Fis releases Iterations EP on Tri Angle, shares his fetal aspirations with new track

Fis releases Iterations EP on Tri Angle, shares his fetal aspirations with new track

Ha, Fis totally had you fooled! Considering his status as an emerging artist, I bet you thought Preparations was foreshadowing the imminent release of a new full-length, right? You may still be on to something if you broaden your time-frame a bit, but as far as the truly “imminent” goes, look no further than my exclusive fan dance celebrating the diminishing days of post-winter dreary. Do I have clothes on behind the shielding giant feathers? Attendance is your only enlightenment!

Also imminent: the release of Iterations, Fis’ second EP for Tri Angle, and a likely second display of the beauty of a label homecoming that was seemingly the product of fate. It was in his native New Zealand that Oliver Peryman scoured the web and local newspapers for his rumored “fairy godlabel,” which hovered in an incorporeal presence over his initial creations of ominous urbanism. The hovering persisted until said fairy godlabel was all, “I really shouldn’t be watching this dude sleep,” and then decided that a label fit for The Haxan Cloak certainly has room for his apparent (but more rhythmic) musical sibling. Credit to E. Nagurney for bringing up the familial aspect. A misanthropic Thanksgiving feast is for sure the expectation, despite the supposed spirit of the holiday.

Listen to a track off Iterations below; the EP is out now.

Iterations tracklist:

01. Iterations
02. Womb Dream
03. Fever Sweats
04. Her Third Eye (Drum Rain)

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Release the bats! And the bossa-nova-influenced French melodies! Mute releasing 2xCD collecting Mick Harvey’s Serge Gainsbourg covers

Long enough have the people languished, moaning for Mick Harvey’s covers of the songs of Serge Gainsbourg to be released in fancy-fancy packaging. And now, lo, a star has risen in the east and the dragons have reached an alliance and whatever else, because at last, post-punk legend Mick Harvey (Crime & the City Solution, Nick Cave & the Bad Seeds) has announced the release of a double CD collecting Intoxicated Man and Pink Elephants, his two albums of Gainsbourg covers. Due May 6 on Mute Records, the two albums (1995 and 1997, respectively) were the first major works translating the French crooner’s work into English. Added to that, the collection includes two unreleased Harvey tracks, “Dr. Jekyll” (listen below) and “Run from Happiness.”

Cool fact: the female vocals originally sung by Gainsbourgian collaborators Jane Birkin, Anna Karina, and Brigitte Bardot are here sung by longtime Bad Seeds collaborator and totally bitchin’ solo artist in her own right Anita Lane. Other guests include Bertrand Burgalat, David McClymont, Warren Ellis, and Nick Cave, natch. Last year Harvey and his band performed the tracks at an ATP Festival curated by the Yeah Yeah Yeahs. The band is currently booking European dates, with the confirmed stops listed below.

Tour dates:

05.27.14 - London, UK - Union Chapel
05.30.14 - Barcelona, Spain - Primavera Sound
06.14.14 - Tilburg, Netherlands - Theatres Tilburg

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NYC’s East Village Radio shutting down permanently next week

East Village Radio has just been added to the demolition list as New York City continues its transformation into a pedestrian tourist trap filled with nothing but ATMs and museums of its heyday. The independent radio station will be making its final broadcast on May 23 after 11 years of operation from a tiny storefront studio on 1st Avenue.

East Village Radio CEO and NY chef Frank Prisinzano told EV Grieve in a phone interview, “every time we get a new listener, it costs us more money with licensing fees and Internet costs. After doing some projections, we see that it is going to be very, very difficult for us to continue to break even.”

As EV Grieve had noted, popularity isn’t the problem (over a million listeners a month), it’s the Congressional Digital Music Copyright Act of 1998, which requires internet broadcasters to pay a digital performance royalty for every listener.

“We pay a higher rate for royalties and licensing than Pandora pays. We live in a world where these behemouth music-streaming services keep going in for more capital,” said Peter Ferraro, the general manager/head of programming at East Village Radio. “It’s almost like we are being penalized for our growth. It’s very difficult for an independent medium music company to survive in a world where Apple is paying $3.2 billion for Beats by Dre.”

Kids, isn’t it exciting that your generation consists of watching things die in a pool of corporate commercials?

