Nate Young of Wolf Eyes to release new solo album “Stay Asleep” Regression Vol. 2 on NNA Tapes, harshly reminding us of his own consciousness

Nate Young of Wolf Eyes to release new solo album "Stay Asleep" Regression Vol. 2 on NNA Tapes, harshly reminding us of his own consciousness

In accordance with traditional and societal guidelines for the development of the archetypal American male, some boys get involved in sports as they grow up. Others play with action figures. A small, overlooked minority are forced by their older sisters to join them in their Barbie-related activities, without any disclaimer on the part of said siblings, warning of anatomical inaccuracies. “Wait, are you telling me that your head doesn’t rotate a full 360 degrees? Please, don’t even waste my time.” So was my general attitude toward dating until at least my freshman year of high school.

The childhood of Nate Young (Wolf Eyes, Stare Case, Moon Pool & Dead Band) was far from archetypal. In our interview with TMT’s own John Crowell, Young remarks, “My mother used to get furious with me because I would take apart all my electronic toys. When I got interested in electronics, I had no idea what I was doing. It was a means to an end. At 17, I had broken my guitar by strapping a huge spring to it. All I had was a crappy toy keyboard to jam. I thought it looked better with the guts hanging out.” Thankfully, Young’s affinity for turning equipment inside-out, both literally and figuratively, is what has propelled him to the forefront of the ever-boundary-pushing noise scene. On October 31, his new solo LP Nate Young “Stay Asleep” Regression Volume Two will premiere on Altered Zones. Two weeks later (November 15), the album will receive a vinyl release courtesy of NNA Tapes.

On Stay Asleep, Young utilizes analog synthesizers, digital piano, handmade electronics, and tape loops to convey what he describes as a confluence of negative energy. The death of a friend’s family member had coincided with the initial recording of this album, as well as his acclimation to a new residence. As a result, one might be inclined to expect even more emotional experimentation on this LP than the already deeply forceful and affecting nature of Young’s previous work. In any case, it’s sure to be a trip. And don’t forget to check out Nate’s website, which will be updated in the near future with information on his West Coast tour, slated to last from November 17 until December 5.

Nate Young “Stay Asleep” Regression Vol. 2 tracklisting:

A1. Comes Unbidden
A2. Dress a Chair
A3. Cast a Circle
B1. Stygian Faces
B2. Collapse

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Ursula Bogner, mystery-shrouded space pop lady, gets new collection on Faitiche

Who is Ursula Bogner? A forgotten mid-century German genius, pharmacologist by day, pioneering musique concrète secret synth twiddler by night? A projection of our hopes and dreams of having a mom who’s secretly into creating crazy electro tunes and something called “orgonomy,” where solar energy is harnessed and used to heal stuff? Or an internet construction by Berlin-based Faitiche Records founder/all-around glitch lover Jan Jelinek, whose label is releasing the lady’s latest this very day?

Whatever you want to believe, the super-deluxe-lookin’ Sonne=Blackbox comes out on Faitiche as of… NOW. It’s another big batch of Bogner, arriving three years after 2008’s Recordings 1969-1988, which made out Eureka! list that year. So what do you get besides the chance to convert your American dollars into trusty Euros and a Scooby Doo-sized portion of swirling mystery? Well, in the tradition of all good, sorta obscure, sorta fancy releases, you get a booklet. But not just any booklet! This one is 126 glorious pages of dazzling drawings, fantastic photographs, and something called “compositional instructions” which didn’t really work with an alliterative adjective. Just think: that’s 8.4 pages of ART for each of the 15 broadcast-in-SPACE-style tracks! You do the art math. Mystery or no, this one adds up to an eccentric deutsche electronic music head’s dream come true. Read much more about the LP/CD+book and hear some samples here.

