Mission of Burma leave Matador and sign to Fire Records, plan July LP release. This headline is far more interesting if taken literally.

Mission of Burma leave Matador and sign to Fire Records, plan July LP release. This headline is far more interesting if taken literally. http://www.tinymixtapes.com/sites/default/files/news-12-02-mission-of-burma.jpg

Reunited post-punkers Mission of Burma have left one storied independent label for another. In late January, the band cut ties with Matador, the label that represents Sonic Youth, Fucked Up, Stephen Malkmus, and many more of your favorite post-bands. No official reason for their departure has been given, but in the opinion of this writer and with absolutely no factual basis for the following statement, they definitely wanted more money.

However, we can now report that Fire Records has struck a worldwide-release deal with Mission of Burma, who are currently in the studio recording a new album that’s reported to be “their most ambitious, progressive and vibrant recording yet.” The band is to tentatively release the LP (their fourth post-reunion, fifth overall) on July 10, “or else.” The albums Mission of Burma have released since their 2002 reunion — 2004’s ONoffON, 2006’s The Obliterati (TMT Review), and 2009’s The Sound The Speed The Light (TMT Review), were released by Matador.

Meanwhile, a religious mission in Myanmar has fled from a decorated bullfighter and entered into a contract requiring them to launch legal documents from some sort of catapult. Mission of Burma do not believe this will impede the July 10 release of their new album.

• Mission of Burma: http://www.missionofburma.com
• Fire: http://www.firerecords.com

James Ferraro’s BODYGUARD project recording studio LP due this summer, SILICA GEL mixtape out now #AVANT-GARDE-DONE-INCORRECTLY

James Ferraro, formerly (but also recently) known as BEBETUNE$ and/or BEBETUNE$$$ but now known as BODYGUARD, has just released dropped his follow-up mixtape to inhale C-4 $$$$$ (TMT Review), which was released under his all but defunct BEBETUNE$ moniker. The new mix is called SILICA GEL and, to be clear, is under his newer newer moniker, BODYGUARD. You can get grip it right now, right here. #BLU SMOKE RINGS #INHALE DRY ICE #E-CIG #TERMINATOR #CHINESE SMOKE

Meanwhile, BODYGUARD is currently recording a ‘proper’ debut… IN THE STUDIO! The album’s due sometime this summer, presumably on Hippos In Tanks. Not much info right now, so here are more hashtags: #HOUSEOFDRYICE #LIQUIDMETAL #FLAMETHROWER # #BLU SMOKE RINGS #INHALE DRY ICE #E-CIG @BODY_GUARD_

Speaking of Hippos In Tanks, don’t forget to purchase some Ferraro-designed t-shirts when they come out in March. At least I think they are Ferraro designed. Maybe we should file them under BODYGUARD too? #swag #HARD2KILL #NZT-48 #FLAMETHROWER

SILICA GEL tracklist:

01. H.U.M2.E.R.
02. E-CIG
04. DRY ICE ¥2K12
08. Ice_Cut_Digital

Upcoming dates:

03.02.12 - San Francisco, CA - Elbo Room
03.10.12 - Monterey, Mexico - NRML Fest
04.24.12 - Los Angeles, CA - The Echoplex
06.02.12 - Barcelona, Spain - Primavera
06.09.12 - Porto, Portugal - Primavera

• BODYGUARD: https://twitter.com/#!/BODY_GUARD_
• BODYGUARD: http://hipposintanks.net/bodyguard
• BEBETUNE$: http://bebetunesakabodyguard.tumblr.com
• BEBETUNE$$$: http://soundcloud.com/b-e-b-e-t-u-n-e
• Bebetune$ | Pitchfork: http://pitchfork.com/artists/30097-bebetunes
• bebe Tubes: http://www.youtube.com/user/IguanaCity
• Bebe Tunes: http://bebetunes.com
• James Ferraro: https://twitter.com/#!/JFerraro_zip
• James Ferraro: http://tinyurl.com/6v4stfb
• James Ferraro: http://hipposintanks.net/artists/james-ferraro
• Hippos In Tanks: http://hipposintanks.net

Danish court orders ISP to block Grooveshark after “Barbie Girl” is streamed illegally one too many times

A court in Denmark has ordered Danish internet service provider (ISP) 3 to block users access to the popular music streaming site Grooveshark. The case against 3 was brought by a group of Danish entertainment companies, collectively known as RettighedsAlliancen, claiming that they had no licensing agreements with Grooveshark and that the sites use of their artists’ content violated copyright laws. 3, who was targeted seemingly at random is not even Denmark’s largest internet provider, tried to argue that while there certainly is some content streaming from Grooveshark that is illegal, there is plenty of content that is legal, and denying users access to the legal content was more harmful than allowing users to access a smaller amount of illegal content.

Unfortunately, there’s already been a pretty clear precedent set in Denmark. All the way back in 2006, Danish courts ordered Denmark’s Tele2 to block user access to AllofMP3.com, and in 2009, courts ordered another ISP (TDC) to block user access to The Pirate Bay. Given that these decisions don’t actually remove the sites in question from the internet, savvy Danish users have quickly found ways around the blockages. Even still, if other countries start coming to the same conclusion as Denmark, it will be increasingly difficult for Grooveshark to stay in business. Regardless, one hopes that judicial systems across the globe will take a closer look at this matter and realize that ISPs should not be the ones punished for allowing illegal content through to users. The forced censorship of the internet for the benefit of corporations is a slippery slope, indeed.

