Leyland Kirby announces new EP Breaks My Heart Each Time, ironically repairing your broken heart because you’d forgotten how to love

Leyland Kirby announces new EP Breaks My Heart Each Time, ironically repairing your broken heart because you'd forgotten how to love http://www.tinymixtapes.com/sites/default/files/1401/news-14-01-leyland-kirby.jpg

Remember how to love? No, none of us do. Love is over. I miss it. Perhaps you too miss it. Ever since “the event,” this massive Earth has lacked warm feeling, along with true affection. But, let me tell you a little bit about a little something my mother liked to call hope. One man can return love to this land, one man can repair our shattered hearts. That man is Leyland Kirby with a new EP, ironically titled Breaks My Heart Each Time.

As reported by self-titled, the new EP will be out February 17 through Apollo Records (the ambient division of R&S). Though he’s put heart-restoring material out as The Caretaker and The Stranger in recent years, Breaks My Heart Every Time will mark his first material under his own name since 2011’s Intrigue & Stuff series. In keeping with Kirby’s inclination to making his music actually about, you know, actual stuff, man, the EP consists of “subtle personal reflections upon his roots in rave and acid house in the UK.” I, too, like to reflect upon the halcyon days of rave and acid house in the UK. Back then, love was alive.

Breaks My Heart Each Time tracklist:

01. Breaks My Heart Each Time
02. Last Ditch Legacy
03. Diminishing Emotion
04. Staring Down the Sun

• Leyland Kirby: http://leylandkirby.bandcamp.com
• Apollo: http://randsrecords.greedbag.com/dept/~apollo

Mastodon aim to assault a different orifice, unveil “palate-crushing” IPA

Not to deliberately ignore the doubtless litany of bands lending their palates toward the production of personalized alcoholic beverages, but it seems Mastodon and Hanson have more in common than just a mutual aptitude for creating instrumentally challenging, musically fierce tunes. (I mean, what is “MMMBop” if not an onomatopoeic call for violence? Luckily the brothers have so far repressed their desire to “da ba doo wop” and potentially send someone to the hospital.)

Yes, no one need doubt Mastodon’s musical bonafides given their discography over the last decade-plus, but little did we know that behind all of that tattooed intensity lies a rather elegant appreciation for the IPA. They give the contents of their glass a swirl. On stage, they spew at the crowd the most uniform stream possible, in the process, resembling fountain sculptures of antiquity. And in a notable step forward as beer connoisseurs, last week it was revealed that the band, in collaboration with British craft beer makers Signature Brew, have come up with their very own, Mastodon-approved beverage: a Double Black IPA called Black Tongue. It’s filled with hops and such; excuse my ignorance. I’m also fairly certain no giraffes were harmed in its creation.

Not much to add beyond that. Check out the short doc below, and look forward to the release of Mastodon’s sixth studio album sometime this year.

• Mastodon: http://www.mastodonrocks.com

285 Kent is closing, but at least we get a few more performances from Laurel Halo, Autre Ne Veut, Dan Deacon, etc.

People in Brooklyn all sad because their favorite DIY venue 285 Kent is closing down. Don’t be sad, people in Brooklyn! Like this hand-painted plaque in my aunt’s bathroom says, “Don’t cry because it’s over, smile because it happened.” —Dr. Seuss. (There is really a hand-painted plaque in my aunt’s bathroom saying this. Just FYI.) And although there will be weeping, there will also be much joy, so very wow, for the final four shows at the venue.

The cool kids at Pitchfork and Ad Hoc + Todd P have assembled lineups for these final events that will have you writhing in your seat with the agony of knowing you’ll never again experience such a level of amazingness. (Remember the Dr. Seuss quote. SMILE, friends in Brooklyn, SMILE.) On January 11, you got a Maxmillion Dunbar, a Laurel Halo, a little bit of Autre Ne Veut, some Ital, some Bookworms, and that magickal thing, a Special Guest! Will it be the reanimated corpse of Aleister Crowley? You never know!!! This is BROOKLYN, people, and that witch shit is big again! Go DYE your hair pastel.

The lineup for January 17 includes people like DUST, Dan Deacon, DJ Dog Dick (!!!!!!), Ava Luna, Tonstartssbandht, Uumans, and once again, that mysteeeeeerious Special Guest. (Might it be a DRUID? I think it’s a druid.) January 18 has a special guest headliner (come on, we’re all kidding ourselves if we pretend like it’s anything other than Macaulay Culkin’s pizza band), plus Wolf Eyes, Noveller, Alberich, MV Carbon, Lussuria and Sugarm. Finally, January 19 sees Fucked Up, DIIV, White Lung, Guardian Alien, and Lodro taking the stage. There is no Special Guest listed because the Special Guest is all of you ahhhhhhhhhhh don’t cry, Brooklyn.

