Danny Brown takes “Old & Reckless” tour to Europe, perpetuates the most entertaining mid-life crisis, like, ever

Danny Brown takes "Old & Reckless" tour to Europe, perpetuates the most entertaining mid-life crisis, like, ever http://www.tinymixtapes.com/sites/default/files/1306/news-13-06-danny-brown.jpg

Go ahead and dispute the benefits of naming a tour without any unique qualities to it, and then quickly scold yourself for not appreciating Detroit rapper Danny Brown, whose disposition lies somewhere between easy-going and that of a human jack-in-the-box. Additionally, his “Old & Reckless” tour, which sort of began at SXSW and persisted in North America up until Sasquatch, isn’t exactly typical — it’s the first that he’s headlined, and the first for which many paragraphs were written in response to a spontaneous on-stage blowjob. Could things get any weirder? Well, sure. Just add the “European” descriptor to virtually anything and you’ve increased its weirdness by about double. Beginning June 9, Brown will take his “Old & Reckless” proclivities to 11 venues across the continent.

And as far as tour titles go, this one has the virtue of not being unnecessarily obscure, but fitting: despite being in his 30s, the jovial lyricist still evinces the impulses of a 13-year-old boy, home alone, with the password to the parental controls. “Most of my raps, I guess, come from the dickhead… instead of the brain sometimes, you know. I guess I’m thinking with my dick when I write, I don’t know!” We at TMT applaud that kind of honesty, and are otherwise advocates of a new genitalia-based consciousness.

Check out a teaser of Brown’s European dates below. His new album Old is forthcoming.


06.09.13 - Manchester, UK - Parklife
06.11.13 - London, UK - Scala
06.12.13 - Brighton, UK - The Haunt
06.13.13 - Bristol, UK - The Fleece
06.14.13 - Birmingham, UK - Academy 2
06.15.13 - Glasgow, UK - The Arches
06.16.13 - Dublin, Ireland - Sugar Club
06.17.13 - Dublin, Ireland - Sugar Club
06.19.13 - Paris, France - La Bellevoise
06.20.13 - Berlin, Germany - Splash
06.21.13 - Hilvarenbeek, Netherlands - Best Kept Secret

• Danny Brown: http://itsbruiserbrigade.tumblr.com

Big Boi hurts his knee and reschedules tour dates with Killer Mike; sorry guys, your summer is OVER

Guys, Big Boi hurt his knee. It’s over, guys. The dream of seeing Big Boi on tour with Killer Mike this summer is dead. Okay, well, just til Big Boi gets surgery on his knee, but the internet is not the place for subtlety. It is a place for DRAMA. And CAT PICTURES.

See, Big Boi screwed up his knee, so he’s gotta get that thing fixed. Then he’s gotta take it easy for six weeks, which is niiiiiiiiicely timed to allow the rap genius to watch every single new Arrested Development episode as it airs. And to write some really seriously involved Game of Thrones fan fiction. All of Big Boi’s remaining tour dates have been delayed till September, with the exceptions of the festivals in Montreal, Raleigh, Louisville, and Somerset, WI.

05.31.13 – Chattanooga, TN - Track 29*
06.01.13 – Mobile, AL - Soul Kitchen*
06.02.13 – Birmingham, AL - Avondale Brewing Co.*
06.04.13 – Orlando, FL - The Plaza Live*
06.05.13 – Fort Lauderdale, FL - Revolution*
06.06.13 – Jacksonville, FL - Brewsters Megaplex*
06.07.13 – Atlanta, GA - Masquerade*
06.08.13 – Charleston, SC - Music Farm*
06.09.13 – Wilmington, NC - Brooklyn Arts Center*
06.12.13 - Charlotte, NC - Amos*
06.14.13 – Washington D.C. - Howard’s Theatre
06.15.13 – Buffalo, NY - Town Ballroom
06.16.13 – Toronto, ON - North By Northeast
06.18.13 – Providence, RI - Lupos
06.19.13 – Boston, MA - Paradise
06.20.13 – Brooklyn, NY - Celebrate Brooklyn
07.12-14.13 - Louisville, KY - Forecastle Festival
08.02-04.13 – Montreal, QC - Osheaga Festival
08.09.13 – Somerset, WI - Summer Set Music & Camping Festival
09.05-07.13 – Raleigh, NC - Hopscotch Music Festival

* Killer Mike

• Big Boi: http://www.bigboi.com
• Killer Mike: http://killermike.com

Black Dice’s Eric Copeland returns to DFA for Joke In The Hole LP, fans of joke holes celebrate

Tell me if this freaks you out. Actually, let me set the scene for you first. We’re in a field. I’m there, you’re there, we’re both standing there. Nothing strange about it, aside from, well, we are in a field. Don’t know about you, but I don’t hang out in fields too often. Back to the scene, though. We’re both in the field, we’re standing right in front of each other. I lean in and whisper something in your ear. I don’t whisper just anything, though. I whisper “Joke in the Hole.” Now, you’ll have to provide the end of the scene yourself, but does that freak you out? I reckon it freaks you out.

Which is appropriate, since Joke in the Hole is the name of the new Eric Copeland (Black Dice, Terrestrial Tones) record out July 17 on DFA. Copeland’s made a bit of a career out of freaking people out, at least those not accustomed to experimental noise. I know, that’s not you, you’re a Tiny Mix Tapes reader. But as a Tiny Mix Tapes reader, you are probably interested to know that Joke in the Hole will be Copeland’s first solo LP for DFA. Since Black Dice had put out a number of records on DFA, this record marks somewhat of a reunion for Copeland and the label. Perhaps in the mold of an icky, uncomfortable family reunion if this joke and hole business reaches an unsavory conclusion, but the two generally seem very happy together.