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Steve Reich and Philip Glass reunite after 30 years for Nonesuch Anniversary

There is an open secret in the avant-garde world: Steve Reich and Philip Glass were once a crime-fighting duo of superheroes, back in what was then the Silver Age of Superheroes. Using their then-newfangled powers of minimalism to take down mafiosos and small crooks, dispatch alien overlords, and defeat the entire Pentagon. Their exploits were renowned, especially when Reich used tape loops and Glass used hidden fifths together to stop the third Kennedy from being assassinated.

However, something went wrong, somewhere around 1971. Few know the details, but I was able to glean from the ghost of Lou Reed (who knew from his wife Laurie Anderson) that a dispute over an English Terrier that was to be their mascot/distress signal. A fight broke out, causing the English Terrier to be transported to another dimension on accident. This would trigger the end of the Silver Age: Each composer superhero blamed the other, started their own superhero teams (Steve Reich and Musicians and the Philip Glass Ensemble), drifting slowly apart until another unknown spat involving pulses caused them to cut each other off sometime in the late 1970s, which has remained since.

Fast forward to now. Nonesuch Records, trying to wash off the stains of dad rock from their floors and regain glory as an alternative classical label, sought to blow off the doors with their 50th anniversary celebration. While Robert Plant would be a surefire way to get people’s attention, he is one part Death Water, which isn’t that gratifying. They needed to go back to their roots. They needed to bring that legendary duo together once more.

So, after much bloodletting and sacrificing seventh chords (and Jeff Tweedy’s hair), Nonesuch called Glass and Reich into their office, and handed them the lost English Terrier. “He is called Judge now,” they said. “Will you get back to fighting crime for our sake?” The two looked at each other and shrugged. “Sure, I guess,” said Steven. “But we’ll need some time to set things up.”

Thus, opening Nonesuch’s 50th anniversary celebration at the Brooklyn Academy of Music, Reich and Glass will have their superhero teams come together to play Music For 18 Musicians, Music in Twelve Parts, Einstein on the Beach, and Four Organs over the course of three nights in September. Then, the two will take to the skies of New York City, fighting off modern criminals such as dealers, investment bankers, and lobbying groups, while Caetano Veloso, Plant, and others play their hits.

Nonesuch Records at BAM:

09.09.14-09.11.14 - The Philip Glass Ensemble & Steve Reich and Musicians *
09.09.14 - Brad Mehldau **
09.10.14 - Brad Mehldau & Chris Thile **
09.11.14 - Dawn Upshaw and Gilbert Kalish **
09.12.14-09.13.14 - Alarm Will Sound **
09.12.14-09.13.14 - Youssou N’Dour *
09.18.14 - Rhiannon Giddens *
09.19.14 - Devendra Banhart, Stephin Merritt, and Iron and Wine *
09.20.14 - Kronos Quartet, Natalie Merchant, Rhiannon Giddens, Sam Amidon, and Olivia Chaney *
09.23.14-09.27.14 - Landfall, Laurie Anderson, Kronos Quartet **
09.24.14 - Rokia Traoré, Toumani Diabaté, and Sidiki Diabaté *
09.25.14-09.26.14 - Caetano Veloso *
09.27.14-09.28.14 - Robert Plant and the Sensational Space Shifters *

* Howard Gilman Opera House
** Harvey Theater

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Pharmakon announces European tour with Swans; tickets for a fall face-melting now available

Sometimes I wonder what could’ve been if Pharmakon hadn’t been forced to play an abbreviated set ahead of Zola Jesus at the show that I attended last fall. As it happened, the show took place at a combo restaurant/music venue, so as Pharmakon began, I couldn’t help but search with my eyes for the casual diners who were undoubtedly caught off guard by her abrupt screaming of sweet nothings. Still, it would’ve been all the more enjoyable had she been afforded the time to take some liberties, such as descending even further into the pit of consumed Asian fusion and single-handedly disrupting digestive processes. That’s not sweat seeping out of our pores; that’s… *sniff*… Cambodian dipping sauce!

Aspire for audience interaction, so says Margaret Chardiet herself, and since she had such a great time on her last European tour, why not do it again, with Swans, again!? The dates below reveal that she’s just beginning a (more or less) solo tour, but skip past August, which is pretty much a filler month for us humans anyway, and you’ll see the numerous shows scheduled for those super-lucky people across the Atlantic. I’m not even sure why I’m bothering to detail this; it’s not like I’m otherwise masochistic.

Stateside however, don’t forget that Swans’ll be embarking on their own tour tomorrow, with varying support from Jenny Hval, Xiu Xiu, and Carla Bozulich, and in support of their apparently astounding new album To Be Kind (TMT Review). Like a fine wine indeed. Check Pharmakon covering Nancy Sinatra below.

