Crystal Stilts releasing Radiant Door EP on November 15 via Sacred Bones, still being confused with Crystal Castles and Crystal Antlers

Crystal Stilts releasing Radiant Door EP on November 15 via Sacred Bones, still being confused with Crystal Castles and Crystal Antlers

So there’s post-rock and post-punk, but what about post-Velvet Underground? I might toss Crystal Stilts in that category before anyone else, because their jangle pop/garage rock/vague psychedelia would quite accurately define the genre, but the country rockabilly influence of Sanford Clark they’ve apparently incorporated into tracks on their upcoming EP, Radiant Door has me reconsidering. Slightly. The EP follows their sophomore album, In Love With Oblivion (TMT Review) and will be released November 15 on Sacred Bones.

Radiant Door tracklisting:

01. Dark Eyes
02. Radiant Door
03. Still As the Night
04. Low Profile
05. Frost Inside the Asylum

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Smashing Pumpkins reissue Gish and Siamese Dream, hope to get their proper dues now that that Cobain guy is out of the picture

Gather ‘round, kids. It’s time for another exciting installment of: Preserve! That! Legacy! And today’s rager against the dying of the light is none other than that great aesthete of aesthetes, seer of seers; the man who, back in the early 90s, single-handedly made shoegaze grunge enough to fuck to: Billy “Where’s my cowl at?” Corgan. Corgan’s Smashing Pumpkins are giving their first two records, 1991’s Gish and 1993’s Siamese Dream, the “remaster, reissue, recontextualize, and reaffirm-the-genius-of” treatment with deluxe packages set to hit the streets November 29 via mom ‘n’ pop label EMI. Both LPs were remastered by Bob Ludwig and come replete with exclusive bonus material, including rarities, demos, unreleased no. 1 hits, and more.

In addition, both packages will include their own respective DVD of a hometown performance at Chicago’s Metro that not too many people saw at the time because they were understandably saving their money for the next Nirvana show. The Gish DVD is from August 25, 1990 and features a 10-song set, while the Siamese Dream package comes with a 17-song set from August 14, 1993. Each comes housed in a special lift-top box (just like the packaging of the recent Teargarden by Kaleidyscope thing that we all own) that includes a track-by-track commentary by Billy Corgan (e.g. “this song’s great… so’s this one… so’s this one… did I tell you that I played everything on this?” etc.), collages, photos, liner notes, postcards, the whole works. The deluxe boxes are $30, and although both remastered albums will also be available in standard CD, digital, and vinyl formats, you really aren’t sending the right message about your love of timeless music unless you get the gaudy one.

Gish deluxe tracklisting:

Disc 1:
01. I am One
02. Siva
03. Rhinoceros
04. Bury Me
05. Crush
06. Suffer
07. Snail
08. Tristessa
09. Window Paine
10. Daydream

Disc 2:
01. Starla (2011 mix) *
02. Siva (Peel session)
03. Honeyspider (Reel Time demos / 2011 mix) *
04. Hippy Trippy (Crush Music Box demo) *
05. Snail (live radio performance) *
06. Plume (2011 mix) *
07. Bury Me (Reel Time demos / 2011 mix) *
08. Daydream (Old House demo) *
09. Tristessa (Sub Pop single / 2011 mix) *
10. Girl Named Sandoz (Peel session)
11. Jesus Is the Sun (Apartment demo) *
12. Blue (Gish sessions demo) *
13. Smiley (Gish sessions demo) *
14. I Am One (Reel Time demos / 2011 mix) *
15. Seam (Suffer / Apartment demo) *
16. La Dolly Vita (2011 mix) *
17. Pulseczar (Gish sessions demo)
18. Drown (alternate guitar solo) *

* previously unreleased

DVD (The Metro, Chicago, IL 8/25/90):
01. I Am One
02. Snail
03. Rhinoceros
04. Bury Me
05. Tristessa
06. Window Paine
07. Razor
08. Sookie Sookie
09. Godzilla
10. Crush (Acoustic)

Siamese Dream deluxe tracklisting:

Disc 1:
01. Cherub Rock
02. Quiet
03. Today
04. Hummer
05. Rocket
06. Disarm
07. Soma
08. Geek U.S.A
09. Mayonaise
10. Spaceboy
11. Silverfuck
12. Sweet Sweet
13. Luna

