Domino makes ceremonial alliance with Julia Holter, reissues Ekstasis

Domino makes ceremonial alliance with Julia Holter, reissues Ekstasis

Julia Holter, Los Angeles’ sorceress of weirdo pop, has signed with indie big boys Domino for an as-yet unrecorded third album. To facilitate the deal, Holter gave Domino three goats and a magical amulet that would make people lose their shit over every single Animal Collective release, and Domino gave Holter (and the world) a reissue of her second release, this spring’s Ekstasis (TMT Review). Originally released on RVNG Intl., the new version of Ekstasis, clad in ceremonial robes and purified in the blood of six chickens, will hit stores December 17.

It has been a busy year (plus some months) for Holter. Tragedy, her debut album, a conceptual piece based on Euripedes’ play Hippolytus, started fanning up heart fires once it was released in August 2011. Then this spring, Ekstasis made its inaugural appearance on this veil of sorrows. Julia Holter’s first album for Domino will be released sometime in 2013.

Ekstasis tracklisting:

01. Marienbad
02. Our Sorrows
03. In The Same Room
04. Boy In The Moon
05. Fur Felix
06. Goddess Eyes II
07. Moni Mon Ami
08. Four Gardens
09. Goddess Eyes I
10. This Is Ekstasis

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Atoms for Peace to release debut album AMOK in January

Atoms for Peace have announced their debut album, according to Radiohead fansite AtEase. The band, which consists of Thom Yorke, Nigel Godrich, and Flea, will release AMOK on XL Recordings, the label responsible for releasing Thom’s solo album, The Eraser. Apparently there was a release page here on XL’s website that’s no longer there. Hmmmmm. HMMM. That’s strange! (JK, I don’t care.)

For the latest and greatest news, be sure to follow Thom’s Twitter. He’s really getting the hang of this social media thing.

Look for AMOK on January 28, and listen to the album’s second track, “Default,” here:


01. Before Your Very Eyes…
02. Default
03. Ingenue
04. Dropped
05. Unless
06. Stuck Together Pieces
07. Judge, Jury and Executioner
08. Reverse Running
09. Amok

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Vatican Shadow (Dominick Fernow) compiles sinister percussion + the War on Terror on 3xLP release It Stands to Conceal

Active participants in this year’s Halloween festivities are probably appreciating the fact that the holiday doesn’t usually come and go in a vacuum on the evening of trick-or-treating. Depending on your age and/or level of maturity, you may still be finding yourself each following morning, hungover, facepaint smeared, and in bed with a fully-donned member of the Power Rangers. What happened last night? The helmet’s on, so the only tangible affirmation of your sexual preference is the color of the ranger’s suit. It’s red. You’re a straight male. There’s no way you’re investigating further, and there’s no way you’re forgetting this year’s Halloween. Also notable: Halloween candy tends to last for weeks.

It’s important to keep in mind the relative continuance of this most ghoulish of holidays when you hear the news that this December (possibly later), Vatican Shadow (Dominick Fernow) will be releasing It Stands to Conceal, a 3xLP compilation of his most recent cassettes — Jordanian Descent, Ghosts of Chechnya, and Atta’s Apartment Slated for Demolition. While not quite as ominous as Demdike Stare (who Fernow has cited as an influence), there’s an appreciable darkness to the evolving tribal rhythms characterizing Vatican Shadow’s work. No, it’s not explicitly reminiscent of modern Halloween in the same way that Michael Jackson’s “Thriller” is, but when you consider the holiday’s roots, as well as its alternative celebrations, there’s definitely a relevance to acknowledge. Aspiring and current occultists, never stop celebrating Halloween! Every day and forever! Pre-order the 3xLP set (limited to 911 copies) here.

It Stands to Conceal tracklisting:

LP I - Jordanian Descent
01. Jordanian Descent (Sharia Law)
02. Jordanian Descent (Guantanamo Military Commissions)

LP II - Ghosts 0f Chechnya
01. Encryption Nets
02. The House of the Followers
03. Peace Rage
04. The Hamburg Cell Was Born in Chechnya
05. He Held the Victims Responsible
06. Voices Came Crackling across a Motorola Hand-Held Radio
07. Chechnya’s Ghosts Loom Large in Death of Former Spy
08. Snipers as a Breed Tend to Be Superstitious

LP III - Atta’s Apartment Slated for Demolition
01. There Was a Black Banner on the Floor
02. Al Qaeda Possess Nuclear Capacity
03. Wahhabi Money Flows
04. Once This Fire Gathers Strength

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Big Boi’s new album gets bumped back, Hendrixesque cover art revealed

In these turbulent times, Americans of all races, creeds, and views on the the actual funniness of NBC’s Community must all come together in unity and a willingness to really, really get down. (Whether it’s “getting down” to business or booty-droppin’ beats, it’s all the same.) And who better to lead us out of our collective desire to bitchslap one another than Big Boi? I mean, this is the man who cowrote “Ms. Jackson,” a dance floor uniter if ever there was one.

And so, today the news that Big Boi’s second solo album, Vicious Lies and Dangerous Rumors, has a new release date and Hendrix-y lookin’ kinda artwork comes like a breath of fresh air after too long on a dancefloor where the DJ just can’t mix songs. (There’s a metaphor for our national state in there somewhere but hey, let’s not beat this dead American horse over the head or whatever.) Originally slated for a November 13 release, America will now receive the gift of Big Boi on December 11 via Purple Ribbon/Def Jam. Big Boi for president 2014?

