Dust off the ol’ victrola in the corner of your crypt! Blackest Ever Black release 2x12-inch from Killing Sound

Dust off the ol' victrola in the corner of your crypt! Blackest Ever Black release 2x12-inch from Killing Sound http://www.tinymixtapes.com/sites/default/files/1402/news-14-02-killing-sound.jpg

Bristol’s Killing Sound consists of Young Echo collective members Amos Childs (Jabu, Zhou), Seb Gainsborough (Vessel), and Sam Kidel (El Kid). Together the group make beautifully spooky music that’s probably being played this very moment in a dark crypt, an abandoned Welsh abbey where the wind whispers through the trees, and in the living room of the mysterious/weird rabbit family in David Lynch’s Inland Empire. It is the stuff of all the best nightmares.

So it only makes sense that the good people over at Blackest Ever Black are releasing this thing as a double 12-inch on the luckiest day of the year, St. Patrick’s Day (March 17). What better way to drive your puking frat boy neighbors out of your life forever than by blasting these crazy sounds? The four tracks on Killing Sound’s debut release were mastered by Matt Colton at Alchemy, London. You can preview the release below and pre-order it here.

• Killing Sound/Young Echo: http://youngecho.co.uk
• Blackest Ever Black: http://blackesteverblack.blogspot.com

Death knocks at your door with a new LP of unreleased material, new tour dates, and maybe merch-table sickles

Does the world even need another band besides Death? It’s a question one can’t help asking after hearing “new” (a.k.a. previously unreleased) track “North Street”, a hard-rockin’ punk rock Hendrixian number recounting so many “oh snap” life moments it’d make Alanis Morrisette jealous. Comin’ atcha on the band’s latest, Death III, 1980’s “North Street” fits in nicely alongside unearthed tracks from 1975, 1976, and even (whoa) the very non-punk year of 1992. Death III charts the band’s musical journey from “spiritual young rockers to older and wiser, bruised-but-undefeated brothers,” as a Drag City press release put it. And in this way, the album is the perfect accompaniment to last year’s documentary A Band Called Death (TMT Review).

The new album drops April 22 on Drag City, a preview 7-inch is available next week, and the Hackney brothers are hitting the road for select tour dates starting in March. They’re playing Mexico’s NRMALfestival, California’s Burgerama III, and Washington’s Sasquatch!, plus a few scattered dates around North America.

Death III tracklisting:

01. Introduction by David Hackney
02. North Street
03. Open Road
04. We Are Only People
05. Restlessness
06. Free
07. Yes He’s Coming
08. First Snowfall in Detroit
09. We’re Gonna Make It

Death dates:

03.08.14 - Monterrey, Mexico - NRMALfestival
03.21.14 - Toronto, ON - Phoenix Concert Theatre
03.22.14 - Fullerton, CA - Burgerama III
03.23.14 - San Francisco, CA - The Chapel
04.05.14 - Phoenix, AZ - The Pressroom
07.04.14 - George, WA - Sasquatch!

• Death: http://deathfromdetroit.com
• Drag City: http://www.dragcity.com

[Photo: Samdarko Eltosam]

Hecker, Rashad Becker, and Vessel join members of the Groupe de Recherches Musicales for upcoming Bernard Parmegiani retrospective

Prior to his notable status as a pupil of the slightly more legendary, musique concrète-pioneering Pierre Schaeffer, the late French composer Bernard Parmegiani enjoyed a relatively short but successful stint as a mime.

See?! At some point in the more recent past, mime artistry became an object of ridicule, and now the assumption is facetiousness whenever that most courageous of professions is proclaimed with a straight face. But Parmegiani’s involvement, albeit short-lived, was serious, and it included an education from another renowned teacher of their craft, Jacques Lecoq. Due respect was subsequently paid: in the former’s more audible pursuits, he often used mime to three-dimensionally graph his compositions, as he described in an interview with The Wire back in 1998: “Sometimes, in order to analyze a sound, I act it out by means of gestures before giving it its definitive form. It enables me to diagnose sounds and see if I’m comfortable with them.” Arguably, the semi-abrupt movements of mime parallel the sparse notes of at least some of Parmegiani’s extensive and heterogeneous work, as well as musique concrète in general.

