Björk readies collaboration with Ömar Souleyman

Björk readies collaboration with Ömar Souleyman

Oh Björk. It’s only two months into 2011 and already you’ve out-awesomed approximately 98% of the world’s musician’s plans for the year. As you may recall, Björk recently participated in a karaoke contest for some Icelandic holiday about elves and saving the environment or something. Well now she’s collaborating with much-buzzed-about Syrian performer Omar Souleyman to create what a press release declares “the first-ever major western pop release to feature Syrian dabke and Iraqi choubi music.”

For those unacquainted with Souleyman, recently the dude has been riding his own unique blend of traditional Arabic music with synths and dance beats across the globe, while the always intriguing American label Sublime Frequencies has also made some of his recordings available to Western fans. The as-yet-unnamed Björk/Souleyman collaboration does not have a release date, but will be available as a limited 12-inch, CD, and digital download later this year.

Omar Souleyman dates:

03.05.11 - Perth, Australia - Perth International Arts Festival
03.06.11 - Melbourne, Australia - North Cote Social Club
03.09.11 - Brisbane, Australia - The Hi-Fi
03.11.11 - Adelaide, Australia - WOMADelaide at Botanic Park
03.12.11 - Sydney, Australia - Annandale Hotel
06.02-05.11 - Austin, TX - Chaos in Tejas Festival
06.09-12.11 - Manchester, TN - Bonnaroo Festival
08.05.11 - Katowice, Poland - OFF Festival
08.06.11 - London, UK - Field Day Festival
09.08-11.11 - Isle of Wight, UK - Bestival

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Psychedelic Horseshit sign to FatCat, prep new album for May, give away latest tape — but will they ever be as chill as Best Coast?

Well would you look at that. I was just lamenting the sorry state of Psychedelic Horseshit appreciation, honestly pretty upset that their Acid Tape from last year came and went with zero press or fanfare, thinking it might be closer to the end than the beginning for our Wavves-vanquishing heroes from Columbus, when BOOM, dudes rise like a jheri-curled phoenix and sign to FatCat! That’s a serious label! Sure, they’ve had stints on Siltbreeze, Woodsist, and Columbus Discount, but being on FatCat means my teenage doppelgänger might (and based on their name, would) pick up their new album on his next trip to Borders (…eh…), throw it on and laugh at the unintelligible nonsense, then keep playing it til he realizes the sounds go deeper than even his favorite Chris Carrabba song.

So yeah, Psychedelic Horseshit have a new record called Laced all set to go that, as of May 10, will be rubbing shoulders with the primest of prime cuts from bands like Animal Collective, Black Dice, and Sigur Rós. Wow! And they did it without even one 7-inch on Green Label Sound. According to the most reliable of sources (the press release), Laced dials down the abrasiveness of Magic Flowers Droned a notch or two and steps up the sonics, with “swathes of blissfully reverberant FX, buried voices, smeared electronics, and melted-out guitar processing complement[ing] moments of blissed-out frequency mess.” Interested parties (of one) can download a non-album bonus cut by signing up for the band’s newsletter here, though I really wish you guys could hear that Acid Tape that came out last year on Fan Death. That tape was sick.

What’s that? They’re offering said tape up for FREE as a high-quality download with album art right here, no strings attached?! Damn, Horseshit… you done let the dogs out again.

Laced tracklisting:

01. Puff
02. Time of Day
03. French Countryside
04. Laced
05. Tropical Vision
06. I Hate the Beach
07. Another Side
08. Revolution Wavers
09. Dead on Arrival (ft. Beth Murphy of Times New Viking)
10. Automatic Writing
11. Making Out

No tourdates announced yet, but there is talk of a show next weekend at Carabar in Columbus featuring the original lineup of the band. I’d go, but I have a meeting with the people at Green Label Sound.

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Kill Rock Stars get a new boat. Oh, I mean Boats sign to Kill Rock Stars. But a boat would be cool too.

KIll Rock Stars really enjoy boats and boating activities. Sometimes, as they work out the schedule for upcoming releases, or as they design promotional material, they stare wistfully out of a nearby window and remember fishing with their dad, or last year’s work party on the yacht, or when they rode bumper boats at that second-rate theme park in Tucson, and at those moments, Kill Rock Stars can’t help but feel happy as they remember the peaceful feeling of rocking back and forth on the surface of calm water, or bumping into other bumper boats.

It’s that happy feeling that urged Kill Rock Stars to sign Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada’s Boats, which in turn aided the creation and eventual digital release of the Canadian band’s second album, Cannonballs, Cannonballs, on March 1. The band will also head out on tour, but that has nothing to do with boats — maybe, perhaps, they’ll ferry down the Mississippi?

