here’s hoping audience members will get the opportunity to volunteer to be hooked up to Batoh’s machine. The instructional video below explains how to use the machine, and it seems pretty straightforward as long as you can tap into your ‘Satori,’ or meditative state. The machine apparently blocks brain waves collected when a user is focused on materialistic endeavors, but works somewhat like an effects pedal once you’re mentally connected and get past the ‘gate.’ Even if volunteers aren’t involved, seeing Batoh use the machine to produce music should at least be a unique experience. As Batoh notes at the end of the video, come on out and, “Enjoy BPM.”


04.26.13 - Boulder, CO - ATLAS Institute Black Box
04.27.13 - Austin, TX - Austin Psych Fest
04.28.13 - Oceanside, CA - Craftlab Gallery
04.30.13 - Los Angeles, CA - Echoplex
05.02.13 - Seattle, WA - Chop Suey
05.05.13 - Vancouver, BC - Electric Owl
05.06.13 - Portland, OR - Star Theater
05.08.13 - Calgary, AB - Broken City
05.09.13 - Winnipeg, MB - West End Cultural Centre
05.11.13 - Cedar Rapids, IA - CSPS
05.13.13 - New York, NY - Spectrum

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ADULT. ready new album on Ghostly, explain the importance of spaying/neutering your pets

It’s nice when a band doesn’t record anything for oh, say, six years, because then when they finally DO release new material, you can open a story with a short yet exciting phrase like “ADULT. is back!”

So, you guys, ADULT. is back! The Detroit-based art techno duo have a new album in the works called The Way Things Fall, due May 14 on Ghostly International, their first since 2007’s Why Bother? ADULT.’s fifth album shows off a more structured, cohesive side (oOoOh COHESIVE) to the band’s sound, with lead track “Idle (Second Thoughts)” available to preview right here:

ADULT.’s Adam Lee Miller explains the group’s long musical hiatus: “After a long world tour, we totally burnt out. We decided we wanted to do something completely different.” He then explained that he and musical partner Nicola Kuperus started their very own traveling cat circus, touring the globe to teach schoolkids the importance of spaying and neutering pets. (The grand finale was a live surgery accompanied by throbbing Detroit techno. It changed a lot of lives.) No! Just kidding! What they did was make a series of films called The Three Graces Triptych and work on visual art projects and umm… “a major commercial building renovation.”

And so it was a mere caprice of fate that brought these two to the studio once more. Originally ADULT. had gone back to the lab again to record a 12-inch of the two new songs they’d performed at a 2012 appearance at the Detroit Museum of Contemporary Art. Then more music started coming, until the mighty gods of album creation joined together in unison and said, “Yea, let there be a new ADULT. album.” And the gods saw it was good. And there you have it. Cat surgery. Music gods. New ADULT. album.

The Way Things Fall tracklisting:

01. Heartbreak
02. Idle (Second Thoughts)
03. Tonight We Fall
04. New Frustration
05. Love Lies
06. At The End of It All
07. Nothing Lasts
08. A Day Like Forever
09. We Will Rest
10. Rise & Fall

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ATP Iceland reveals its lineup exclusively to TMT and the rest of the internet; Nick Cave to headline

What’d I tell you last week, readers? Does ol’ Nobodaddy got your back or what? BAM: ATP Iceland reveals its complete lineup, and BAM: Tiny Mix Tapes recapitulates the news like freakin’ CLOCKWORK. In addition to bill-toppers Nick Cave, Chelsea Light Moving, The Fall, Thee Oh Sees, Deerhoof, and more, they’ve also confirmed that film director Jim Jarmusch will be DJ-ing some films (pretty literally; he’s picking movies to play all day) in “the festival cinema on one of the days.” Which one?? Better buy tickets for both days just to be sure!

Haha, just kidding. But no, seriously; the fest still takes place on Friday, June 28 - Saturday, June 29 in Keflavík, Iceland (at a former NATO base!), and tickets are available here in a couple of different packages. Hey, why don’t you go check ‘em out if you want? No, you totally can; it’s cool! We’re not jealous of your visiting other websites! Well, except maybe That guy’s such an asshole! Haha, just kidding. But no, seriously.

ATP Iceland lineup:

Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds
Chelsea Light Moving
The Fall
The Notwist
Thee Oh Sees
Dead Skeletons
Valgeir Sigurðsson
Puzzle Muteson
Apparat Organ Quartet
Snorri Helgason

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Public Information releases ready-to-be-enshrined Interpretations on F.C. Judd remix album w/ help from Holly Herndon, Leyland Kirby, and more

Sometimes it’s hard not to fetishize music that is well matched by its container. It’s difficult not to feel that things like the Threshold Houseboys Choir’s Amulet Edition or Coil’s Color Sound Oblivion box have some kind of power as objects beyond the music they contain. It makes a strange amount of sense to take out a Grouper album just to stare at the art and feel the weight of the record; it adds something when you actually listen to the music.

The kind of releases where form and content blend to create something greater are usually few and far between; not everything can be art (despite how contentious that term can be). However, Public Information handily helped themselves to some of that nigh-idolatry last year with their release of Electronics Without Tears, a collection of esoteric artist F.C. Judd’s early electronic music and experimentation. Now FACT is reporting that Public Information is putting out another instantly canonized collection by getting a drool-inducing group of artists to reinterpret F.C. Judd’s music. The collection is called Interpretations on F.C. Judd and includes pieces by the likes of Pye Corner Audio, Peter “Pita” Rehberg, Holly Herndon, Chris Carter, and the ever-elusive Leyland Kirby. Listen to industrial deity Chris Carter’s remix below. This baby drops on May 20, so now is a good time to start building an addition to that early-electronic shrine in your basement.

Interpretations on F.C. Judd tracklisting:

01. Ian Helliwell – Solid States
02. Perc – Woodford
03. Chris Carter – Flip Flop
04. Holly Herndon – Control Sample
05. Mordant Music – Hoarded House (remix Fredit)
06. The Boats – Space Judder
07. Pye Corner Audio – Splice Block
08. Leyland Kirby – Slim Jim Wimshurst Mechanicals
09. Karen Gwyer – Judd Drums
10. Peter Rehberg – FJUDDmix 032013
11. Bandshell – Concrete Teeth
12. Ekoplekz –Fredwrek

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