And the other kind of mime? The kind without face paint or, in 2014, a bravery comparable to that of your average male cheerleader? The respective works of modern day sound artists Rashad Becker, Florian Hecker, and Vessel avoid blatant imitation (mimicry), but each individual readily acknowledges Parmegiani’s personal acousmatic influence. In a three-day retrospective hosted by LCMF (London Contemporary Music Festival), performances from the three aforementioned artists will complement a preceding 32-loudspeaker “diffusion” of Parmegiani’s work, courtesy of once-colleagues at the Groupe de Recherches Musicales (GRM). The event will take place next month at the 20,000 square foot Britannia House in London — an environment that appears fitting for an oeuvre that evinces both precision and an experimental approach to sound processing.

More details are available here.

• Rashad Becker: http://www.clunk.de
• Hecker: http://florianhecker.blogspot.com
• Vessel: https://www.facebook.com/pages/Vessel/109428755874271
• LCMF: http://lcmf.co.uk

[Photo: Roberto Serra]

The National embark on world tour, setting off madcap chase

The National have stolen the Lost Emperor’s Diamond! The ancient jewel, kept under tight security at the Smithsonian, was burgled by the dapper thieves this past weekend. “Hello, loves” began a note left by National ringleader Matt Berninger. “I have taken the Lost Emperor’s Diamond off your hands. Surely, you’ll not miss it. While you and your government goons are busy twiddling thumbs, I’ll be harnessing the diamond’s ancient power for use in further schemes. Toodles.”

Enter International Detective Danforth. Enter you, the player.

In “The National World Tour 2014,” you’ll chase The National through 30+ levels full of dangers, thrills, monsters, and traps. Each level will be concluded with a full concert from rock ‘n’ roll band/jewel thieves The National. You will also have to defeat a dragon or minotaur or another beast before completing the level.

Go International Detective Danforth! Catch The National! Retrieve The Jewel! Player One Begin!

The National dates:

02.14.14 - Perth, Australia - Perth Festival
02.16.14 - Tokyo, Japan - Hostess Club Weekender
02.18.14 - Taipei, Taiwan - Hostess Club Taipei
02.20.14 - Manila, Philippines - Hostess Club Manila
02.22.14 - Singapore, Singapore - Hostess Club Weekender
03.01.14 - Manchester, UK - BBC Radio 6 Music Festival
03.23.14 - Bend, OR - Lee Scwab Amphitheater
03.25.14 - Los Angeles, CA - Shrine Auditorium (Film Premiere & Concert)
04.09-11.14 - Toronto, ON - Massey Hall
04.12.14 - Grand Rapids, MI - Van Noord Arena
04.15-17.14 - Chicago, IL - Chicago Theatre
04.21-23.14 - Austin, TX - Austin City Limits Live at the Moody Theater
04.26.14 - Berkeley, CA - Greek Theatre
05.30.14 - Barcelona, Spain - Primavera Sound
06.01.14 - Mannheim, Germany - Mayfield Derby Festival
06.02.14 - Munich, Germany - Zenith
06.04.14 - Hamburg, Germany - Stadtpark
06.05.14 - Berlin, Germany - Zitadelle
06.09.14 - Warsaw, Poland - Amiteatr w Parku Sowińskiego’
06.10.14 - Leipzig, Germany - Parkbuhne
06.11.14 - Koln, Germany - Tanzbrunnen
06.13.14 - Aarhus, Denmark - Northside Festival
07.10.14 - Edinburgh, UK - Usher Hall
07.12.14 - London, UK - Barclaycard British Summer Time Hyde Park
07.14.14 - Cork, Ireland - Live at the Marquee
07.16.14 - Galway, Ireland - Galway Arts Festival
07.18-19.14 - Dublin, Ireland - Iveagh Gardens
07.25.14 - Vasto, Italy - Siren
07.26.14 - Lucca, Italy - Piazza Napolene
07.29.14 - Brescia, Italy - Anfiteatro Del Vittoriale
07.31.14 - St. Petersburg, Russia - A2
08.01.14 - Moscow, Russia - Arena Moscow
08.03.14 - Kiev, Ukraine - Stereo Plaza
08.06.14 - Oslo, Norway - ØyaFestival

• The National: http://americanmary.com
• 4AD: http://4ad.com

DJ Clent sets aside his socks and shoes, exposing his pungent Hyper Feet on Planet Mu

That’s DJ Clent — short for Clenton Hill, the reported “low end legend” from Chicago, who’s set to continue Planet Mu’s label-bolstering of the footwork genre, which has so far included noteworthy releases from the likes of DJ Diamond, RP Boo, and Traxman. It’s an association that looks to have begun with Hill’s appearance on Mu’s Bangs & Works Vol. 1 compilation in 2010, where the track “I Love You” offered a pitch-shifted variation on… who is that, Stevie Wonder? Nope, it’s actually Eddie Murphy from Dreamgirls (which was pre-Norbit, so we’ll forgive the arguable flattery afforded by sampling). Otherwise, Clent’s releases on Dance Mania around the turn of the century should be highlighted for their precursory skeet appreciation/juke qualities. No need to shield your eyes from those tracks.