• 285 Kent: http://285kentave.com

Self reissue Subliminal Plastic Motives via Fat Possum, play New York (TONIGHT!!) and Nashville

Unassuming college burb Murfreesboro, Tennessee has great hot wings and once hosted a major Civil War massacre, but its real claim to fame is the stable of excellent bands it reared in the 90s. Perhaps the best and most overlooked of the lot is Self, the brilliant pop solitaire of Matt Mahaffey. Now, in a postscript twist that seems all too deserved, the project will be joining a new set of peers — including T. Rex, Townes Van Zandt, and Al Green (!) — when Fat Possum Records reissues 1995’s Subliminal Plastic Motives on January 14.

The precocious debut sounds a bit like Bellybutton-era Jellyfish, albeit kneeled at Prince’s altar instead of Queen’s. Though most of Self’s output has been seamlessly performed, produced, and mixed by Mahaffey himself, Plastic Motives crucially benefits from the heavy guitar work of his late brother Mike, whose grungier tones helped make regional hits of “Cannon” and “So Low.” Fat Possum’s edition will mark the first time the album is available on vinyl.

Self will celebrate TONIGHT in New York with a full-band performance of the album (and, we hope, an encore or two of other Mahaffey gems), followed by a Nashville stop two days later. Tour dates and a VHS rip of the “Cannon” music video are below; you can purchase the album from Fat Possum here.

01.10.14 - New York, NY - Gramercy Theater *
01.12.14 - Nashville, TN - Exit/In #

* i fight dragons, Montessori Dads
# Glossary, Montessori Dads

• Self: http://self.is
• Fat Possum: http://fatpossum.com

Carla Bozulich (Evangelista) preps new album under her Christian name, I guess because she’s just more REAL than you

Hey! Good to see you! Come in! How about some hot cocoa? Here ya go, friend. Say, you’ve met Carla Bozulich, right? You know, leader of our favorite art-punk band that starts with the letters E and V, Evangelista? No? Well that’s cool; you’re about to! Come with me!

Hi, Carla! This here is [SAVVY TMT READER X]. [SAVVY TMT READER X], this is Carla. She’s a cool singer and songwriter and artist and stuff. In fact, she’ll be releasing her first proper solo album of original material (in 2003, she released an album-length cover of Willie Nelson’s Red Headed Stranger, can you believe that?) on March 4 via the Constellation label. It’s called Boy and will see release as a vinyl, a CD, and a formless, shapeless digital download… thing, right Carla?

Don’t be modest! See, Carla won’t tell you this herself I’m sure, but she played the majority of the instruments and made the album artwork herself! Although; yeah, she also worked with this dude John Eichenseer (a.k.a. JHNO). What did your press release say about John, again, Carla? Didn’t he provide “musical and technical input throughout the two-plus years of the making of the album,” during which you guys totally traveled “all over North America, Europe, South America and India — with a particularly fruitful burst of writing on a tiny island off the coast of Istanbul”? Damn, that seems like interesting stuff! Oh, and tell [SAVVY TMT READER X] about how you also subsequently joined up with Italian drummer Andrea Belfi in Berlin to record the record! Amazing stories! You’re the coolest, Carla. Can’t wait for the album.

Ooh, speaking of which, remind me again, isn’t one of the songs on it called “Deeper Than the Well”? Maybe we three could all sit down and listen to it together, if it’s embedded online somewhere? Awww, I’m just so glad you two got to know each other a little bit. This is making me so happy! More hot cocoa anyone?

Boy tracklist:

01. Ain’t No Grave
02. One Hard Man
03. Drowned to the Light
04. Don’t Follow Me
05. Gonna Stop Killing
06. Deeper Than the Well
07. Danceland
08. Lazy Crossbones
09. What Is It Baby?
10. Number X

• Carla Bozulich: http://www.carlabozulich.com
• Constellation: http://cstrecords.com

Arca releases &&&&& on limited 12-inch (!!!!!)

I think it’s safe to say now that the files were fuckin’ FLYING in 2013 and not one person on Earth could have kept up with it all, leaving all sorts of solid albums lost in the crossfire (until their reissues in 2023). And yet all Venezuelan producer/goo-squisher Arca needed to turn heads 360° was a single SoundCloud upload in July. &&&&& (TMT Review) shocked, dazzled, and melted the “reasoning skills” portion of the brain for all who listened, and in spite of its low-key existence as a free instrumental beat tape, it ended up at #9 on our Favorite 50 Albums list. WOW!!!!!!!!!!

Perhaps realizing (or acknowledging) that he’s got a hot little item on his hands, Arca has just announced — and released! — a limited-to-500 single-sided 12-inch of &&&&&, with new, grosser artwork, and a pretty intense B-side etching. Originally £1,000,000 each, Arca has knocked down the price to £9 (~$15) for his 500 closest friends. Peep the page here to order, or save yourself £9 and just click the play button below like before.

• Arca: http://arca1000000.com