GG Allin is back! In bobblehead form!

GG Allin is back! In bobblehead form!

On June 27, 1993, naked and covered in his own blood and fecal material, GG Allin ran down the streets of New York in an attempt to avoid the police after one of his notoriously chaotic (and often short) live shows was shut down. Successfully escaping arrest, Allin made it to a friend’s place where the party continued into the next day. In the wee hours of the morning, God decided to reclaim one his angels from this earthly plain and return him to the heavens. 20 years ago, young Kevin Allin shuffled off this mortal coil.

So how do we pay tribute to this fallen hero? Well, rather than crack beer bottles over our heads and shove bananas in our asses in a public, or fucking everything we kill/killing everything we fuck, you can just spend some money, as there’s a bunch of GG memorabilia hitting the streets this year.

First up, we have America’s favorite scum rocker once again immortalized in polyresin with a brand new bobble Throbblehead doll. Unlike the first one Aggronautix released a few years back, portraying GG in his “1991” look, this one is based on his general appearance circa 1989; some hair, bandana, big sunglasses, leather jacket, the whole nine yards. Slightly more dignified than a glorified diaper and cowboy boots. You can check out it out on the Aggronautix site but if you want to make your office space 80% more transgressive you need to get on it because it’s a limited run of 2000.

What might be the strangest (and probably most downright terrifying) piece of GG merchandise is this which is available from Sikrik Masks. Have you ever wanted to feel like you were GG? I mean, like, be GG? Well, now you can! Sort of! This super creepy latex mask also depicts GG from the late 80s and is sure to give everyone who sees you wearing it all kinds of nightmares. Aside from scaring the shit (would GG have it any other way?) out of your friends, you can also use the mask if you’re trying to rob a bank or have the technical know-how to interrupt the signal of your local PBS station.

Really, though, the best thing about the barrage of GG stuff this year is My Prison Walls, a collection of GG’s journal writing, prose, lyrics, artwork, and correspondences (including letters to/from John Wayne Gacy). The 208-page hardcover is limited to 2500 individually numbered copies and is available from Aggronautix. The first 50 pages of the book are comprised of GG’s log of his first 30 days (his first first 30 days) in prison, titled “30 Days in the Hole.” Our pals over at Vice have offered up a preview/write-up of GG’s prison experience, and from the looks of it, there’s a lot of one-person pant rummages going on. Really though, the book gives some firsthand insight into the mind of an, at best, polarizing and, at worst, psychotic figure in American underground rock culture. It also will probably serve as a good compliment to Todd Phillips’ (yes, that Todd Phillips) 1993 documentary Hated: GG Allin & the Murder Junkies.

No word yet on Merle Allin’s take on this, or if he’s getting a cut of the sales, but I’m just glad that we’re one step closer to a real life Planet GG.

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Islands announce new album Ski Mask, single, and bank robbery/winter sports-themed North American tour

Contrary to popular belief, Nick Thorburn of Islands (and previously The Unicorns) was not born a unicorn. Indeed, after last night, it would appear that he was born a cat burglar. You see, according to several witnesses, a masked man with a build suspiciously similar to Thorburn’s broke in to my home and made off with my humidor, my smoking jacket, and my other humidor! The worst part? None of my friends believe me! Needless to say, I am stricken. My closest friend, who I’ll call Skipper here for the purposes of anonymity, called me this morning to explain why he didn’t believe me. “Dear friend, I can tell by the tone of your voice and by the content of what you’ve said that you weren’t seriously robbed, but that you are instead working on your next news post for Tiny Mix Tapes, and I’ll have none of it!”

“But, Skipper! I would never do such a thing!” I complained. Skipper replied, “Enough! You and I are both well aware that Thorburn’s follow-up to last year’s A Sleep & A Forgetting with his rotating cast of collaborators in Islands is called Ski Mask. Do you honestly expect me to believe that he’s been running around the country burgling people? Did he wear the titular ski-mask while he made off with your humidors? Next you’ll tell me he invited you to spend a weekend skiing with him in Aspen! Because you are as dapper and knowledgeable as you are tricksy, I’m sure you’re well aware that Ski Mask will be out September 17 on Thorburn’s own Manqué imprint.” After tracing the shape of a SoundCloud embed box in the air, he continued, “And I’m sure you’ve heard the tropicalia-inflected ‘Wave Forms’ that is currently streaming on the band’s site? And I trust you know about their North American tour beginning in September?”

After Skipper impressively recited the tour dates from memory, I told him that I did indeed know all of this, and I thanked him for basically writing my news post for me (I had been recording our conversation, as I do with all of my friends). I thought about protesting, saying that perhaps Thorburn was robbing gentle music news writers because of his pent-up anger. After all, Thorburn described Ski Mask as an album that is both a summary of his “experience thus far with being in a band,” and “really about being angry.” However, I chose to stay silent, and Skipper graciously invited me to join he and his roommates for an egg cream at the local soda fountain later that day. I accepted the invitation, all the while plotting my revenge against Thorburn.