Disc 2:
01. Pissant (siamese sessions rough mix) *
02. Siamese Dream (broadway rehearsals demo) *
03. STP (rehearsal demo) *
04. Frail and Bedazzled (soundworks demo) *
05. Luna (apartment demo) *
06. Quiet (bbc session/bc mix) *
07. Moleasskiss (soundworks demo) *
08. Hello Kitty Kat (soundworks demo) *
09. Today (broadway rehearsal demo) *
10. Never Let Me Down Again (bbc session)
11. Apathy’s Last Liss (siamese sessions rough mix) *
12. Ache (silverfuck rehearsal demo) *
13. U.S.A. (soundworks demo) *
14. U.S.S.R. (soundworks demo) *
15. Spaceboy (acoustic mix) *
16. Rocket (rehearsal demo) *
17. Disarm (acoustic mix) *
18. Soma (instrumental mix) *

* previously unreleased

DVD (The Metro, Chicago, 8/14/93):
01. Rocket
02. Quiet
03. Today
04. Rhinoceros
05. Geek U.S.A.
06. Soma
07. I Am One
08. Disarm
09. Spaceboy
10. Starla
11. Cherub Rock
12. Bury Me
13. Hummer
14. Siva
15. Mayonaise
16. Drown
17. Silverfuck

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Goldmund to release new album All Will Prosper on Western Vinyl, ‘socialist’ accusations emerge

I blame my misguided teenage infatuation with popular rap music for the fact that I can’t but help associate the last names ‘Kaniff’ or ‘Kenniff’ with the homosexual caricature featured on several of Eminem’s albums. In reality, Keith Kenniff a.k.a. Goldmund a.k.a. Helios is far more worthy of remembering, and his music far more enjoyable and intellectually gratifying. Under his Goldmund moniker, Kenniff will be releasing his next full-length album All Will Prosper on December 6 via Western Vinyl.

In a marked departure from Goldmund’s previous, almost entirely piano-centered albums, All Will Prosper promises to bring something new to the conceptual and stylistic table. Representing Kenniff’s ongoing fascination with the American Civil War and the distinct culture on display during that tumultuous period, the album is being marketed as a collection of 14 traditional Civil War-era folk songs, and one contemporary track ‘Asoken Farewell.’ Yes, your intuition is correct — ‘folk songs’ does, in this case, connote the use of an acoustic guitar.

The album as a whole was recorded over a period of five years, and utilized close micing techniques on both the piano and the guitar in order to bring a sense of importance to every note and every detail. Despair and the incomprehensible loss associated with the war are both themes here, but so is the unimaginable strength and perseverance that followed. Kenniff, through his music, has always had an eye toward appealing to human emotion, and what better way to do that than to have in mind one of the most devastating and life-altering events in American history.

All Will Prosper tracklisting:

01. The Death of General Wolfe
02. Ashoken Farewell
03. All Quiet on the Potomac
04. Amazing Grace
05. Dixie
06. The Flag of Coumbia Shall Float O’er Us Still
07. The Ballad of Barbara Allen
08. Johnny Has Gone for a Soldier
09. Battle Cry of Freedom
10. Shenandoah (free download here)
11. Who’ll Save the Left
12. Just Before the Battle Mother
13. The Yellow Rose of Texas
14. Bonnie Blue Flag
15. When Johnny Comes Marching Home

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Pension fund causes nobody to want EMI; Citigroup makes frowny face

It’s tough times for Citigroup. First, they force fee hikes against their customers because of mean ol’ Big Gov, then kettle and arrest them for closing their accounts, snagging some poor lady in the process. Annnnd I’m closing my account next week, legitimately. But rabble-rousing customers of their bank services don’t really give them much of a distraction, since they’re 99 cents on the dollar. However, when billions of dollars come into play, it gets their attention.

Earlier this year, Citi hostilely took over beleaguered major label EMI from the financier with the greatest name, Guy Hands, and followed up with the intention of selling off the company. Five serious bidders (Universal, WMG, Sony, BMG, and Revlon owner Ron Perelman) showed interest in bidding on either part or the whole company through one round of bidding. However, it now appears that the sale of EMI has stalled, for bidders spent most of their time watching the sexy action at Zuccotti Park cut back on their bids, especially for EMI Music, the recording arm.

The stalling point? Pension funds, the bane of all youth. Because of the sale, EMI and Citi reexamined their pension fund liabilities, and found them to be double what they were paying after making a deal with the British government last year. In the likely event that Citi splits EMI’s sale into EMI Music and EMI Music Publishing, the former would take the pension fund burden. This got music bidders Universal Music, WMG, and Perelman in a tizzy, eventually cutting back their bids in the second round.

Thus, Citi is all sad and confused like some puppy that just got weaned abruptly. They could sell EMI whole and get a bunch of tax breaks (assuming mean ol’ Big Gov don’t reform the tax code like they should), but only WMG displayed enough interest to confirm a bid for the whole company in addition to EMI Music. They could sell the company in pieces, and earn more money from two sales (especially given how much BMG and Sony supposedly want to pay for EMI Music Publishing), but they lose out on tax breaks (that they might not get anyway). Another option may be to postpone, especially given how the three major credit rating agencies, run by 20-something men with enough cocaine to supply Canada for a year, want to downgrade everyone’s credit ratings except their own at the moment, making financing tricky. But that option may be a ploy to up the bids and draw in bidders, as another bidder with a kind-of-cool name, Yamani Global Equities, sent in a whole company bid the day after official bids were due when they heard that rumor. They just don’t know what to do.

