Laurel Halo to make you feel anything but sickly with debut album Quarantine on Hyperdub

Laurel Halo to make you feel anything but sickly with debut album Quarantine on Hyperdub

Readers of TMT: it behooves you to jump on the Laurel Halo bandwagon now, because a year from now, after everyone’s compiled their end-of-the-year lists for 2012, you’re bound to feel a bit like I did listening to James Blake (TMT Review) for the first time this past January — which is to say, woefully disconnected from the buzz-worthy chatter surrounding up-and-coming electronic (kind of) pop (sort of) artists. For the record, I was tremendously disappointed by that James Blake LP, which I suppose is commentary enough on my own mental irregularities, but I doubt that I’m alone in thinking/saying that Laurel Halo has a serious future doing what she’s doing — namely, reminding me, as I close my eyes and drift away into a vocal-induced fantasy, of Cocteau Twins’ Elizabeth Fraser, though with more intelligibility. If the musical similarities between Halo and Fraser extended beyond their respective singing styles, I might question the former’s choice of record label, but as of now, it’s completely appropriate that Halo’s signed with Hyperdub and has plans to release her debut album Quarantine on June 5 in the US, and on May 28 in Europe.

You need only look to labelmates King Midas Sound and Darkstar to get an immediate sense of how Halo’s music fits in. The incorporation of original vocals alongside a backdrop of contemporary electronic yet genre-defying melodies is at the forefront of Quarantine, as a press release notes: “This is an album of transporting songs, various altitude shifts via effecting pop-concrete, built on a rich synthesis of intuitive but exacting electronic abstraction, bass pulse and heartfelt songwriting.” I’ve been horribly wrong before, but I’d definitely make of note of this album for future acquisition. Pay for it, you bastards.

Likewise, it’s also worth noting that, under the moniker King Felix, Laurel Halo will also be releasing her Spring EP sometime… soon? Originally set to be released on March 19, the EP has been pushed back to an unspecified date.

Quarantine tracklisting:

01. Airsick
02. Years
03. Thaw
04. Joy
05. MK Ultra
06. Wow
07. Carcass
08. Holoday
09. Tumor
10. Morcom
11. Nerve
12. Light + Space

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Simian Mobile Disco release new album Unpatterns on May 15 and WE’VE got an exclusive fake video

Simian Mobile Disco have an “album” coming out on Wichita Recordings May 15, if their press release is to be believed. The album, Unpatterns, is “brand-new,” and the band is “proud to announce” its release. Fans of Simian Mobile Disco should look forward to “huge fun” that is “completely of the now,” according to the next bit of this press release. The first single, “Seraphim,” will be “released” on April 9.

Now please check out what should have been the promotional video for Unpatterns but was instead left to be found by me searching YouTube for “disco ape”:

Unpatterns tracklisting:

01. I Waited for You
02. Cerulean
o3. Seraphim
04. A Species Out of Control
05. Interference
06. Put Your Hands Together
07. The Dream of the Fisherman’s Wife
08. Your Love Ain’t Fair
09. Pareidolia
10. Everyday (iTunes only, SUCKERS)


03.23.12 - Miami, FL - Fixed - The Vegabond
03.25.12 - Buenos Aires, Argentina - Samsung Studio
03.29.12 - Mexico City, Mexico - Auditorio las Americas
03.30.12 - Santiago, Chile - Lollapalooza Chile
03.31.12 - Bogota, Colombia - Teatro Faenza
04.21.12 - London, UK - Village Underground

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Editions Mego starts Recollection GRM sub-label to reissue classic musique concrète, not realizing that musique concrète can be heard for free in the subway

Welp, seems like Editions Mego’s merciless march toward cornering the market on re-releasing and/or newly releasing “every cool thing ever released anywhere by anyone” just cannot be stopped. Seriously, at this point if they aren’t putting your record out, just forget about it; it’s Dad Rock. And god knows no one wants to listen to that. Not even dads.

But speaking of dads, Editions Mego’s latest bout of cred-mad imperialism has led to the creation of Recollection GRM, a new sub-label whose sole purpose is “is to make available on vinyl works from the vast archives of Groupe de Recherches Musicales (GRM),” the first release of which comes to us from the “father” of musique concrète (and possibly of Dave Letterman’s sidekick Paul Shaffer), Pierre Schaeffer! In addition to being handsome and French, Schaeffer (as I understand it) helped pioneer the highly exact science of making bumping, clubby jams out of steam engine samples. In other words, the Oneohtrix Point Never dude probably likes him a lot, so you’re fucking nobody if you don’t too. The second record Recollection GRM has announced so far is by Guy Reibel, who, for all intents and purposes is the same guy as Pierre Schaeffer, except with a much much shorter Wikipedia page.