Ski Mask tracklist:

01. Wave Forms
02. Death Drive
03. Becoming the Gunship
04. Nil
05. Sad Middle
06. Hushed Tones
07. Here Here
08. Shotgun Vision
09. Of Corpse
10. We’ll Do It So You Don’t Have To
11. Winged Beat Drums


09.18.13 - Visalia, CA - The Cellar Door
09.20.13 - Seattle, WA - The Vera Project
09.21.13 - Vancouver, BC - Media Club
09.22.13 - Portland, OR - Doug Fir
09.24.13 - San Francisco, CA - The Chapel
09.25.13 - Santa Ana, CA - The Constellation Room
09.26.13 - Los Angeles, CA - Eagle Rock Center for the Arts
09.27.13 - San Diego, CA - Casbah
10.08.13 - Boston, MA - Great Scott
10.09.13 - Montreal, QC, Il Motore
10.10.13 - Toronto, ON - The Garrison
10.11.13 - Detroit, MI - The Loving Touch
10.12.13 - Madison, WI - Der Rathskeller
10.13.13 - Minneapolis, MN - 7th Street Entry
10.14.13 - Chicago, IL - Empty Bottle
10.16.13 - Washington, DC - Empty Bottle
10.17.13 - Philadelphia, PA - Johnny Brenda’s
10.20.13 - New York, NY - Bowery Ballroom

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RJD2 announces new album, More Is Than Isn’t, hopes you’re more excited than not

Attention everyone: this is a breaking news story all about the FACT that electronic/instrumental hip-hop mainstay RJD2 a.k.a. RJ Krohn is releasing his 5th proper full-length LP of electronic/instrumental hip hop music (and follow-up to 2010’s The Colossus), entitled More Is Than Isn’t, on October 8, 2013 via his label, RJ’s Electrical Connections. Great. Neat. Now what? If you ask me, it’s time for some conjecture!

1. The press release calls it “a largely instrumental affair,” but notes that the record does indeed feature several guest vocalists, including Phonte Coleman (Little Brother, Foreign Exchange), Aaron Livingston (Icebird, The Roots), rappers Blueprint, P. Blackk and STS, and Khari Mateen.

2. The press release also says that the album is “tied together by three instrumental pieces that are different explorations of the same harmonic theme” and that it “captures a dynamic range not seen before on an RJD2 album, ranging from subdued jazz-tinged pieces to bombastic club music, and a lot of funk in between.”

3. RJ himself says that, “in ways, all of my previous albums were in some fashion striving to achieve something more than being ‘just instrumental music’; this is the first RJD2 album I’ve made that actually revels in a relative lack of vocals.”

4. Meanwhile, I say that I hope that More Is Than Isn’t is making me want to listen to the White Zombie song “More Human Than Human” all of a sudden. So, I’m going to go do that now. Sorry, RJ. You’re welcome, everyone else!

More Is Than Isn’t tracklisting:

01. Suite 1
02. Temperamental (feat. Phonte Coleman)
03. Behold, Numbers!
04. Her Majesty’s Socialist Request
05. A Lot of Night Ahead of You
06. Bathwater (feat. P. Blackk)
07. Milk Tooth
08. Suite 2
09. Winter Isn’t Coming
10. See You Leave (feat. STS and Khari Mateen)
11. Got There, Sugar?
12. Love and Go (feat. Aaron Livingston)
13. Descended From Myth
14. Dirty Hands
15. It All Came To Me In A Dream (feat. Blueprint)
16. Suite 3

RJD2 tour dates:

07.11.13 - Philadelphia, PA - Morgan’s Pier
07.16.13 - Cleveland, OH - Jacobs Pavilion at Nautica
07.28.13 - Dufer, OR - WTF?! What The Festival
08.01.13 - Philadelphia, PA - Morgan’s Pier

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America’s festival of dreams Fun Fun Fun Fest announces Snoop Dogg, M.I.A., Daniel Johnston, Death Grips, Mykki Blanco, more

Deep within the heart of Texas is a magical land. A land called Austin, Texas, where tacos rule, the best bands are always playing, and Terrence Malick shoots movies about the local rock scene. Oh, and Bill Murray just comes to hang out and bartend during SXSW and basically inspire all forms of apocryphal “Bill Murray is awesome” stories. Because everything in Austin is just a little bit awesomer anyway. Case in point: Fun Fun Fun Fest.

The annual festival of (all our) dreams takes place this year from November 8-10 at Auditorium Shores, with weekend passes already on sale at the festival website. Headliners include Snoop Dogg! M.I.A.! Slayer!!!!! Television! Johnny Marr! Plus Daniel Johnston, Death Grips, Mykki Blanco, Bill Callahan, Thee Oh Sees, The Men, Kurt Vile, MGMT, Jurassic 5, Washed Out, FLAG (Keith Morris, Chuck Dukowski, Dez Cadena, Bill Stevenson and Stephen Egerton), Ice-T, Cut Copy, Big Freedia, Descendents, Quicksand, The Locust, Deerhunter, Simian Mobile Disco, and King Khan and the Shrines, Ice-T’s Body Count, The Julie Ruin (Kathleen Hanna of Bikini Kill/Le Tigre), Dismemberment Plan, Lupe Fiasco, Chelsea Light Moving (Thurston Moore’s new dealie), and Unlocking the Truth, all of which totally deserve their own exclamation marks, but hey, that’s life. More musical acts, comedy stuff, and sporty happenings to be announced. The full lineup is available at the Fun Fun Fun Fest website, and it’s pretty rad.

