Chief Keef drops “Getcha” and “SHIFU,” delays Bang 3 (again)

Chief Keef drops "Getcha" and "SHIFU," delays Bang 3 (again)

Betcha been fiending hard for a Chief Keef summer anthem to scare all the little kids on your block. At the risk of sounding like a child abductor, I offer Sosa’s “Getcha” as a viable option.

On a second newly released track, “SHIFU,” Keef offers up a playful tune perfect for a children’s birthday party. “Monkey see, monkey do” is clear evidence that he’s attempting to lock in the younger set and make them Keefheads before they graduate from preschool. Smart move, Keith.

Why, you ask, has he unleashed these, and what about his new album? And will these songs be on it? And when, when, when, when can I get my grimy little hands on it? Homie — chill. Good news your way comes. Keef was kickin’ it at Interscope last night and has let us all know, “We ain’t forgot about dis BANG 3 shit!!! I’m finna go back n da studio n finish dis shit off this week.”

Now, bang your head to the two new tracks. Bang 3 is coming.

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Adult Swim announces this summer’s line-up of hot, sexy, nude, digital singles, including Fatima Al-Qadiri, Tim Hecker, Future, RP Boo, and more!

Gee, if I didn’t think Adult Swim purported to such a high degree of literacy, I’d say the folks over there spend a lot of time reading TMT! Ha HA! Ziiiiiiing!

But seriously, folks: according to an “exclusive” report on Billboard yesterday, the TV network has announced this year’s round of digital singles, and the artists, which include the likes of Giorgio Moroder, Sleep, Future, Fatima Al-Qadiri, RP Boo, Tim Hecker, and others, kinda reads like a veritable TMT staff list (minus all of those annoyingly clever little blurbs we’re always force-feeding you).

For real though, what gives with the left-field music choices over there? Are they just trolling search engines or what? Well, according to Jason DeMarco, VP of Adult Swim On-Air, “Adult Swim has become a success by making great shows and putting out great work without worrying too much about what’s mainstream. For us, it’s more interesting to use the platform of Adult Swim to provide great music – whether the artist is a known act, a ‘name,’ an up-and-comer, or a total unknown.”

The series’ fifth season, which begins June 9 and runs for 16 weeks, through September 22, will feature all-new tracks that are exclusive to Adult Swim’s thing and will be available for free, either as a download or stream at the Adult Swim site, as well as on the Adult Swim SoundCloud and YouTube pages. All the music will also be released through Adult Swim’s Williams Street label, and all tracks will be able for download at the end of the season. In the mean time, if there’s any artists you need to familiarize yourself with, I know a website where you can probably get some pretty reliable reviews…

Adult Swim Singles 2014 Schedule:

06.09.14 - Giorgio Moroder
06.16.14 - Machinedrum
06.23.14 - Destruction Unit
07.04.14 - Fatima Al-Qadiri
07.07.14 - Tim Hecker
07.14.14 - Speedy Ortiz
07.21.14 - Sleep
07.28.14 - Future (w/animated video)
08.04.14 - Diarrhea Planet
08.11.14 - Oozing Wound
08.18.14 - Captain Murphy
08.25.14 - Deafheaven
09.01.14 - RP Boo
09.08.14 - Mastodon Feat. Gibby Haynes
09.15.14 - Run The Jewels
09.22.14 - KA

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Avant-garde saxophonist Eric Dolphy’s papers on view at Library of Congress; it’s a single post-it note that reads “I have 19 fingers”

Legendary multi-instrumentalist Eric Dolphy helped pave the way for the free jazz genre in the 50s and 60s via classic LPs like Out to Lunch! and Outward Bound. Like the best of his class, Dolphy was able to mix both beauty and chaos — his sounds floated like a butterfly and stung like a B-flat suspended fourth chord that’s in some weird time signature I’ll never comprehend.

Unfortunately, Dolphy died at an early age in 1964, an era when free jazz was met with rejoinders like “Hey man, could you cool it on the notes?” and “He’s playing so fast I can’t even see what his hands are doing, but then again, it’s awfully smoky in this bar” (presumably; I’m merely a child). Understandably, peers, friends, and god knows, the everyman struggled to figure out where the hell Dolphy’s technique came from.

Well, half a century later, you, the befuddled and vacant everyman yourself, can view and try to make sense of the writings of Dolphy, which are now housed in our nation’s glorious capital. Flautist/composer James Newton recently donated a whopping five boxes of Dolphy’s musical papers to the Music Division of the Library of Congress. Harbored inside those boxes are previously unperformed works, Dolphy’s own invented scales, transcriptions of bird calls, and in classic Dolphy fashion, several pages where no one has any idea what is going on.

For those of you wanting to read the words of a genius (not counting the ones on this website you’re reading right now), pay a visit to the Library of Congress’ Performing Arts Reading Room. You’ll find me knee-deep in the bird call transcriptions.