Anyway, Kill Rock Stars actually signed Boats because A LOT of people liked their first album, Intercontinental Champion (named after Ricky “The Dragon” Steamboat) and then all of those people were like, “I wish a well-respected and nationally distributed record label would release a sophomore album by these entertaining Canadian lads.” Plus, Kill Rock Stars enjoy releasing critically acclaimed albums because, you know, it makes it easier for them to pick up chicks at cool Portland bars.

So, you know, the rest is history, eh? Kill Rock Stars was won over by Boats’ ability to be a “noisy indie-pop band with high-end hopes but low-end equipment, (singer) Mat Klachefsky’s bizarre vocal chords, infectiously catchy pop songs, and boundless energy.” After that, everything else became storybook love and an album set for (digital) release on March 1.


03.11.11 - Winnipeg, MB - Lo Pub
03.12.11 - Minneapolis, MN - Cause Soundbar
03.13.11 - Lincoln, NB - The Clawfoot House
03.17.11 - Austin, TX - The Marq
03.21.11 - San Diego, CA - Soda Bar
03.22.11 - Tucson, AZ - Club Congress
03.23.11 - Los Angeles, CA - Three Club
03.24.11 - Fresno, CA - Bel Tower
03.25.11 - Bakersfield, CA - The Gate
03.27.11 - San Francisco, CA - Hemlock Tavern*
03.30.11 - Eugene, OR - Luckey’s
03.31.11 - Portland, OR - The Woods
04.03.11 - Seattle, WA - High Dive
04.04.11 - Olympia, WA - The Northern
04.07.11 - Edmonton, AB - Brixx
04.08.11 - Calgary, AB - Broken City

* David Dondero and Franz Nicolay

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If By Yes (Petra Haden & Yuka Honda) recruit David Byrne, Cornelius, Sean Lennon, the Pope, the Space Pope for debut LP

If By Yes, the new project of Petra Haden (That Dog) and Yuka Honda (Cibo Matto), is a band with a ridiculously full Rolodex (just kidding, nobody uses Rolodexes anymore!). Among others, the Petra Haden part of the band has spent time working with The Decemberists, The Rentals, Beck, Sunn O))), and Queens of the Stone Age, while the Yuka Honda part has collaborated with Mike Watt, Beastie Boys, Los Lobos, and Tricky. Seriously, these are two ladies who know people. So it’s not particularly surprising that Salt on Sea Glass, their debut album out March 11 via Chimera, boasts some pretty high-profile guests. David Byrne and Honda’s former Cibo Matto bandmate Sean Lennon are the biggest names dropping in on the record, but other notable folks like Cornelius, Nels Cline, and Thomas Bartlett (a.k.a. Doveman) make an appearance or two. There are also rumors of the Pope, the ghost of Johnny Cash, a real-life panda, Burt Reynolds, Troy Aikman, and Batman villain The Joker showing up on the album, but, hey, you didn’t hear that from me.

Salt on Sea Glass tracklist:

01. You Feel Right
02. Eliza
03. Three as Four
04. Imagino
05. Still Breathing
06. In My Dreams
07. Shadow Blind
08. You’re Something Else
09. Out of View
10. Lightning In Your Eyes
11. Adrift
12. Night and Day

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Radiohead decide to release The King of Limbs today instead of tomorrow, change how we think about music forevermore

When Radiohead released In Rainbows, the band flipped the industry on its head with its ‘revolutionary’ pay-what-you-want release method, and now Radiohead have done it again! Earlier this week, Radiohead announced the release of The King of Limbs, a new album that would be available this Saturday (TMT News). But of course, that wasn’t ‘revolutionary’ enough, so Radiohead have decided to scrap that release date last-minute and release the digital version TODAY, available to all pre-orderers here.

Could this become a new template for the industry? Will bands start announcing release dates only to change them last minute? Should we expect albums to come out a day early from now on? Probably! Check out the video for “Lotus Flower” over at the Chocolate Grinder and enjoy the album courtesy of Tiny Mix Tapes and the guy from the State Farm insurance commercials.

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Guitar Wolf announce US dates; don’t get too excited, there’s only two of them

Yow! Guitar Wolf are so crazy and cool and Japanese that they can make ridiculous things look awesome. Like lightning bolt guitar straps. Or weird Tarantino-esque promo shots. Or even wifebeater tanktops. Be sure to check out their raucous live show if you find yourself in Japan this spring. Or in Brooklyn. Or Chicago.

US dates:

04.13.11 - Brooklyn, NY - Knitting Factory
04.19.11 - Chicago, IL - Bottom Lounge

Japan dates:

03.17.11 - Nagoya, Japan - Club Quatrro
03.18.11 - Shinsaibashi, Japan - Sun Hall
03.27.11 - Niigata, Japan - Club Riverst
04.07.11 - Sendai, Japan - MA.CA.NA
04.10.11 - Fukuoka, Japan - Live House CB
04.17.11 - Sapporo, Japan - Bessie Hall
04.24.11 - Ebisu, Japan - Liquidroom

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