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Wolfgang Voigt announces book/CD Zukunft Ohne Menschen, hopes that the actual zukunft ohne menschen comes long after its release

Where would we be without Wolfgang? Well, for one, the need for surprisingly buff animated 5th graders would’ve been left unfulfilled, and we wouldn’t be one step closer to realizing that really really cool wolf/human hybrid only fantasized about in the movies. Names are the precursor to physical transformation, I’ve decided, so just as the name “Wolfgang” will ultimately lead to a new, super-intelligent, albeit vicious and overly hairy, species, the name “Michael” will precede a particular evolution into angels, who aren’t bound by altruism, but by kicking ass and flying and shit. I don’t make the rules. Sorry, Berthas.

Here’s another benefit of Wolfgangs: the founding and continued existence of one of minimal techno’s most influential labels, and a damn near classic collection of 4/4-driven serenity. Wolfgang Voigt is co-founder and co-owner of Kompakt, runs his own label Profan, and has released music under at least a dozen monikers, though his elemental form is his undoubtedly his most well-known. On September 3, Wolfgang Voigt will release (under his own name) Zukunft Ohne Menschen, a deluxe book/CD stemming from a likewise-named sound installation project featured at the entrance to this year’s Art Cologne.

Google Translate-me, please: “Zukunft ohne menschen” means “future without people” in English, and according to Voigt, it’s also a future of arpeggiated minimalism. According to a press release, the 10 compositions sound randomly generated, but were, in fact, manually composed and improvised by Voigt, possibly behind a glowing curtain à la The Wizard of Oz. Accompanying each composition were abstract images of people-removed urban photographs, as an elongated cursor “bored” its way through.

It might be best if you just wait for the 24-page booklet, if you can get your hands on one of the 500 copies.

Zukunft Ohne Menschen tracklisting:

01. Z.O.M. 1.1
02. Z.O.M. 1.2
03. Z.O.M. 1.3
04. Z.O.M. 1.4
05. Z.O.M. 1.5
06. Z.O.M. 1.6
07. Z.O.M. 1.7
08. Z.O.M. 1.8
09. Z.O.M. 1.9
10. Z.O.M. 1.10

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Porcelain Raft releases new album, announces fall US tour with one stop in Vancouver to give a shout out to The X-Files

Brooklyn-based, “Italian from Italy” dude Mauro Remiddi’s solo project Porcelain Raft is about to set sail on the stormy waters of the good ol’ fall North American tour. Remiddi’s going to be repping Permanent Signal, his second full-length for Secretly Canadian, which is due August 20. Adrift on the seas of hazy end-of-summer nostalgia pop, anchored by yearning melodies, and blah blah ship metaphor, Porcelain Raft’s fall tour will touch nearly every region of the US and include a one-date Canadian stopover in Vancouver so that everyone in the tour van can reminisce about how awesome The X-Files was.

The album’s first single, “Think of the Ocean” will help you do just that (Think of the ocean, NOT The X-Files, although I mean, you can think of that, too, if you wanna, ya damn NERD), especially if the ocean makes you feel a creeping sense of anxiety and wistfulness. You can check out a trailer for the song right here, and look at a “visual stream” of another track, “The Way Out,” below. Permanent Signal is the follow-up to Remiddi’s critically-acclaimed 2012 release Strange Weekend.

Permanent Signal tracklisting:

01. Think of the Ocean
02. Cluster
03. Minor Pleasure
04. Open Letter
05. Night Birds
06. It Ain’t Over
07. I Lost Connection
08. Warehouse
09. The Way Out
10. Five Minutes from Now
11. Echo


09.04.13- Boston, MA - Great Scott
09.05.13 - Brooklyn, NY - Glasslands
09.06.13 - Philadelphia, PA - Johnny Brenda’s
09.07.13 - Washington, DC - Rock and Roll Hotel
09.09.13 - Nashville, TN - The Basement
09.10.13 - St. Louis, MO - Off Broadway
09.12.13 - Chicago, IL - Schubas Tavern
09.13.13 - Madison, WI - The Frequency
09.14.13 - Minneapolis, MN - Triple Rock Social Club
09.16.13 - Denver, CO - Larimer Lounge
09.17.13 - Salt Lake City, UT - Kilby Court
09.19.13 - Seattle, WA - Barboza
09.20.13 - Vancouver, BC - Electric Owl
09.21.13 - Portland, OR - Bunk Bar
09.23.13 - San Francisco, CA - Bottom of the Hill
09.24.13 - Los Angeles, CA - Bootleg Theater
09.28.13 - Dallas, TX - The Prophet Bar
09.30.13 - Birmingham, AL - The Bottle Tree
10.01.13 - Atlanta, GA - The Drunken Unicorn
10.02.13 - Chapel Hill, NC - Local 506
10.04.13 - New York, NY - The Mercury Lounge

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