Coen Brothers writing Dave Van Ronk-inspired script, plan on casting Dwayne “The Ronk” Johnson

Coen Brothers writing Dave Van Ronk-inspired script, plan on casting Dwayne "The Ronk" Johnson

The Coen Brothers (Joel and Ethan) have all but officially announced that they are working on a script for a music-based film inspired by the life of Dave Van Ronk. According to the L.A. Times, who spoke to an anonymous source, the Coens are using the autobiography The Mayor of MacDougal Street as the basis for a film on Van Ronk and his status as the undisputed heavyweight of the Greenwich Village folk scene in the 60s.

If you’re unfamiliar with Greenwich Village heavyweights, Van Ronk is most well-known for his involvement and leadership in the same folk-music scene that Bob Dylan was born out of, with Van Ronk giving Bobby D his first big gig. In addition to discovering Mr. Dylan, Van Ronk also had a hand in developing the talents of both Joni Mitchell and Phil Ochs, both artists eventually gaining fame as two of my mom’s Most Played Artists.

Finally, while the Coen’s have never been the type of filmmakers who do sequels, I’m hoping that whatever movie is developed from Van Ronk’s life will take its place as the necessary prequel that The Big Lebowski deserves.

Throbbing Gristle bring new life to Industrial Records, prep crazy reissues and reworking of Nico album

2010 was a tumultuous year for the venerable industrial group Throbbing Gristle. In October, Genesis P-Orridge announced that he would no longer be performing with the group. Just under a month later, Peter Christopherson passed away. But with the announcement that the remaining members of TG have restarted their Industrial Records label, Chris Carter and Cosey Fanni Tutti are once again proving the adage that you can’t keep a good band down.

The group’s contract with Mute Records expired in June 2010, which is when members started thinking about doing their own thang and reissuing the Industrial Records/Throbbing Gristle catalogue via a revived Industrial Records. The TG webstore is now your exclusive record label distributor of all things Throbbing Gristle, and come September 26, Industrial will get into the limited deluxe vinyl reissue game with new editions of The Second Annual Report, D.O.A. The Third & Final Report, Heathen Earth, 20 Jazz Funk Greats and Throbbing Gristle’s Greatest Hits. The albums will also be available on CD and in a myriad of digital formats.

All well and good, right? Well, it gets better. TG are also starting a “Time Capsule” series, which includes the albums listed above, with the addition of a bonus live disc chronicling the band’s performance history. And whoa whoa WHOA: Industrial will also be releasing the final TG studio recording, a re-interpretation of Nico’s Desertshore album. Amazing. My brain just exploded.

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EMI now for sale by Citigroup; Ze Pequeno last seen doing a victory dance down Market Street

You know what’s really awesome? Not only when you’re certain you’re right about something, but also when you’re proven right. That’s how I feel right now. You see, last December, as part of our year-end spectacular, I reported on what I had seen at the time as the inevitable self-destruction of Big 4 music group EMI, home of The Beatles, predicting its demise to be sometime this year. With the reasons numerous, I figured the man with the coolest name, Guy Hands, would probably begin a selling-off of the company’s assets in some way to save his financial ass.

Well, my bank Citigroup did me a favor back in February and accelerated the process outright by seizing the company from behind Guy Hands’ back, thus losing said ass overall. Why would this process accelerate? Because banks are in the business of producing money in and of itself, and collateral in the form of physical (e.g., physical property, employees, etc.) and abstract (e.g., intellectual property) assets can only earn money through an actual sale, and the only time such assets are gained are as default collateral. Put simply, banks do not like holding on to three things:

01. Student loans
02. Sub-prime mortgages
03. Any property seized because of bankruptcy or default (e.g., EMI Group).

So thus, it was inevitable that the whole of EMI Group would be sold off in some way; it was only a matter of when. That “when” came to be Monday, when Citigroup formally announced the sale of EMI to interested bidders, as well as formally considering “other options” such as recapitalization (good luck with that) and an initial public offering (duly good luck with that). Almost immediately, the sharks got out of their cages and chased the blood. While all three other music groups are showing interest in buying EMI assets, the one group that stands out is the largest of them all, Universal, which sources say will bid on the company.

Universal’s bid carries risk: As the largest group with over 30% of the market, the company would face higher scrutiny from FTC regulators than usual and would likely be forced to take only portions of the company, such as the publishing division, EMI Japan or EMI Europe (which remain surprisingly profitable), or the Pink Floyd and Beatles back catalogs. Still, such a full-scale bid seems more probable than Universal buying out Warner Music Group back before the latter was bought last month by oil oligarch Len Blavatnik. Speaking of that Russian, he is likely to also bid on EMI after the Warner sale is completed this summer, bringing speculation of a Warner-EMI merger full circle.

