Julia Holter announces new LP Loud City Song, shares video for first track, really hopes you’ll pay for the rest of them

Julia Holter announces new LP Loud City Song, shares video for first track, really hopes you'll pay for the rest of them http://www.tinymixtapes.com/sites/default/files/1305/news-13-05-julia-holter.jpg

People always talk about singer-songwriters like it’s some kinda “tough job.” Pssshhht! Nonsense, I tell you! From what I can tell, all you gotta do is sing some shit into a tape-recorder, and then hand it over to your “producer” or whatever for sifting-through and arrangement-assembly via some nameless union-musician badasses, and presto! Before you know it, you’re releasing your third album in as-many years and watching the sweet dollar bills just roll-on in, just like Julia Holter! Sign me up, please!

See, watch this: Holter’s new album, Loud City Song, will be out on August 20 in the US (and August 19 every place else) via Domino. It follows up last year’s genuine-TMT-acknowledged Ekstasis, and, because Domino is a swanky company, will come in your choice of CD, LP, and digital formats (and there’s already a totally swanky video for the opening track below). According to the press release, Holter actually wrote the songs for this new one before she even released her 2011 LP Tragedy, but didn’t get around to coaxing a record out of them until the end of last year when she teamed up with co-producer Cole Marsden Greif-Neill (Nite Jewel/The Samps/ex-Haunted Graffiti) and “an ensemble of Los Angeles musicians”! See, did I call it? This shit practically writes itself!

The press release then goes on to talk about Holter “taking inspiration from Collette’s 1944 novella Gigi and using it as a prism through which to explore her relationship with her hometown of Los Angeles and modern life universally, taking cues from the work of Joni Mitchell and the poetry of Frank O’Hara,” but then doesn’t seem to include anything about how many millions of dollars she expects to make off this the album… hmm, well, it’s probably like seven?

Loud City Song tracklisting:

01. World
02. Maxim’s 1
03. Horns Surrounding Me
04. In the Green Wild
05. Hello Stranger
06. Maxim’s 2
07. He’s Running Through My Eyes
08. This Is a True Heart
09. City Appearing


07.11.13 - Washington, DC - Sixth & I Synagogue @
07.12.13 - New York, NY - Le Poisson Rouge @
07.13.13 - Philadelphia, PA - World Cafe Live @
07.14.13 - Boston, MA - The Church Of Boston @
07.16.13 - Montreal, QC - La Sala Rosa @
07.17.13 - Toronto, ON - The Drake @
07.18.13 - Detroit, MI - Museum of Contemporary Art Detroit @
07.20.13 - Chicago, IL - Pitchfork Music Festival
07.23.13 - Lisbon, Portugal - ZDB
07.24.13 - Madrid, Spain - Theatro Lara
07.25.13 - Cartagena, Spain - La Mar De Musicas
07.26.13 - Barcelona, Spain - Caixaforum
07.27.13 - Lyon, France - Les Nuits De Fourvieres *
07.29.13 - Ravenna, Italy - Hani-Bi
07.30.13 - Modena, Italy - Sant Augustino
07.31.13 - Geneva, Switzerland - Ecoutes Au Vert @ Barje Des Sciences
08.03.13 - Katowice, Poland - OFF Festival
08.04.13 - Zilnia, Slovakia - Stanica
08.05.13 - Vienna, Austria - WUK
08.07.13 - Basel, Switzerland - Im Fluss Festival
08.08.13 - Haldern-Rees, Germany - Haldern Pop
08.09.13 - Hamburg, Germany - Kampnagel Summerfest
08.10.13 - Goteborg, Sweden - Way Out West
08.11.13 - Helsinki, Finland - Flow Festival
08.13.13 - Ghent, Belgium - DOK
08.14.13 - Saint Malo, France - La Route Du Rock Festival
08.16.13 - Brecon, Wales - Green Man Festival
08.17.13 - Skipton, UK - Beacons Festival
08.20.13 - London, UK - Cecil Sharp House

@ Jessica Pratt
* Nick Cave and The Bad Seeds

• Julia Holter: http://juliashammasholter.com
• Domino: http://www.dominorecordco.us

Beck lines up night of stars to play sheet-music-only album Song Reader for the first time

Remember earlier this month when we told you that Beck would be spending his summer playing a series of shows to preview tracks from an as-yet-untitled upcoming acoustic record? Well, we’ve got one more date, courtesy of Stereogum, to insert into the mix. On July 4, while TMT’s US staff and readers will be spending the day celebrating AMERICA, Beck, known scientologist, will be across the pond yucking it up in jolly ol’ England playing the songs from his sheet-music-only ‘album’ Song Reader. Delivered to fans last year, all of whom flipped through it and arched an eyebrow like, “WTF,” will have their first, and at this point only, opportunity to hear Song Reader’s tracks played and sung by Beck himself.