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Toy Love (Chris Knox/Flying Nun) reissue long-lost live LP this month on Goner

Memphis garage/punk label Goner Records is releasing a long-lost live album from influential, if shamefully short lived, New Zealand band Toy Love. The Chris Knox-led band put out one full-length before dissolving, leading Knox and guitarist Alec Bathgate to form the (amazing) Tall Dwarfs.

The album, titled Live at Gluepoint 1980 and released on CD/2xLP, contains the complete set from one of their last shows at the Gluepoint in Ponsonby, Auckland, NZ. It’s mastered from an original desk tape recorded by the band’s soundman Doug Hood.

The album is available for preorder now and is due out November 27. Check the tracklist after you check track 20, “Squeeze,” below.

Live at Gluepoint 1980 tracklist:

01. Fifteen
02. Unscrewed Up
03. Amputee Song
04. Toy Love Song
05. I Wanna Die With You
06. Don’t Catch Fire
07. Photographs of Naked Ladies
08. Lust
09. Second to Last Song Toy Love Ever Wrote
10. Sheep
11. Swimming Pool
12. Fast Ostrich
13. Good Old Joe
14. I’m in Love
15. Green Walls
16. Horror Comic
17. Rebel
18. Cold Meat
19. Don’t Ask Me
20. Squeeze
21. I Don’t Mind
22. The Crunch
23. Death Rehearsal
24. Bride of Frankenstein
25. Pull Down the Shades

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Mark Kozelek bears the gift of three new records, like some sort of drunk, middle-aged wiseman

Perhaps it’s just me, but there is something downright uncle-like about Mark Kozelek. This isn’t an insult by any means. He’s the cool uncle, the one with stories about 4AD and beautiful songs about boxers and New Jersey. Sure, he might hit on your college girlfriend’s sister, but he’s Uncle Mark! Sometimes you get sick of him, but you’ll always love your uncle Mark.

Kozelek’s been a very busy uncle lately. Aside from putting out the sprawling Among the Leaves earlier this year, Pitchfork reports that he’s got plans for a trio of new releases through his own Caldo Verde label. First up is On Tour, the soundtrack to his tour documentary from last year that also happens to be called On Tour. The soundtrack, which collects tracks recorded in 2004 in the US, Canada, and Europe, will be released on November 13 in digital and CD formats. If you’re within the first 1,000 to order a copy, you will receive a CD of Kozelek’s Live in Copenhagen album.

After Uncle Mark has celebrated the holidays and subsequently recovered from the holidays, he’ll put out two new releases on February 19: Like Rats and Live at Phoenix Public House Melbourne. Like Rats is a covers album featuring material from The Misfits, Ted Nugent, Bad Brains, Genesis, and, most importantly by far, The Descendents. It never occurred to me, but Mark Kozelek covering The Descendents’ “Silly Girl” is the most logical thing in the entire universe.

As for Kozelek’s other February 19 release, Live at Phoenix Public House Melbourne, it is exactly what it sounds like. A live album. Recorded at the Phoenix Public House in Melbourne. Duh. Sorry, I’m being a jerk. Uncle Mark’s set here was recorded earlier this year, June 11 to be exact. No word on the release formats for either of Kozelek’s February 19 releases, but check Caldo Verde for further details.

On Tour tracklist:

Disc 1

01. Sam Wong Hotel (from Sun Kil Moon - Admiral Fell Promises)
02. Alesund (from Sun Kil Moon - Admiral Fell Promises’)
03. Void - Live in Sweden
04. Bologna Piece
05. Katy Song - Live in Italy
06. Koko (from Desertshore - Drifting Her Majesty)
07. Half Moon Bay - Live in Switzerland
08. Ålesund - Live in Belgium
09. Australian Winter - Live in France
10. Logrono Piece
11. Tonight In Bilbao (from Mark Kozelek -Lost Verses Live)
12. Lucky Man - Hotel Performance
13. Seville Piece
14. Trailways - Live In Spain
15. Four Fingered Fisherman (from Mark Kozelek -Little Drummer Boy Live)

Disc 2

01. Like The River - Live In Spain
02. Lost Verses (from Mark Kozelek -Lost Verses Live)
03. Australian Winter - Airport Scene
04. Vigo Piece (listen)
05. Blue Orchids - Live In Spain
06. Third And Seneca - Copenhagen Hotel Performance
07. Carry Me Ohio (from Mark Kozelek - Lost Verses Live)
08. You Are My Sun ( from Sun Kil Moon - Admiral Fell Promises)
09. First Unitarian Piece
10. Backstage Unitarian Piece
11. Natural Light - Live In USA
12. Moorestown - Live In USA
13. Heron Blue - Live In Canada
14. Sintra Hotel Performance

Bonus Tracks:

15. Take Me Out (Live In Italy)
16. Cruiser (Live in USA)
17. Mistress (Live in USA)
18. Things Mean A Lot (Live in France)

Like Rats tracklist:

01. I
02. Like Rats
03. Free-For-All
04. Young Girls
05. Right Back Where We Started From
06. Time Is Love
07. Silly Girl
08. Onward
09. Carpet Crawlers
10. 13
11. Green Hell
12. I Killed Mommy
13. I Got You Babe

Live at Phoenix Public House Melbourne tracklist:

01. I know It’s Pathetic But That Was The Greatest Night Of My Life
02. Sunshine In Chicago
03. The Moderately Talented Young Woman
04. Broken Wing
05. Glenn Tipton
06. Track Number 8
07. UK Blues
08. Heron Blue
09. Mistress
10. Church Of The Pines
11. You Missed My Heart
12. Black Kite

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