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Belle and Sebastian announce tour, begin work on new album in Atlanta with assistance from 1017 Brick Squad

Stuart Murdoch has an ice cream cone tattooed on his face. His band, Belle and Sebastian, are in Atlanta currently, home of Mr. Zone 6, recording their new album. Working with them on this, their ninth album, is Ben H. Allen III, who has handled production duties on works by Animal Collective, Deerhunter, and M.I.A., among others. Rumors are flying that Waka Flocka Flame may have a guest verse, perhaps in the character of “The Major” for a follow-up to the band’s classic track “Me and the Major.” Waka Flocka verse or no Waka Flocka verse, the record will be the first released worldwide by Matador, the band’s longtime US home.

While not rubbing elbows with the likes of Young Thug, Belle and Sebastian are making the rounds to festivals all over the dang place. This summer finds them hitting a string of European cities and BRINGING THAT CLASSIC BELLE AND SEBASTIAN HEAT. Then in October they’ll come to the sister cities of Austin, TX and Paris, France. Look it up and tell me I’m wrong about these cities being sisters.

But wait, there’s more to be said about Belle and Sebastian. First, Matador will be reissuing much of the band’s back catalog this fall. Second, that very same fall is when Stuart Murdoch’s film God Save the Girl is receiving a theatrical run in the US and Canada. This fall is the time for Belle and Sebastian and Atlanta and 1017 Brick Squad.

Belle and Sebastian dates:

06.19.14 - Vienna, Austria - Arena Wien Open Air
06.20.14 - Neuhausen, Germany - Southside Festival
06.21.14 - Scheesel, Germany - Hurricane Festival
06.22.14 - Hilvarenbeek, Holland - Best Kept Secret Festival
06.25.14 - Copenhagen, Denmark - DR Concert Hall
06.26.14 - Norkopping, Sweden - Bravalla Festival
07.26.14 - Costa Brava, Spain - Festival Porta Ferada
07.28.14 - Santiago de Compostela, Spain - Plaza de la Quintana
08.03.14 - Katowice, Poland - Off Festival
08.08.14 - Cesena, Italy - Rocca Malatestiana
08.10.14 - Palermo, Italy - Psigrock Festival
10.03.14 - Austin, TX - Austin City Limits Festival
10.10.14 - Austin, TX - Austin City Limits Festival
10.31.14 - Paris, France - Pitchfork Festival

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Linda Perhacs cancels UK dates after nasty fall

Bummer news for both Linda Perhacs and the people of Britain: the 70-year-old folk singer has been forced to cancel her string of UK dates due to a nasty fall. Perhacs’ 1970 album Parallelograms is an oft-reissued cult favorite, and Asthmatic Kitty released her followup, The Soul of All Natural Things, earlier this year — 44 years later. Perhacs’ tour was supposed to begin June 1 at London’s Union Chapel. No word on whether dates will be rescheduled; here is her statement:

I apologize deeply to all of you for having to cancel the European Tour, but in mid May, 2014, I took a bad fall which resulted in a return of some of the neck problems I had prior to my neck surgery in 2007. This surgery was to protect my neck and the movement of my arms, etc by placing a titanium implant for neck support, donor bone and fusions. It is a surgery designed primarily for athletes, especially football players.

Get well soon, Linda! Show ‘em hell, and other stuff paternal 1950s football coaches say to young players in coming-of-age Hollywood sports movies.

Canceled tour dates:

06.02.14 - Leeds, UK - Brudenell Social Club
06.03.14 - Liverpool, UK - Leaf
06.05.14 - Glasgow,UK - Stereo
06.07.14 - Warwickshire, UK - Lunar Festival

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Greek drone trio Mohammad release Zo Rèl Do, the first of a trilogy of albums (but the sequels will be just as good, I’m sure!)

Som Sakrifis is gradual as hell (in a good way). Thankfully, Greek trio Mohammad aren’t taking the same approach to their release schedule; otherwise we could only hope for a new full-length once every, like, 50 years. And upon the conclusion of each 50-year interval, it wouldn’t be the whole full-length; it’d just be the first second off the first track, prior to any actual music, but with the engineer giving the “rolling!” notification. Only, it won’t be the whole “rolling” notification, just the first syllable, so anticipatory listeners not knowing what to expect would inevitably give up on the whole thing right then and there! “What the hell is this? I’m not cryogenically freezing myself for the sake of some ‘Row Your Boat’ rendition!”

So, far from being gradual with their musical propagations, Mohammad are being perfectly clear and considerate when they announce not just their next, but their next three releases, at least the first of which has Greek label Antifrost doing the sponsoring. As this release page details, each album is a part of a trilogy “that explores the sounds of the geographical area between 34°Ν - 42°Ν & 19°Ε - 29°Ε” — which, If I’m configuring my Google Maps correctly, is the region between the middle of the Mediterranean and the middle of Black Sea. Turkey, Greece, Bulgaria. Don’t quote me on that, but yes, obviously that would make sense.

Zo Rèl Do is the first release, and it’s out now. Lamnè Gastama and Segondè Saleco are the second and third releases; those’ll be out later this year and in early 2015, respectively.

Here’s a taste of the upcoming geographically-inspired pushes and pulls:

Zo Rèl Do tracklisting:

01. Urso Nesto
02. Grabe
03. Kabilar Mace
04. Marik
05. Kounye A Zwazo Yo
06. Samarina
07. Sigal

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