Loren Connors and Bill Orcutt release collaboration on Free Music Archive, proving once again there is no “I” in “Awesome”

Loren Connors and Bill Orcutt release collaboration on Free Music Archive, proving once again there is no "I" in "Awesome" http://www.tinymixtapes.com/sites/default/files/1302/news-13-02-bill-orcutt-loren-connors.jpg

Teamwork is more than your junior high football coach yelling at you right before you quit the team because you’re tired of getting yelled at all the time. Teamwork is discipline. It’s commitment. It’s synergy. Experimental blues guitarist Loren Connors knows a thing or two about teamwork (and no small amount about synergy), what with his ongoing goal to collaborate with every living human on the planet Earth; he’s released more than 50 albums during his 30+ year career and no small amount of those have been collaborations (most recently with life partner Suzanne Langille). And, based on his time in Harry Pussy, I’d bet you money Bill Orcutt is no teamwork slouch either, though he has been going stag lately, like on his acoustic anarchy tour de force (and one of TMT’s favorite releases of 2011) How The Thing Sings.

Despite the fact that there is at least one “I” in “Loren Connors and Bill Orcutt,” the two flexed their teamwork muscles last August to record Natch 8, part of a collaborative series put out by the now unfortunately closed Black Dirt Studio. Since then, however, the collaboration has been little more than fodder for locker room pep talks about the value of working together to achieve common goals (i.e., it has not been available). But, because anything can happen if you believe in the power of working together, all that’s changed: Natch 8 can now be downloaded free of charge from the Free Music Archive. In fact, all of the releases in the Natch series can be downloaded from the Free Music Archive, including collaborations between Michael Chapman and The Woodpiles, and Aaron Moore and Carter Thronton. Watch a promotional video and check out the most unnecessary tracklist this side of Wolfgang Voigt below:

Natch 8 tracklist:

01. Untitled 1
02. Untitled 2
03. Untitled 3
04. Untitled 4

• Loren Connors: http://www.fvrec.com/lorenconnors
• Bill Orcutt: http://palilalia.com
• Black Dirt Studio: http://www.blackdirtstudio.com
• Free Music Archive: http://freemusicarchive.org/

Who should Ze Pequeno go see at Noise Pop 2013?

Fellow readers, as some of you may know, I (Ze Pequeno) have been attending the Noise Pop Festival in San Francisco (and sometimes Oakland) for the past three years. After some haggling from the sex cult at 1080 Folsom in SOMA and city Supervisor Scott Weiner, I have been asked to attend Noise Pop 2013. But I was bereft of inspiration. Not due to the lineup, but a general lack of inspiration. Previous years have seen different themes, obvious and not. But this year, something was missing to make coverage interesting.

So, while in Alamo Square on a sunny day recently, I decided to call our Editor-in-Chief, Mr P, to decide what to do. Instead of answering my phone call, he descended from above on Ian MacKaye’s cloud (long story). After greeting him, he responded with a voice resembling a turntable scratching. “You’re talking like the King of All Cosmos again,” I said (longer story). To which he stopped that and started talking normally again. We discussed the issue at hand: What to do for Noise Pop. After bouncing off suggestions (from using a cannon, to having different writers go to a show without them even knowing they’re supposed to cover it, to “sponsored content,” whatever that means), I thought of something: Why not let our readers determine our coverage?

Mr P boomed, “MAKE IT SO.”

“You’re acting like the King of All Cosmos again,” I said, noting the rainbow.

“Aww, I thought I was being all Picard there.”

“Same diff.”

Thus, Tiny Mix Tapes presents: Noise Pop 2013: The People’s Choice! (Or, A Decline of City)

Starting tonight and every night until Saturday, Tiny Mix Tapes will post a poll on its Facebook page, asking you, the reader, where I should go the following evening for Noise Pop 2013. Votes will be due by 6 PM Pacific time on the evening of the event. Whichever show gets the most votes will be the show that I’ll attend. The first poll is already up.