• Grooveshark: http://grooveshark.com

RIP: Billy Strange, singer/songwriter, collaborated with Elvis and The Beach Boys

From the NME:

The songwriter and guitarist Billy Strange has died aged 81.

The musician co-wrote several songs for Elvis Presley with Mac Davis, including ‘A Little Less Conversation’, which, while only a minor success on release in 1968, became a worldwide hit after it was heard in 2001 film ‘Ocean’s 11’ thanks to Junkie XL’s remix.

As well as his work with ‘The King’, Strange also played guitar on records by, among others, Frank Sinatra, Sammy Davis Jr, Wanda Jackson and The Beach Boys - including several tracks on their seminal ‘Pet Sounds’ - while perhaps his most-famous performance came on Nancy Sinatra’s ‘Bang Bang’.

Strange and Nancy Sinatra had a long and fruitful relationship. He arranged most of the singer’s Lee Hazlewood-produced recordings in the 1960s, including ‘These Boots Are Made For Walking’, also working with her on the non-soundtrack version of James Bond theme ‘You Only Live Twice’ and her duet with her father ‘Something Stupid’.

Sinatra announced the news of Strange’s death on her Twitter page, saying her “heart was shattered” by the news.

• Billy Strange: http://www.billystrangemusic.com

Billy Bragg and Wilco to release Mermaid Avenue Volume III (possibly containing all of Guthrie’s secret pro-fascism songs?)

This summer, following several long and torturous years of eating nothing but rumor, excitement, red herring, conjecture, and hype sandwiches, the long wait for millions upon rabid millions of hungry fans around the globe will finally be over when the third and final installment in a beloved series finally hit the streets to wrap up the myriad of intriguing loose ends and unanswered philosophical questions. The product is ready; the marketing machine is on standby; and the entire media is practically slobbering with juicy rhetoric-saliva. There will be billboards. Searchlights. Helicopters. But… hey wait a second. What does all this have to do with anti-folk stalwart Billy Bragg and those robust, trendy, contemporary, cogent, gutsy, compelling, youthful, chic, dynamic, vital, modern, commanding, vigorous, fresh, keen, virile, energetic, vibrant, burgeoning young up-starts in Wilco? Oh, fuck, I don’t know. I was talking about the new Batman movie that’s coming out.

But actually, by a complete coincidence, Beats Per Minute has it that Nonesuch will be rolling out a new four-disc edition of his and Wilco’s late 90s Mermaid Avenue project (in which they set new music to a bunch of newly recovered Woody Guthrie lyrics) to commemorate Guthrie’s 100th birthday on July 14, the third disc of which will comprise the previously-unreleased Mermaid Avenue Volume III, which contains 17 new tracks from the same original sessions! How’s that for some spooky symmetry, huh? The whole box is titled Mermaid Avenue: The Complete Sessions, and discs one and two will offer up the first two volumes of the series, while disc four is a short documentary about the Mermaid Avenue recoding sessions (titled Man in the Sand).

There’s no release date set in stone yet, nor has it been indicated whether Volume III will receive its own a-la-carte release at any point. But Nonesuch seems to just love pressing stuff to CDs still, so the odds on that are probably decent. Bragg has also indicated that he’ll play some shows to support the release. As to whether or not it’ll rival the popularity of the new Batman movie at the box office this summer, you know, probably not.

• Billy Bragg: http://www.billybragg.co.uk
• Wilco: http://wilcoworld.net
• Nonesuch: http://www.nonesuch.com

Spanish Prisoners don’t need to sell cookies and kitten calendars anymore — they have a van AND more tourdates

Remember Spanish Prisoners, those dream pop charmers from Brooklyn who were trying their damnedest to raise enough money to buy a tour van? Well, after weeks of going door-to-door selling homemade sweaters and singing Hall & Oates songs on street corners, they’ve finally reached their $5000 goal — enough to buy the coolest fucking tour van you’ll ever see. They might even paint it with kittens and sea creatures. They’ve announced their tourdates too — see if you can catch those whippersnappers breezing through your town.

When they weren’t knitting or crafting or painting, Spanish Prisoners found time to toss together “Downtown Chicagoland,” the third single from their album Gold Fools. It includes two rad alternate versions of the album’s last track, and you can download it for free via Bandcamp. And don’t forget the new video for “Know No Violence” below, a little something for fans of snowy forests and geometric sweaters.


02.24.12 - Brooklyn, NY- Knitting Factory
03.06.12 - Brooklyn, NY - Death By Audio
03.07.12 - Philadelphia, PA - Kungfu Necktie
03.08.12 - Washington, DC - TBA
03.09.12 - Baltimore, MD - Soft House
03.10.12 - Savannah, GA - Savannah Stopover Festival
03.11.12 - Jacksonville, FL - Burro Bar
03.12.12 - New Orleans, LA - Allways Lounge
03.13-17.12 - Austin, TX - SXSW
03.18.12 - Little Rock, AR - Stickyz
03.19.12 - Conway, AR - Ford Theatre
03.20.12 - Memphis, TN - TBA
03.21.12 - Nashville, TN - the Zombie Shop
03.22.12 - Cincinnati, OH - Mt Carmel Brewing Company
03.23.12 - La Salle, IL - 9th Street Pub
03.24.12 - Chicago, IL - Pancho’s
03.25.12 - Columbus, OH - TBA
03.27.12 - Rochester, NY - The Bug Jar
03.28.12 - Northampton, MA - TBA
03.29.12 - Boston, MA - Middle East @
03.30.12 - Providence, RI - AS220
03.31.12 - New York, NY - TBA

@ Youth Lagoon

• Spanish Prisoners: http://spanishprisoners.com