Anyway, the label says that batches like this will come out every two or three months, and each release will be “recut at Dubplates & Mastering and be packaged in new artwork by Stephen O’Malley, featuring bi-lingual (French/English) texts.” Which is good, because weirdly enough, I’m pretty good at reading French, but only when its exact translation into English is sitting right next to it.

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Noveller readying double LP of limited ARTIFACT material, needs your greenest money for commissioned project

What else was Sarah Lipstate to do after releasing Glacial Glow (TMT Review), her most approachable Noveller album yet, than to follow it up with an ultra-limited looping cassette/quadruple-DVD titled ARTIFACT in all caps? For the experimental artists of the world, there is no other choice; it’s simply a matter of deciding on the exact number of looping DVDs and whether or not the package should include actual locks of hair. Well, Lipstate pulled it off, and here’s what Jspicer said about the original ARTIFACT release in a Cerberus column last summer:

Those who have witnessed Lipstate’s live show often find themselves as equally mesmerized by her filmmaking skills as they are her array of pedals and demure presence. ARTIFACT marks Lipstate’s first stab at combining her passions into a direct-to-consumer package. The four looping DVDs capture a recent installation, but it’s the cassette where Lipstate’s imagination grabs hold. Each six-minute cassette was uniquely recorded, one-of-a-kind artifacts (pun!) that link listener to artist. The first track to come to life from this idea may be the lightest Lipstate track I’ve ever heard. As her recorded output moves toward heavier basslines and deeper rhythms, the loop is ginger in its approach. Notes dance as if flower pedals carried in a warm summer breeze. The mood matches the installation’s isolated pictures recalling the work of Rodney Graham (in the place of Graham’s pop culture reinventions is one linked to abstract thought). Sadly, ARTIFACT’s supposed run of 50 was cut to 20, making its careful packaging and etched lettering the trophy of but a few Noveller fans; worse still, only 20 unique loops exist when Lipstate has proven herself capable of at least 50.

Weep no more (or weep harder now that your cassette is less special): Noveller has now hand-picked 12 of the best ARTIFACT loops and laid them out on a double LP for all to zone. As each tape held six minutes of music, each LP track will be roughly six minutes long and you’ll just have to stand up every once in a while and loop them yourselves. Talk Normal’s Sarah Register has mastered the whole thing for vinyl, and according to Lipstate it’ll “be off to the pressing plant as soon as I finish the gatefold artwork.” Why yes I will accept a “review” copy and one more for an adoring friend!!

As for 2012 jamming, Ms. Lipstate was commissioned by the Low End String Quartet to create a work for their altered string quartet setup — electric guitar, electric violin, amplified cello, and electric upright bass — and the finished composition will be premiered on April 14 (alongside a piece by Zoe Keating) at Center Stage in Reston, Virginia. Only thing is, they need your dollar bills to make it happen, as right now they haven’t even been able to cover the commissioning fee. Head here to see an explanatory video, give what you’re able, and receive incentives, all without even mentioning Kickstarter. Even if you only give $1 you’ll be rewarded with a download of “We Will Be at Sea Again” off the double LP. Twenty days are left and it’s less than 50% funded so far. Help your Virginia concert-goers out for once!

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Mice Parade announce mini-tour, live record, full-length studio album, and their own personalized dinnerware

Contrary to what you might think, Mice Parade, at least in some form, have been around for quite a while. Multi-instrumentalist Adam Pierce, for whom the band is anagrammatically named, oversaw the inception of the group in the late 90s, and in 1998, their first proper LP, The True Meaning of Boodleybaye, was released on Pierce’s own record label, Bubble Core. The fact that kids who were born during that year are now on the verge of entering (or are already enrolled in) high school is a disturbing reminder of not only how long ago that was, but also, you know, kids — the fact that they exist. Additionally, it’s a testament to Pierce’s dedication to a band that has seen, and continues to see, numerous transformations in terms of its membership, as well as his work ethic, which appears to be hitting a notable peak this year, with the announcement of a short tour of the Northeast, the release of an as-yet-untitled live album, and Candela, their ninth studio album set to be released this fall on FatCat Records.

