Kelson Mathias quits Future of the Left, apparently isn’t too difficult to replace

Kelson Mathias quits Future of the Left, apparently isn't too difficult to replace

Last month, Future of the Left lost their bassist when Kelson Mathias suddenly decided to quit the band. He stated, “I’d just like to say thanks to everyone that’s supported me in this band over the last five years, everyone that I’ve met at shows all over the world and all the bands I’ve had the pleasure to play gigs with. I’d like to wish Andy [“Falco” Falkous] and Jack [Egglestone] the best for the future.” But where’s the drama? Where’s the reason, the backstabbing, the lightsabre cocksucking blues? (On their MySpace, the remaining two members of Future of the Left said that they were “sad, happy, annoyed and relieved at the same time.” Boring.)

Whatever the explanation for Kelson’s eschewing his own future with Jack and Falco, Future of the Left’s outlook isn’t too grim. The interim duo have already found a new bassist, Oceansize and Kong’s Steve Hodson (definitely for their upcoming tour, seemingly for a new album as well), and they’ve announced that they are currently recording their new full-length album with a fourth member.


06.03.10 - Birmingham, UK - The Rainbow
06.04.10 - London, UK - The Lexington
06.05.10 - Nottingham, UK - 580
06.08.10 - Nantes, France - Sputnik Bar
06.09.10 - Tours, France - Aucard de Tours Festival
06.10.10 - Lyon, France - Le Clacson
06.11.10 - Milan, Italy - Magnolia
06.12.10 - Rome, Italy - Init
06.13.10 - Ravenna, Italy - Hani-bi, Marina di Ravenna
07.08.10 - Pula, Croatia - Marelica Club, Art and Music Festival
07.16.10 - Cheltenham, UK - 2000 Trees Festival
07.17.10 - Wrexham, UK - Central Station
07.18.10 - Manchester, UK - Moho Live
07.24.10 - Sheffield, UK - Tramlines
07.25.10 - Oxfordshire, UK - Truck Festival

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Trail of Dead sign with Superball Music and begin work on new album

It’s hard to believe that …And You Will Know Us by the Trail of Dead’s most critically acclaimed album, 2002’s Source Tags and Codes, is almost 10 years old. And yet, the band is still kicking. In fact, Superball Music has announced that it has signed a worldwide deal with Trail of Dead to release their next album along with the band’s own label, Richter Scale Records. Trail of Dead had already partnered up with Superball in the past to handle their European releases, so this announcement shouldn’t come as a complete shock.

Trail of Dead are currently working on their seventh studio album, which will be the follow-up to 2009’s The Century of Self. The album is due out in early 2011.

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Wavves announces details for King of the Beach, promises to stay off Kool-Aid

If there is anything Nathan Williams of Wavves has learned in the past year, it’s to not drink Kool-Aid when you’re performing — to at least wait until the after-party. Luckily for Williams, Kool-Aid ain’t frowned upon in the studio, so his new full-length album, King of the Beach, presumably Kool-Aid-influenced, will see its release on August 3 via Fat Possum.

King of the Beach tracklisting:

01. King Of The Beach
02. Super Soaker
03. Idiot
04. When Will You Come?
05. Post Acid
06. Take On The World
07. Baseball Cards
08. Convertible Balloon
09. Green Eyes
10. Mickey Mouse
11. Linus Spacehead
12. Baby Say Goodbye

Save the sugar for later, dude:

06.18.10 - Toronto, ON - Lee’s Palace / NXNE
06.19.10 - Toronto, ON - Yonge-Dundas Square / NXNE
06.20.10 - Montreal, QC - Il Motare %
06.21.10 - Burlington, VT - Club Metronome %
06.22.10 - Boston, MA - Great Scott %
06.24.10 - New York, NY - Knitting Factory %
06.25.10 - Washington, DC - Rock and Roll Hotel %
06.26.10 - Philadelphia, PA - The Barbary %
08.06.10 - Chicago, IL - Lollapalooza

% Cloud Nothings

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Daniel Johnston to release massive 6-disc box set, The Story Of An Artist