While the process will take months, it seems likely that EMI’s sale will be completed before the year is out, thus aligning with my prediction. Now if you’ll excuse me, I must celebrate in some fashion. Cake? Riots? French hookers?

…Any other suggestions?

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Tammar release debut LP Visits in (Wake Me Up When) September (Ends)

After eating famous “coney bagels” from Diamond Dan’s Deli with my family in Bloomington, Indiana, we decided to see local band Tammar play at Jimmy’s Chicken Shack. But due to both Tammar “taking too long to set up” and “unforeseeable gas pains,” my parents decided to permanently separate, effective immediately.

My dad drove back home in our Ford Festiva, and my mom took a cab. I stayed to watch the show. Tammar finally hit the stage, but it wasn’t pretty: lead vocalist Dave Walter’s effect-laden wails reminded me of my parents’ fighting throughout the years in our two-story trailer home, while drummer Sarah Wyatt Swanson’s precision on the drums reminded me how my mom would slap my dad in a consistent 6/8 time signature.

Sure, I enjoyed the music and afterwards listened to Tammar’s two vinyl EPs released on St. Ives. Their sound, however, would remain like human taint in my mind.

Despite my personal experience, Suicide Squeeze will release Tammar’s debut record Visits on September 20. I plan on buying the record at the local drug store when it releases (as well as bottle of Green Apple Boone’s Farm) and then proceed to cry for a month. We at TMT, and I can speak for everyone here, hope our readers have a more enjoyable experience listening to Tammar than I will.

Visits tracklisting:

01. Heavy Tonight
02. Summer Fun
03. The Last Line
04. Deep Witness
05. Arrows Underwater
06. Yung Jun
07. Frost Meter


07.09.11 - Madison, WI - UW Madison Union Terrace
07.10.11 - Chicago, IL - Schubas
07.11.11 - North Manchester, IN - The Firehouse

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Cymbals Eat Guitars announce fall tour in support of Lenses Alien, probably won’t be earning themselves any cymbal endorsement deals anytime soon

Hey Squeo, check it out. I’m so well organized over here that I think I’ve already got a template for this narrative. Try this on for size and let me know if it works. Let me just plug in the appropriate details and…

[Cymbals Eat Guitars] was essentially a solo project at first. Songwriter and [singer/guitarist Joseph D’Agostino] played most of the stuff on [2009’s Why There Are Mountains], enlisting help from friends along the way and self-releasing the record. Then the album took off, so the band had to tour. Half the members left, and new, ready-to-do-this-for-a-living musicians joined in their stead.

Then, the band planned a follow-up that was meant to showcase all the growing they’d done as a cohesive unit and their totally new collaborative approach to writing and arranging, etc. etc. After secluding themselves writing and rehearsing [in bassist Matthew Whipple’s New Jersey basement] because they wanted a “freedom to explore previously not afforded” (e.g., freedom to “refine melodies,” “push the boundaries of arrangements,” et al.), they hired indie A-list producer [John Angello (Sonic Youth, Kurt Vile)] to re-contextualize [Cymbals Eat Guitars’] sounds and strengths into a cohesive record that is, as is repeatedly assured, the work of a b-a-n-d BAND.

That record is titled [Lenses Alien] and is slated for release on [September 13] via [Barsuk], at which point the band will take to the road for an extensive tour of [the US] to promote this new, more well-defined, more confident showcase of a band that has truly come into its own.

[Lenses Alien] tracklisting:

01. rifle eyesight (proper name)
02. shore points
03. keep me waiting
04. plainclothes
05. definite darkness
06. another tunguska
07. the current
08. wavelengths
09. secret family
10. gary condit