As I just alluded to, the members of Mice Parade have been somewhat alternating, and no exception is to be made for their upcoming mini-tour in mid-April. Joining Adam Pierce on stage will be classical guitarist Dan Lippel and a “special guest” Icelandic female vocalist — presumably not Björk, but stranger things have happened. The “quieter” threesome presents an obvious contrast with their traditional live ensemble, around whom their upcoming live album is centered. That album, which currently lacks both a name and a release date (except for “summer”), was recorded at shows in England and France in 2010, and features a seven-piece band comprised of two drummers, two guitarists, a bassist/keyboardist, and “vibes, samples, and vocals” from Pierce and Caroline Lufkin, a Japanese-American musician who has reportedly injected “a newfound energy into the studio creations.” It’s kind of a surprising thing to say about a live album, but Pierce refers to it as “their proudest achievement yet.” It must be pretty damn good then.

As far as Candela goes, details are minimal, but as is fitting for a band that seems immune to genre pigeonholing, they’re expected to explore something resembling “catchy shoegaze pop.” Yeah, I have no idea what that means either.


04.17.12 - Boston, MA - O’Brien’s Pub
04.18.12 - New Haven, CT -Bar Night Club
04.20.12 - Hudson, NY - Helsinki *
04.21.12 - Brooklyn, NY - Littlefield
04.22.12 - Philadelphia, PA - Milkboy

* Curtis Harvey

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Feist unveils new tourdates, invites you to party with her at multiple festivals near the beer tent

In support of last year’s critically acclaimed non-metal album Metals on Cherry Tree Records, Feist is heading out on tour again. You know how Lez rolls. She’s all full of surprises and covers. Maybe she’ll cover James Blake’s cover of her song? Who knows! You’ll certainly never find out unless you add a Feist show to your must-see spring/summer tourdates. If you’re going to any of the festival dates she’s playing (Coachella? Sasquatch? Bonnaroo? Pitchfork?) then you’ll either be happy or sad that you’ll take her in at a multi-stage event. Based on the face you’re making, I’m going to guess… devastated but secretly sort of pleased all the same?


04.14.12 - Indio, CA - Coachella
04.21.12 - Indio, CA - Coachella
04.22.12 - Phoenix, AZ - Orpheum Theatre *
04.23.12 - Tucson, AZ - TCC Arena #
04.25.12 - Marfa, TX - Crowley Theatre
04.26.12 - Austin, TX - Stubb’s: Outdoors *
04.28.12 - New Orleans, LA - New Orleans Jazz & Heritage Festival
04.30.12 - Indianapolis, IN - Egyptian Room, Old National Centre *
05.01.12 - Nashville, TN - The Ryman Auditorium *
05.02.12 - Asheville, NC - Thomas Wolfe Auditorium *
05.03.12 - Raleigh, NC - Memorial Auditorium, Progress Energy Center for the Performing Arts *
05.05.12 - New York, NY - Radio City Music Hall *
05.07.12 - Boston, MA - House of Blues *
05.08.12 - Philadelphia, PA - Academy of Music *
05.09.12 - Washington, DC - The Strathmore *
05.11.12 - Burlington, VT - The Flynn Theater *
05.28.12 - George, WA - Sasquatch
05.29.12 - Boise, ID - Botanical Garden
05.31.12 - Morrison, CO - Red Rocks #
06.02.12 - Minneapolis, MN - Zoo Amphitheater %
06.03.12 - Madison, WI - Orpheum %
06.05.12 - Ann Arbor, MI - Ann Arbor Summer Festival %
06.06.12 - Columbus, OH - Wexner Center %
06.08.12 - Manchester, TN - Bonnaroo
06.22.12 - Calgary, AB - Sled Island Festival *
06.23.12 - Saskatoon, SK - Saskatoon Jazz Festival *
07.04.12 - Winnipeg, MB - Winnipeg Folk Festival
07.13.12 - Chicago, IL - Pitchfork Festival
07.14.12 - Pittsburgh, PA - Stage AE
08.04.12 - Montreal, QC - Osheaga
08.08.12 - Oslo, Norway - Oya Festival
08.10.12 - Gothenburg, Sweden - Way Out West Festival
08.12.12 - Helsinki, Finland - Flow Festival
08.15.12 - Hamburg, Germany - Stadtpark
08.16.12 - Hasselt, Belgium - Pukkelpop
08.17.12 - Biddinghuizen, Holland - Lowlands Festival
08.19.12 - Brecon Beacons, Wales - Green Man Festival
08.21.12 - Cologne, Germany - Tanzbrunnen
08.22.12 - Stuttgart, Germany - Freilichtbuhne Killesberg

# Bon Iver
* Timber Timbre
% The Low Anthem

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