Meanwhile, below them, it has been 31 days since the occupation of Zuccotti Park began.

Drag City, your super-secret crush, launches a new booking agency, reads your totally sad diary

According to The Daily Swarm, Drag City, the respected record label/your secret crush that you totally want to kiss on the ear, is starting a new booking agency. The Strange Victory Touring Company, presumably named after the Silver Jews song “Strange Victory, Strange Defeat” because all the Flying Saucer Attack song titles were taken, consists of three different agents, all with distinct music industry backgrounds. Let’s meet ‘em now:

• Derek Becker is the kind of guy who loves booking bands, even during those times when he was 14 and starting his own agency, Satellite Booking. In his recent, not-14-years-old days, he’s been working as an agent for The Windish Agency. He loves dinosaurs, Dracula, and circuit boards.

• Nicole Yalaz is no stranger to Drag City — she’s been working there for five years! As a publicist, no less! When not publicisting, she also served as a part-time manager and booking agent for Drag City bands. You could say Drag City is in her blood, because they make all their potential employees take a blood oath on the first interview. She loves mushroom pizza, helicopters, and the Seattle Supersonics when Detlef Schrempf was playing for them.

• John Bohannon is a man who needs no introduction, unless you don’t know who he is. A true creature of the road, he’s been a touring musician since 2005. To properly recover from these trips, he built an Electric Temple in 2009, where he can draw power from the cosmos and also put out records and promote artists. He loves #2 pencils, go-karts, and chocolate truffles.

They’re a great bunch, aren’t they? Through Strange Victory Touring, they’re hoping to build sustainable and eco-tolerant careers for the artists they book (such as Amen Dunes, Barn Owl, Blues Control, Gary War, Magik Markers, Psychedelic Horseshit, R. Stevie Moore, Sic Alps, Wet Hair, and Wooden Wand). Only one thing, though: they want their artists to be “authentic, innovative, meaningful and unlame.” Translation: lame-o’s need not apply.

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The Sea and Cake to dumb it all down for you on tour this fall

Sure, it’s easy to give longtime Chicago pop-hypnotists The Sea and Cake shit for their sort-of random and, I don’t know, puffy-sounding band name: “Oh, look at me, I’m in ‘The Sea and Cake,’ and I wear a scarf when I read poetry and play Exquisite Corpse all day with my sugar cube-dunking friends by the sea and we all laugh and eat cake and it’s delicious.” (See? I told you it was easy.) But actually, if you look closer, you’ll notice that the sea and cake (as things) share many more logical associations that you might think. For example, the sea is salty; cake is sweet. So, logically, eating some cake and washing it down with seawater would be at least as delicious as a Take 5 candy bar is. Also, “the sea” is a general, kinda abstract term that can represent any number of specific bodies of salt water. Likewise, “cake” is also an abstract term insofar as I cannot order any at Bakers Square. See what I’m getting at here?

Fine, if you’re still not buying it, The Sea and Cake will be touring the US this November in support of this past spring’s jazzy, breezy, salty, sweet, Thrill Jockey mini-LP The Moonlight Butterfly (TMT Review). Maybe you can ask them to dumb it down for you. Ooh, wait, I just thought of another one: cakes have layers; the sea has… wait no, never mind. That one sucks.


11.04.11 - Detroit, MI - Magic Stick
11.05.11 - Toronto, ON - Lee’s Palace
11.06.11 - Montreal, QC - La Sala Rossa
11.07.11 - Boston, MA - Brighton Music Hall
11.08.11 - New York, NY - Bowery Ballroom
11.09.11 - Philadelphia, PA - Union Transfer
11.10.11 - Washington, DC - Black Cat
11.11.11 - Chapel Hill, NC - Local 506
11.12.11 - Louisville, KY - Headliners Music Hall
12.02.11 - Seattle, WA - The Crocodile
12.03.11 - Portland, OR - Doug Fir Lounge
12.04.11 - Arcata, CA - Jambalaya
12.05.11 - San Francisco, CA - Slim’s
12.06.11 - Los Angeles, CA - Troubadour
12.07.11 - San Diego, CA - Cashbah
12.08.11 - Austin, TX - The Mohawk
12.10.11 - Mexico City, Mexico - Volla Acoustique
12.17.11 - Chicago, IL - Empty Bottle

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