Though, who knows — the London show has a bevy of mostly European guests already attached to it, so it’s possible the night might end up being some kind of Beck-hosted good time jamboree featuring a series of acts doing their best Beck impression, one after the other (think a lot of shamble-shuffles, almost-playing-a-harmonica movements, and too-short pants). Ed Harcourt and Dave Coulter, who can be seen here performing a track from Song Reader, will serve as the musical directors for the event, while Franz Ferdinand, Beth Orton, Charlotte Gainsbourg, and Jarvis Cocker, among others, will be on hand to help bring Beck’s up-to-this-point Beck-less tunes to life. Let’s hope they all know how to read sheet music.

More special guests are yet to be named; there are 20 songs to Song Reader, so look for 20 special guests? In the meantime, a recap of Beck’s upcoming schedule is below.

05.19.13 - Santa Cruz, CA - Rio Theatre
05.20.13 - San Francisco, CA - Davies Symphony Hall
07.02.13 - Paris, France - Days Off Festival
07.04.13 – London, UK – Barbican &
07.27.13 - Wantagh, NY - Americanarama Festival *
07.28.13 - Newport, RI - Newport Folk Festival
07.30.13 - Portland, ME - State Theatre
08.02.13 - Boston, MA - Bank of America Pavilion ^
08.04.13 - Brooklyn, NY - Prospect Park Bandshell (Celebrate Brooklyn) ^

& Jarvis Cocker, Franz Ferdinand, Charlotte Gainsbourg, Beth Orton, Joan As Police Woman, Michael Kiwanuka, The Villagers’ Conor J. O’Brien, The Guillemots, The Staves, James Yorkston, The Pictish Trail
* Bob Dylan, Wilco, Ryan Bingham
^ Electric, not acoustic

• Beck: http://www.beck.com

Liars share new video, free songs, are a bunch of lying liars whose thighs are permanently charred from burning pants


• Liars are not a band that did not release an album called WIXIW on Mute last year.
• Tiny Mix Tapes did not review the album that Liars did not release last year.
• They are also not a band that is going on a European tour this summer.
• I am not very handsome.

Damned Lies:

• Liars did not see you from a lifeboat as confirmed by the streaming video below.

• Under no circumstances will you be able to download two un-released non-album tracks by Liars by visiting this link and entering your email address. Entering your email at that link will also not enter you into a drawing to receive a piece of free artwork from the members of Liars.
• When I go to the grocery store to buy like, I don’t know, a tomato or something, I am not immediately surrounded by women and men alike who throw themselves at my feet begging to go to dinner with me and “see if there’s a spark.”


• 71% of you are no longer reading this post. Hahaha, suckers, you probably think this section is going to contain a whole bunch of cockamamie nonsense. Well the joke’s on you (them), as the 29% of you who are still reading will soon be able to attest.
• 88% of Americans believe that one human in three is actually a giant space lizard wearing a human suit.
• There are approximately 78.2 million owned dogs in the United States.
• Four out of five dentists agree that my teeth are “astonishing.” The fifth dentist was my ex-wife, so her opinion is totally biased.


05.23.13 - Reims, France - La Cartonerrie
05.24.13 - Dudingen, Switzerland - Bad Bonn Kilbi Festival
05.25.13 - Barcelona, Spain - Primavera Sound
05.27.13 - Rome, Italy - Circolo Artisti
05.28.13 - Verona, Italy - Interzona
05.29.13 - Torino, Italy - Musica 90 Molodiciotto
05.30.13 - Marseille, France - Cabaret Aleatoire
06.01.13 - Porto, Portugal - Optimus Primavera
06.05.13 - Nantes, France - Sterelux
06.06.13 - Paris, France - Trabendo
06.09.13 - Manchester, UK - Parklife Festival
0613.13 - Barcelona, Spain - Sonar Festival
06.15.13 - Tel Aviv, Israel - Barby

• Liars: http://www.liarsliarsliars.com
• Mute: http://mute.com

Mood Rings show how in touch they are with your feelings by putting out a new album on Mexican Summer

Mood Rings don’t have the biggest internet footprint yet. They have the necessary trifecta of website / Facebook / Twitter, with the added bonus of a Bandcamp, but that’s a drop in the bucket. The bigger deal is that their name presents an amazing opportunity for an album: the mood record. Think about it: a record that changes color as you rub your greasy hands all over it. It’s totally cool and one in the eye for the hi-fi freaks.