Pharmakon dates:

05.13.14 - Portland, OR - Mississippi Studios
05.14.14 - San Francisco, CA - The Knockout
05.15.14 - Los Angeles, CA - The Church on York *
05.24.14 - Utrecht, Netherlands - Le Guess Who?
05.25.14 - Groningen, Netherlands - Vera
05.26.14 - Hamburg, Germany - Hafenklang
05.27.14 - Berlin, Germany - Berghain Kantine
05.28.14 - Cologne, Germany - Baustelle
05.30.14 - Birmingham, UK - Supersonic Mini Festival
05.31.14 - Liverpool, UK - 24 Kitchen Street
06.01.14 - London, UK - BadVibrations #
06.04.14 - Paris, France - Villette Sonique Festival
06.05.14 - Amsterdam, Netherlands - OCCIII
06.14.14 - Brooklyn, NY - Saint Vitus Bar $
06.14.14 - Brooklyn, NY - Baby’s All Right %
07.10.14 - Keflavik, Iceland - ATP Iceland

Pharmakon + Swans dates:

09.25.14 - Brussels, Belgium - AB Club
09.26.14 - Amsterdam, Netherlands - Paradiso Music Hall
09.28.14 - Paris, France - La Maroquinerie
09.30.14 - La Rochelle, France - La Sirene
10.01.14 - Barcelona, Spain - Sala Apolo
10.02.14 - Madrid, Spain - Shoko
10.03.14 - Durango, Spain - Plateruena
10.04.14 - Porto, Portugal - AmpliFest
10.07.14 - Fribourg, Switzerland - FRI-Son
10.08.14 - St. Gallen, Switzerland - Grabenhalle
10.09.14 - Torino, Italy - Hiroshima Club
10.10.14 - Bologna, Italy - Estragon Club
10.11.14 - Roma, Italy - Circolo Degli Artisti
10.12.14 - Milan, Italy - Alcatraz Milano
10.14.14 - Zagreb, Croatia - Pogon Jedinstvo
10.15.14 - Budapest, Hungary - A38 Ship
10.16.14 - Ljubljana, Slovenia - Kino Kiska Centre for Urban Culture
10.17.14 - Vienna, Austria - Arena Big Hall
10.18.14 - Krakow, Poland - Unsound Festival
10.20.14 - Prague, Czech Republic - Lucenra Music Bar
10.23.14 - Leipzig, Germany - Schauspiel Leipzig
10.24.14 - Cologne, Germany - Gebaeude 9
10.25.14 - Hannover, Germany - MusikZentrum
10.27.14 - Hamburg, Germany - Kampnagel
10.29.14 - Dresden, Germany - Beatpol
10.30.14 - Frankfurt, Germany - Mousonturm
10.31.14 - Karlsruhe, Germany - Jubez
11.01.14 - Munich, Germany - Feierwerk

* The Haxan Cloak
# Föllakzoid
$ Marissa Nadler
% Lust for Youth, Container, Croatian Amor

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[Photo: Jane Chardiet]

Sleigh Bells to tour in June, rocking fresh fresh fresh fresh sneaks

I’m no psychic. I can only see what’s in front of my face at this present moment. With that said, I will state with near-absolute certainty that the members of Sleigh Bells are wearing incredible sneakers right now. They just seem like the type to care about a good pair of kicks, even if they’re not exactly worried about keeping said kicks pristine. More of the belief that staining your sneakers with the blood of the enemies just gives a little extra flavor.

Sleigh Bells’ shoes (and Sleigh Bells themselves) are going on a quick tour this June in support of last year’s Bitter Rivals on Mom + Pop Music. If you see one tour this summer and your main criteria is the quality of shoes on display, this is THE tour to see. Personally, I have never judged anything by any other criteria. Give me one reason to change.

Sleigh Bells dates:

06.07.14 - Randall’s Island, NY - Governors Ball NYC Music Festival
06.09.14 - Portland, ME - Port City Music Hall
06.10.14 - Providence, RI - Fete Ballroom
06.12.14 - Asbury Park, NJ - Stone Pony
06.13.14 - Louisville, KY - Mercury Ballroom
06.14.14 - Indianapolis, IN - Vogue
06.17.14 - Cincinnati, OH - Bogarts
06.19.14 - Toronto, ON - NXNE (Yonge Dundas Square)
06.21.14 - Dover, DE - Firefly Music Festival

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