Last year, Black Dice put out Mr. Impossible (TMT Review) through Ribbon Music. I recall it being quite good. Copeland also released a solo LP last year called Limbo through Underwater Peoples. I never heard it. I am mainly illustrating the fact that Copeland and Black Dice have been on quite a few labels, as if they’re the prettiest girl at the prom and all the boys are record labels. Maybe it’s not the best metaphor.

Joke in the Hole tracklist:

01. Razki
02. Grapes
03. Tinkerbell
04. Flushing Meats
05. Babes in the Woods
06. Bobby Strong
07. Shoo Rah
08. Cheap Treat
09. Kash Donation
10. Little Tit
11. New Leather Boogie

• Black Dice: http://blackdice.net
• DFA: http://dfarecords.com

Traxman shot and robbed, Planet Mu starts fundraiser

Traxman, one of our favorite producers and member of both Geto DJ’z and Teklife (with DJ Rashad, DJ Spinn, and more), was shot in the leg during a street robbery on May 28 in Chicago. He’s on the way to recovery, but he lost $250 in cash and his passport. Planet Mu, who released Da Mind of Traxman last year, set up a fundraiser via Indiegogo, with a goal of $500 (half for the cash, half for the passport). It’s only been up for a handful of hours, but the goal has already been met. There are 30 days left, though, and if you have the extra cash and support what Traxman has done for the past few decades, go here and help out.

• Traxman: https://soundcloud.com/traxman
• Geto DJ’z: http://getodjz.com

SPF420 and Saint Pepsi’s New Generation collective mate, unveil horrific/beautiful offspring via Tinychat webcast

If you’re reading this, you are obviously, totally a hepcat. So we can skip the preliminary mumbo jumbo about SPF420 being a rad, turned-on e-venue that is sometimes found on Tinychat and just happens to be where all the cool kids, with their e-cigs and their gluten-free dinners, tune into weirdo internet concerts from the comfort of their stylish bedsits.

Their next event is a showcase of the freshly minted art collective New Generation, which is curated by the ever-more-revered Saint Pepsi. It’s very appropriately called New Generation 420, will be online Tuesday, June 4 at 10 PM EST, and will feature Nmesh (who just got Eureka’d here), Hairspray Heart, Topaz Gang, Spazzkid, Meishi Smile, Coinstarr, and VISAプリペイド. Find your way to SPF420’s channel, and you will feel yourself getting both cooler and more attractive in the eyes of your ideal human being. For now, scroll down and allow the performers to kiss your eardrums with Windows 95-flavored bloops. Tongue is extra.

New Generation 420 trailer:


Hairspray Heart:

Meishi Smile:



Topaz Gang:


• SPF420: https://www.facebook.com/spf420fest
• New Generation: https://www.facebook.com/newgencollective

No Age announce release date for new album An Object, have stolen something valuable from your house with vague plans to “release” it on Sub Pop

Case Number: TMT-420-LOL
Incident: Breaking and Entering, Theft
Reporting Officer: Constable T. Peters
Date of Report: 31 May 2013

At approximately 0145hrs on 31 May 2013, I was parked outside my ex-girlfriend’s house because I know her new boyfriend is afraid of cops. At 0146hrs I received a call reporting a possible breaking and entering event a few blocks over at 1269 East Hamilton, so I zipped up and headed over.

Upon arrival I met Mrs. Warren on the street, she waved me down and I pulled over. She immediately began shouting, after calming her down a bit I got her to explain that there were a “coupla punk rock lookin’ fellahs” in her apartment. She explained that they had been on the scene since approximately 0015hrs, when she mistook one of them for her husband and had attempted to romantically engage him. Since that time she had been unable to convince them to stop stealing her things.

Moments later the “punk rock lookin’ fellahs” emerged from the staircase, one bearing a waffle iron, the other a box marked “dildos.” As they drew closer I realized that they were not in fact “punk rockers” at all, but rather “indie rockers.” I enquired as to what their aim was. The taller of the two explained that “indie rock was a hard game,” and asked me if I read New York Magazine or listened to Grizzly Bear. I informed them that I usually gave bears of all stripes a wide berth. Apparently the two indie rock lookin’ fellahs made up a group called No Age, and had been stealing objects from people’s apartments for the past several months so they could pawn them and make rent.

The smaller of the pair insisted that they had plans of releasing An Object on August 19 in the UK and Europe and on August 20 in North America with the help of Sub Pop. When pressed for which object in particular they were referring to (and if they would be returning Mrs. Warren’s waffle iron), they merely snickered. They claimed whichever object they ended up releasing would follow up Everything in Between though they did not respond when asked “Everything in between what?” They went on to mutter about how they’d recorded with an accomplice named F. Bermudez in Los Angeles at Gaucho’s Electronics. Additionally they spoke in heightened self-congratulatory tones and referred to themselves in the third person, all the while ducking my questions. For example: “guitarist Randy Randall corrals his previously lush, spastic, sprawling arrangements into taught, refined rats’ nests” and “Lyrically Spunt challenges space, fracturing ideological forms.” It is this officer’s impression that they were high on drugs.

An Object tracklisting:

01. No Ground
02. I won’t Be Your Generator
03. C’mon Stimmung
04. Defector/ed
05. An Impression
06. Lock Box
07. Running From A-Go-Go
08. My Hands, Birch and Steel
09. Circling With Dizzy
10. A Ceiling Dreams of a Floor
11. Commerce, Comment, Commence

• No Age: http://noagela.org
• Sub Pop: http://www.subpop.com