With any luck, this Noise Pop will be the greatest adventure yet! …Or, it will be a trainwreck. Either way, it will be truly the most Tiny Mix Tapes.

• Noise Pop 2013: http://noisepop.com/2013
• Tiny Mix Tapes: http://www.facebook.com/tinymixtapes

Félicia Atkinson cleans out her attic, calls what she finds Visions/Voices, Umor Rex presses it to vinyl

Félicia Atkinson a.k.a TMT favorite Je Suis Le Petit Chevalier is pulling out dusty boxes of her menacing, fragile and decaying folk-ambience to assemble an album of deep cuts for Umor Rex. The album, entitled Visions/Voices, is a smattering of the best, the weirdest, and the most beautiful songs culled from three years of limited CD-R and cassette releases. Despite their divergent sources, the music is tied together by her propensity for subtly unsettling instrumentation and alternately airy and claustrophobic arrangements. Every bit of teetering beauty has been remastered for this release by the madly productive James Plotkin, and several of the tracks, such as “Entomology” below, are available for preview on SoundCloud. Umor Rex is releasing this double LP summation of Félicia Atkinson’s recent past in March.

Visions/Voices tracklisting:

01. This Impermanent Gold
02. Hooves Drummed
03. Infant Vampire
04. All The Roads Are Circular
05. Entomology
06. The Owls
07. Franny
08. Badlands

• Félicia Atkinson: http://www.feliciaatkinson.be
• Umor Rex: http://www.umor-rex.org

[Photo: Jean Baptiste Sinniger]

Calexico line up summer tour with festival dates and wrasslin’ galore

Hey Calexico fans, wrassle up yer tie-dye and yer hacky sacks, because Joey Burns and John Convertino have more festival dates booked than you can shake one of those weird/gross sticks hippie dudes try to juggle at festivals at! Okay, okay, so really, the Tucson-based duo and friends have only a handful of festival dates, but what festival dates they are! These are some of the big ones: Bonnaroo and the New Orleans Jazz Fest, for example. And some lesser known gems, too: the Nelsonville, OH Nelsonville Fest, Ozark, AR’s Wakarusa Festival, and Tucson’s Festival En El Barrio.

All this in addition to a summer US tour in support of last year’s much lauded Algiers release on Anti-, which will take the band from deepest Indiana to wildest Montreal. The band’s latest release was born in a converted church in — appropriately enough — New Orleans’ Algiers neighborhood, birthplace of legendary jazz musicians, and home to many a warehouse where the city’s carnival krewes dream up and assemble their floats. So magic is in the air there. Trombones, too. Magic and trombones: coming soon to a city near you.


03.24.13 - Tucson, AZ - Festival En El Barrio
04.28.13 - New Orleans, LA - New Orleans Jazz and Heritage
05.30.13 - Ozark, AR - Wakarusa Festival
05.31.13 - Iowa City, IA - The Englert Theatre
06.01.13 - Nelsonville, OH - Nelsonville Music Festival
06.03.13 - Chicago, IL - City Winery
06.04.13 - Detroit, MI - Magic Stick
06.06.13 - Tarrytown, NY - The Tarrytown Music Hall
06.07.13 - Portland, ME - Port City Music Hall
06.08.13 - Pawtucket, RI - The Met Café
06.09.13 - Buffalo, NY - Asbury Hall @ Babeville
06.11.13 - Montreal, QC - Corona Theatre
06.13.13 - Indianapolis, IN - The Vogue
06.14.13 - Manchester, TN - Bonnaroo Music Festival

• Calexico: http://www.casadecalexico.com
• Anti-: http://www.anti.com

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James Blake shares details of Overgrown LP, with contributions from Brian Eno and RZA, who now call Blake “Jimmy Digital”

James Blake, the man behind James Blake (TMT Review), has tidied up his studio space and shared a few things with us regarding Overgrown, his sophomore LP due for release on April 8 via Atlas/Republic Records. First off, the album cover (above) demonstrates that Blake has stopped shaking his head back and forth. He’s rolled up his sleeves, crossed his arms, and thought long and hard about his next move, free of distractions among the flora and the fauna.