[Cymbals Eat Guitars U.S. Fall] Tour

09.20.11 - Boston, MA - Brighton Music Hall*#
09.21.11 - Brooklyn, NY - Music Hall of Williamsburg#
09.22.11 - Hamden, CT - The Space*#
09.24.11 - Washington, DC - Black Cat*#
09.26.11 - Chapel Hill, NC - Local 506*
09.27.11 - Atlanta, GA - The Earl*
09.29.11 - New Orleans LA - One Eyed Jacks*
09.30.11 - Houston, TX - Fitzgerald’s (Upstairs)*
10.01.11 - Austin, TX - Emos*
10.02.11 - Denton, TX - Dan’s Silverleaf*
10.04.11 - Tucson, AZ - Hotel Congress*
10.05.11 - San Diego, CA - Casbah*
10.06.11 - Long Beach, CA - Alex’s Bar*
10.07.11 - Los Angeles, CA - The Echo*
10.08.11 - San Francisco, CA - Bottom of the Hill*
10.10.11 - Portland, OR - Mississippi Studios*
10.11.11 - Seattle, WA - Crocodile*
10.13.11 - Boise, ID - Neurolux*
10.14.11 - Salt Lake City, UT - Kilby*
10.15.11 - Denver, CO - Hi Dive*
10.17.11 - Omaha, NE - Slowdown Jr*
10.19.11 - Minneapolis, MN - 7th Street*
10.20.11 - Madison, WI - High Noon*
10.21.11 - Chicago, IL - Lincoln Hall*
10.23.11 - Cleveland, OH Beachland Tavern*
10.27.11 - New York, NY - Bowery Ballroom*#

* Hooray For Earth
# Biege

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Radiohead to make surprise appearance at Glastonbury tonight; bands hope they make a surprise disappearance

England’s ridiculously massive Glatonbury Festival starts tonight at Worthy Farm in Pilton (TMT News). Across 3,000 stages (Pyramid, Other Stage, West Holts, John Peel, The Park, Acoustic, Avalon Stage, G Stage, East Dance, Oxlyers In West, Wow!, Leftfield, Spirit Of 71, Circus Big Top, The Hub, Arcadia, Astro Dome Workshops, Astrolabe, Avalon Café, Bandstand, Bassline Circus, BBC Introducing, Beat Hotel, Bez’s Acid House, Bourbon Street, Bridgwater Reggae Soundystem Cabaret Tent, Campo Pequeno, Chai Wallahs, Club Dada, Croissant Neuf, Cubana Salsa Tent, Cubehenge, Cubehenge Hed’s Party, East Dance Hed’s Party, El Penol Cantina, Free University of Glastonbury, Glade Lounge, Greenpeace Stage, Magic Bubbles, Mandala Stage, NYC Downlow, Pilton Palais Cinema Tent, Poetry and Words, Porn Kiosk Daytime, Pussy Parlure, Sharkeys, Small World Stage, Spirit of 71 Café, Speakers Forum, Stonebridge Bar, Tadpole Stage, The Downlow Radio, The London Underground, The Meeting Point Bar, The Rabbit Hole, The West Holts Bar, Tripod Stage, Vogue Fabrics) and with over 15 million artists (from James Blake and Flogging Molly to Omar Souleyman and Caitlin Rose, TV On The Radio and Deacon Blue to the Wu-Tang Clan and Hobo Jones & The Junkyard Dogs, Lee Scratch Perry and Danny & The Champions of the World to Kitty to Big Boi and Daisy & Lewis, Kool & The Gang and Noah and the Whale to Hercules And Love Affair and Jah Wobble & the Nippon Dub Ensemble, etc.), we at TMT are so insanely jealous that we can’t be there cuddling up with lucky festival goers at this sure-to-be intimate affair.

AND SHIT JUST GOT MORE INTIMATE. NME has just confirmed that The Park stage’s “Special Guest” tonight is none other than Radiohead, a.k.a. the “Oxford quintet.” As Morrissey described them years ago, “I don’t know why they don’t just call themselves The Edgar Broughton Band and get it over with.” It’s perhaps with this quote in mind that Radiohead will be performing at the exact same time that Morrissey will be performing, now to a crowd of 12 or so, on the Pyarmid stage. In fact, Radiohead’s set will surely effect the audience size of all the other bands performing at that time, including Mumford & Sons (Other Stage), Fleet Foxes (Other Stage), Chase and Status (West Holts), Dr Jimmy Cliff (West Holts), Example (John Peel), The Coral (John Peel), Raul Malo from The Mavericks (Acoustic), Eric Bibb (Acoustic), KT Tunstall (Avalon), Robert Babicz (G Stage), Ke$ha (East Dance), James Holden (Oxlyers in West), Greg Wilson (Wow!), The Crazy World of Arthur Brown (Spirit of 71), and many more (seriously). On the bright side, you’ve probably already seen Radiohead live, and if our assumptions are correct, seeing Ke$ha in a festival setting is second to none. You know what to do.

Tickets are long sold out, so if none of the 15 million artists performing had already convinced you to purchase tickets, then you’re kinda screwed. But hey, tickets for Glastonbury 2013 (FYI: there won’t be a 2012 fest) are already on sale. Buy now!!

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