If you’ve ever been on an obsessive Daniel Johnston kick like I have, then you’ll probably be excited to know that you can start the cycle all over again with The Story of an Artist, a 6CD/6LP set scheduled for release June 22 by Munster Records. Now, I love me some Yip/Jump Music and 1990, but if I had to choose when Johnston’s songwriting was at its most vibrant and creative, I’d choose his early, cassette-only years, which include Songs of Pain (1981), Don’t Be Scared (1982), The What of Whom (1982), and More Songs of Pain (1983). Johnston recorded all of these albums on a shitty $59 Sanyo recorder, but the low fidelity wasn’t an aesthetic consideration; it was out of necessity, and it sounds fantastic.

The limited-edition box set will collect these albums, along with both volumes of The Lost Recordings, each packed in individual sleeves, for a total of 131 songs. The set will also feature a 64-page booklet, including Johnston’s art, photos, extensive liner notes by Everett True, and a two-sided poster.

The Story of an Artist tracklisting:

Disc 1: Songs of Pain
01. Grievances
02. A Little Story
03. Joy Without Pleasure
04. Never Relaxed
05. Brainwash
06. Pothead
07. Wicked World
08. Lazy
09. I Save Cigarette Butts
10. Like A Monkey In A Zoo
11. Wicked Will
12. An Idiot’s End
13. Wild West Virginia
14. Since I Lost My Tooth
15. Urge
16. Living Life
17. Tuna Ketchup
18. Premarital Sex
19. Don’t Act Nice
20. Hate Song

Disc 2: Don’t Be Scared
01. Going Down
02. Lost Without A Dame
03. Harley Man
04. Evening Stars
05. Something More
06. Cold Hard World
07. I Had A Dream
08. The Story Of An Artist
09. My Yoke Is Heavy
10. Stars On Parade
11. And You Love It
12. I Had Lost My Mind
13. The Sun Shines Down On Me
14. Loner
15. I Don’t Want To Be Scared
16. Lullaby
17. I Was Alone
18. Mother Mom Said

Disc 3: The What of Whom
01. Man Obsessed
02. Peek-a-boo
03. Never Before/Never Again
04. The Goldfish & The Frog
05. Scuttle-butt
06. Heart, Mind & Soul
07. Blue Clouds
08. Surely You Don’t Work All Night
09. I Can’t Think Anymore
10. Excuse Me
11. Polka Dot Rag
12. Why/Without You
13. An Incoherent Speech
14. Wicked World
15. To Go Home
16. Scrambled Eggs
17. Peace & Tranquility
18. When You’re Pretty

Disc 4: More Songs of Pain
01. Phantom Of My Own Opera
02. Man At War
03. Only Missing You
04. More Dead Than Alive
05. I Will
06. Poptunes
07. You Put My Love Out The Door
08. You’re Gonna Make It Joe
09. Theme For Grievances
10. Never Get To Heaven
11. Follow That Dream
12. POW
13. For The Love Of Pete
14. Blue Cloud
15. Grievances Revisited
16. True Grief
17. My Baby Cares For The Dead
18. Mabel’s Grievances

Disc 5: The Lost Recordings I
01. Take A Little Walk
02. Before It’s Too Late
03. Oh What A Wonderful Feeling
04. I’d Like To Say Goodbye
05. That’s Silly
06. There Ain’t Much You Can Do
07. I’m A Song
08. You Should Have Been My Wife
09. You Ruined It For Yourself
10. Once Upon A Dream
11. I Love You
12. Scattered Like Birds
13. More About Wicked Will
14. Good Luck
15. Got To Go On
16. It’s Real
17. If You Were Here Today
18. Girlfriend
19. Void (Space For The Memories)
20. Sad And Lonely
21. I’m Nervous
22. Cosmic Kid
23. Never Die
24. Kiss Me Again
25. I Wish I Could Call You
26. Love Is Weird
27. Burn Baby Burn
28. No Fun
29. Art Peace
30. Instrumental