Secondly, the album tracklist (below) demonstrates that Blake has stopped relying on an abundance of songs to get his point across, opting for 10 tracks instead of his self-titled effort’s 11. One of those tracks, as you might recall, is titled “Retrograde,” while others are titled “Overgrown,” and “Voyeur.” Not all of Overgrown’s 11 tracks are titled using single words, however. One track is titled “Digital Lion” (2 words), while another is titled “To the Last” (3 words). Versatility, it seems, remains vital to an artist’s success.

Finally, Mr. Blake has let fans know that new pals Brian Eno and RZA are getting involved, with RZA contributing a guest verse to “Take a Fall for Me” (5 words!) and Eno sprucing up “Digital Lion.” Look for their contributions when you give the album a listen — on tracks 4 and 7, respectively! Overgrown is up for pre-order on Blake’s site, with options ranging from CD, LP, and CD+LP+lithograph to CD+lithograph and LP+lithograph. Also available is Blake’s 2011 hit “Limit to Your Love” on Mp3 format. All recommended.

Overgrown tracklist:

01. Overgrown
02. I Am Sold
03. Life Around Here
04. Take a Fall for Me (ft. RZA)
05. Retrograde
06. DLM
07. Digital Lion
08. Voyeur
09. To the Last
10. Our Love Comes Back

• James Blake: http://jamesblakemusic.com
• Republic: http://www.republicrecords.com

Joe Boyd recruits Vashti Bunyan, Robyn Hitchcock, and lots of other awesome folks for Nick Drake compilation

All star producer Joe Boyd (Pink Floyd, Nick Drake, worked on A Clockwork Orange soundtrack) has assembled a suitably all star situation for his long-dreamt-of Nick Drake tribute compilation. Out April 15 in the UK on Navigator Records, Way to Blue: The Songs of Nick Drake features such names as Vashti Bunyan, Teddy Thompson, Robyn Hitchcock, Green Gartside (Scritti Politti), Lisa Hannigan, Scott Matthews, Krystle Warren, and Danny Thompson. It was recorded live in London and Melbourne.

In the years following Drake’s tragic death, Joe Boyd had wanted to put together a tribute album to the young man he had worked with so long ago. But he felt the only way to get this thing to really come together was to get all these amazing artists together at the same time for a week in a rural studio, where they’d back each other up and create an organic, cohesive album in the great indie rock tradition of the ol’ “I lived in my weird uncle’s cabin in the northwoods of Michigan for six months without any contact with the outside world except for this album I created and oh yeah now I can communicate by blinking with certain raccoons” album creation story, except way, way cooler. Alas, that apparently didn’t happen for whatever reason (I blame Bon Iver; I don’t know why, but I do) so instead, Boyd & Co. put on a series of concerts featuring the songs from Way to Blue on a couple different continents, and voila! Live recordings of an elite group of musicians working together in beautiful, soft, melancholy harmony. And no rabies.

Way to Blue tracklisting:

01. Luluc, “Things Behind the Sun”
02. Scott Matthews, “Place to Be”
03. Green Gartside, “Fruit Tree”
04. Shane Nicholson, “Poor Boy”
05. Krystle Warren, “Time Has Told Me”
06. Robyn Hitchcock, “Parasite”
07. Danny Thompson & Zoe Rahman, “One of These Things First”
08. Vashti Bunyan, “Which Will”
09. Lisa Hannigan, “Black-Eyed Dog”
10. Shane Nicholson, “Rider on the Wheel”
11. Teddy Thompson, “River Man”
12. Luluc & Lisa Hannigan, “Saturday Sun”
13. Scott Matthews, “When the Day Is Done”
14. Luluc, “Fly”
15. Teddy Thompson & Krystle Warren, “Pink Moon”

• Nick Drake: http://www.brytermusic.com
• Joe Boyd: http://www.joeboyd.co.uk
• Navigator: http://www.navigatorrecords.co.uk