And more than 10 years later, Clent’s showcasing his veteran status with an extended anecdote that begins, “Well, back in my day… ,” followed quickly by the release of his Hyper Feet EP on April 7. Sample and pre-order the release here. For sure, the utilized tune on “Clent’s Dog Catcher” should ring a bell, despite its chopped and somehow more trippy form. Apparently the George Clinton original was actually an extremely subtle attempt to bring awareness to canine radiation positioning. Ol’ Spot has a speech impediment now. In the name of music!

Hyper Feet tracklisting:

01. Hyper Feet
02. Baby Yeah 2012
03. Clent’s Dog Catcher
04. Don’t Go Down
05. Don’t Leave Me (Baby)

• DJ Clent: https://www.facebook.com/pages/dj-clent/132563556153
• Planet Mu: http://www.planet.mu

Jason Lescalleet screening new Songs About Nothing video collection on tour

Every time Jason Lescalleet releases a new album, tape, digital 7-inch, or what have you, someone at TMT is invariably on that shit with an illuminating seven-paragraph write-up, so this time I’m going to keep it TMT-News-Section-Dumb™: J-Skeet is going on tour, the first show is TONIGHT, and it’s going to be really cool.

You see, after releasing Songs About Nothing (TMT Review) on Erstwhile in 2012, Lescalleet got in touch with an elite baker’s dozen of artists and asked them to visually interpret all 13 tracks of Trophy Tape, the album’s first disc. A couple of those videos trickled out last year (watch “The Loop” at the Choco Grinder and “The Beauty of Independent Music” embedded below), but now all 36 minutes have visuals, so it’s time to roll that sucker out across North America. Here’s the tracklist with corresponding visual contributors:

01. “The Beauty of Independent Music” – Aaron Dilloway [Oberlin, OH]
02. “Old Theme” – Ellen Frances [New York, NY]
03. “Tarnished Copper (Copper Will Never Be Gold)” – Annie Feldmeier Adams [Chicago, IL]
04. “The Loop” – Justin Meyers [Minneapolis, MN]
05. “Euphoric Sting” – Antony Milton [Wellington, New Zealand]
06. “Beauty Is a Bowtie (HTDW)” – C Spencer Yeh [New York, NY]
07. “The Power of Pussy” – Olivia Block [Chicago, IL]
08. “Escargot” – Adel Souto [New York, NY]
09. “In the Morning” – Neil Young Cloaca [Turners Falls, MA]
10. “Friday Night in a Catholic Home” – Todd Deal [Worcester, MA]
11. “10 Amp Waves” – Jubal Brown [Toronto, ON]
12. “I Killed Another Day” – Heidi Alasuvanto [Oulu, Finland]
13. “In Through the Out Door & Another Whore” – Robert Beatty [Lexington, KY]

In a perfect world, Lescalleet would be screening Trophy Tape in each contributor’s home city, but for now we get five dates. And they look pretty special! Many of the visual contributors are musicians themselves and serve as opening acts before the screenings, and in some cases Lescalleet himself will do a separate live set. Check the Facebook listings in here for full details. Also, can’t help but notice a Glistening Examples catalog number on that above image, so I’m guessing some sort of home version is planned for Trophy Tape in the future. DAMN! More like TMT-News-Section-Super-Observant™!


02.12.14 - Amherst, MA - Hampshire College (Bill Brand Screening Room) *
02.13.14 - Toronto, ON - Double Double Land %
02.14.14 - Detroit, MI - Trinosophes #
02.15.14 - Chicago, IL - University of Chicago (Film Studies Center) $
02.16.14 - Oberlin, OH - Oberlin College (Mudd Library Center)

* Neil Young Cloaca, Q&A moderated by Matt Krefting
% Jubal Brown
# Ben Hall, Steve Hauschildt/Leigh Silverblatt
$ Olivia Block, Coppice, MT Coast/Michael Una

• Jason Lescalleet: http://lescalleet.wordpress.com
• Glistening Examples: http://glisteningexamples.com
• Erstwhile: http://www.erstwhilerecords.com