Disc 6: The Lost Recordings II
01. All Around The World
02. You’re Not Laura (After You’re Gone)
03. I’m Gonna Buy Me A Car
04. Out West
05. The Undertaker’s Assistant
06. Dreams Come True
07. Mean To Me
08. Fly Me To The Moon
09. Love Defined
10. Love
11. How I Love That Organ Music
12. We Could Be Together Again
13. Happy Talk
14. The Miracle Of Love
15. Who Killed The Monkey
16. The Wedding
17. Unfinished Symphony
18. Blue Cloud
19. I Never Meant To Be Spooky
20. Dream Lover
21. What’s A Matter With Me
22. If I Kissed You Once
23. I Give Up
24. Lonely Orphan On The Run
25. The Goat Show
26. You’ve Got A Funny Sense Of Humor
27. Last Song For You

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Phil Selway of Radiohead to release Familial in August

Radiohead drummer Brian Chippendale Phil Selway is set to release his debut solo album, Familial on August 30. Recorded at Radiohead’s Courtyard Studios with Ian Davenport, the album will feature guest contributions from Lisa Germano, bassist Sebastian Steinberg (Soul Coughing), Patrick Sansone, and Wilco’s drummer Dave Grohl Glenn Kotche.

You can hear two tracks — “Rest on the Rock” and “Out of Light” — from Selway on the 7 Worlds Collide: The Sun Came Out benefit album. But if you hate benefit albums as much as I do, then check out a live performance of “Running Blind” at the Chocolate Grinder as you wait for Familial, Selway’s Pablo Honey, if you will.


01. By Some Miracle
02. Beyond Reason
03. A Simple Life
04. All Eyes On You
05. The Ties That Bind Us
06. Patron Saint
07. Falling
08. Broken Promises
09. Don’t Look Down
10. The Witching Hour

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Mastodon succumbs to dreaded tar-pit known as pancreatitis and cancels European tour

Despite being one of the many mammals to flourish in the European continent during The Ice Age (as depicted in the series of hilarious movies), it appears that the summer tour Mastodon had planned for the month of June has been canceled. In statement released by the band, it was revealed that guitarist Bill Kelliher’s pancreas is a little under the weather and is undergoing some inflammation. This condition is lovingly called “pancreatitis” and Kelliher’s doctors expect a full recovery after heavy doses of “medical treatment” and “bed-rest.”

Mastodon (and their hairy cousin Wooly Mammoth) has faced similar problems in the past when, after a gradual temperature increase on planet Earth, the giant, technically-impressive, and totally-metal behemoths faced food shortages, over-hunting, and tar-pits the size of Los Angeles. Whereas in the past Mastodon was on the brink of extinction, this new medical setback should only disrupt summer plans.

Mastodon are still looking forward to, and planning on playing, their dates on the BlackDiamondSkye tour of North America, where they will tour with previously thought extinct bands The Deftones and Alice in Chains.

07.24.10 - Montreal, Quebec - Parc Jean Drapeau (Heavy MTL Festival)
09.16.10 - Chicago, IL - Charter One Pavilion #
09.17.10 - Detroit, MI - DTE Energy Music Theatre #
09.18.10 - Toronto, Ontario - Molson Canadian Amphitheatre #
09.20.10 - Uncasville, CT - Mohegan Sun Arena #
09.22.10 - Boston, MA - Agannis Arena #
09.24.10 - New York, NY - Madison Square Garden #
09.25.10 - Camden, NJ - Susquehanna Theatre #
09.26.10 - Fairfax, VA - Patriot Center #
09.28.10 - Atlanta, GA - Aaron’s Amphitheater at Lakewood #
10.01.10 - St. Louis, MO - Scottrade Center #
10.04.10 - Denver, CO - Red Rocks Amphitheatre #
10.07.10 - Vancouver, British Columbia - General Motors Place #
10.08.10 - Seattle, WA - Key Arena #
10.09.10 - Portland, OR - Rose Quarter Memorial Coliseum #
10.15.10 - San Diego, CA - Viejas Arena #
10.16.10 - Las Vegas, NV - The Joint #

# with Alice in Chains, Deftones

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