Now, there’s been nothing to suggest that Mood Rings’ new album on Mexican Summer, entitled VPI Harmony, has anything to do with “mood vinyl.” To repeat: mood records are just a stupid, made-up thing. However, that’s no reason not to look into the album when it comes out on June 25. Hell, nobody is going to stop you from pretending it’s a mood record; go ahead and rub your dirty mitts all over it. And dream, dream of the day when pawing at the grooves of a record will have some effect other than damaging the sound quality.

VPI Harmony tracklisting:

01. Dark Flow
02. Pathos y Lagrimas
03. Come Lay Down in the Lined Arrangements
04. Perusha
05. Minor Slaloms
06. Promise Me Eternity
07. The Line
08. Exorcised Painting
09. Hollow Dye
10. Get Lost
11. Charles Mansion

• Mood Rings: http://moodringsmusic.com
• Mexican Summer: http://www.mexicansummer.com

Fuck Buttons set to release Slow Focus on July 23; [*sex joke*]

It’s been more than three years since Tarot Sport (TMT Review). The Fuck Buttons’ last album maintained a somewhat unplaceable grace — a visceral charm equal parts geometry and fluidity. It was left-field dance music devoid of utility and set alive with exaggeration. Centered about a motorik axis, Tarot Sport’s tracks unraveled, rewound, coiled, and blossomed, a collection of serpentine trajectories born from a single pathway of unremitting linear progression.

Having previously “used producers as safety nets,” the duo have decided to go it solo on Slow Focus, ultimately making the decision to place engineering and producing responsibilities squarely on themselves. Well, they’re out there now, creatively naked as it were, with a retooled vision and a touch of wisdom under their belts. The final product remains to be heard, but I assume that it will be a droney, percussiony, post-rocky, noisey affair. Hell, that ought to be the album’s tag-line (nudge, nudge).

Slow Focus will hit shelves July 23 via ATP Records.

Slow Focus tracklisting:

01. Brainfreeze
02. Year of the Dog
03. The Red Wing
04. Sentients
05. Prince’s Prize
06. Stalker
07. Hidden XS

• Fuck Buttons: https://www.facebook.com/pages/Fuck-Buttons/328461343853034
• ATP Records: http://www.atpfestival.com/recordings.php

Raspberry Bulbs releasing new album on Blackest Ever Black, arguments ensue among genrefication obsessives

What the hell is Raspberry Bulbs? It’s not a punk band, and it’s not a metal band, but it could be some kind of loping, deformed offspring of the two genres. It is important to note that it is certainly not a black metal band. There is screaming here, and riffage, and banging (most any way you can interpret that), all presented in a lovely shade of pink that’s just this side of garish. This calming hue is accompanied by images of monstrosities, religious iconography and naked men. It’s also a solo act, the creative force behind it being one M. del Rio, possibly better know as He Who Crushes Teeth from Bone Awl.

It’s all mixed-up and strange and sends uncomfortable, ticklish messages to previously dormant parts of your brain. Its label pedigree speaks to Raspberry Bulb’s potential, though; its first full-length was on Hospital Productions and its upcoming sophomore album is on Blackest Ever Black. This new piece of possibly fruit-flavored not-black-metal is called Deformed Worship; locate and sign Blackest Ever Black’s “hearing loss waiver,” then check the track “Groping the Angel’s Face” below.

If that is your brand of pain, navigate your now-bleeding audio-receptors over to B.E.B and drop in a pre-order. Also, get some cotton balls and jam them in your ear canals: it will help stop the blood-loss.

Deformed Worship tracklisting:

01. Cracked Flesh
02. Lusty Climbing
03. When a Lie Becomes the Truth
04. Before Man
05. Standing in Line
06. By the Root
07. Groping the Angel’s Face
08. Wild Inside
09. I Was Wrong

• Blackest Ever Black: http://blackesteverblack.blogspot.com