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Radiohead heading back to the studio in December; Atoms for Peace album likely finished by year’s end; Phil doing something nice too, probably

Oh Radiohead. Don’t take it so hard. We all liked The King of Limbs (TMT Review) just fine, honest! You put in the work, and we’re proud of you. Just because some egghead writes a think piece about your standing in today’s culture doesn’t mean you have to freak out like you’ve been doing, with these other songs and these remix things, and these sudden performances. You’re better than that, and it’s just… all I’m saying is you don’t have to do something drastic like shake Jimmy Fallon’s hand. Okay, you know what, you’re right, I’m sorry, I shouldn’t have said “freak.” Please sit back down, guys. Thom. Jonny. Ed. Colin. Baldman. You’re all talented, and— oh come on, that was barely even a joke, Phil, please! GUYS!

Damnit. Lost ‘em. Well… I did my best to slow things down, but it looks like these guys are determined to push forward with this whole post-TKOL-reviews bender thing. Radiohead are now planning on recording new material in December and January at their Oxford studio, according to an interview with Thom in Rolling Stone. One new song was mentioned — “Come to Your Senses” — but was not described beyond being “a five-minute rehearsal.” Still, sounds like an interesting new direction. Also planned is a proper 2012 tour, which has so far been delayed by the unavailability of extra drummer Clive Deamer, who started backing up Portishead as soon as he listened to The King of Limbs a few times.

Most disconcerting for those worried about the band’s future mental health is the news that Thom’s Atoms for Peace band is nearing completion of their debut album, with a goal to have it all wrapped up by the end of 2011. Thommy… buddy… do you not see the critics’ fangs dripping with venom at the mention of that Flea-ridden thing, already composing their lead paragraph that steers the narrative of your band away from “untouchable gods” into “tube sock-wearing has-beens”? Slow down, man, you’re taking this turn too faaaaAAAAAAAST!!! *sploosh*

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Grass Widow begin their East Coast tour tonight, so remember to wear your Grass Widow shirt and hat at the show!

Grass Widow, the freewheeling San Francisco post-punk-pop-party trio who write freewheeling post-punk-puke-pop songs, are setting off on a mini-tour of these United States (I’m pointing at the East Coast on a map as I say this). Having released their Past Time full-length (TMT Review) on the lovely Kill Rock Stars label last year, they then went on to establish their own lovely label by the name of HLR (as in Hannah, Lillian, and Raven) and put out a 7-inch on it. This 7-inch had two covers on the B-side — “Time Keeps Time” by Neo Boys and “Mannequin” by Wire — and the A-side was a ditty called “Milo Minute” that sounded perfect for playing in front of a group of discerning gorillas, which they then went on to do.

The Milo Minute 7-inch is the first in their “Common Chord” series, with future 7-inches documenting their collaborations with Portland band Nature and the previously mentioned group of discerning Boston-based gorillas. However, all this information, while interesting, is completely beside the point, because what’s important is what’s going on NOW, and what’s going on NOW is a show tonight!! People of Poughkeepsie: find yourselves at Vassar College around 8 PM, enrolled or otherwise, because there you will find the healing sound of angular guitars and harmonized vocals beaming into your pleasure centers! Others on the East Coast: prepare for something similar near you! Prepare, I say!!!


10.13.11 - Poughkeepsie, NY - Vassar College #
10.14.11 - Providence, RI - AS220
10.15.11 - Boston, MA - Homegrown Festival #
10.16.11 - Worcester, MA - The Distant Castle
10.17.11 - Easthampton, MA - The Flywheel
10.18.11 - Brooklyn, NY - 285 Kent Ave.
10.19.11 - Brooklyn, NY - Death By Audio (M’Lady’s Records Show) $
10.20.11 - Middletown, CT - Wesleyan #

# White Fence
$ Talk Normal

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Pitchfork welcomes Forms to the festival family; crack out the gross bubblegum cigars!

You and Pitchfork, you’ve been together for awhile. You’ve gone to see Pitchfork Festival in Chicago. You dipped over to New York last October for the #Offline festival. Maybe you’re even flying to Paris for Pitchfork Music Festival Paris. MAYBE THINGS HAVE PROGRESSED THAT FAR. Well, girl, yesterday Pitchfork’s website announced that this time, they’re “going further.” Are you ready for that? Have you guys talked about this first? Do you think Pitchfork could be “the one”?

Gross. Sorry. This is about a music festival, not your short-lived but intense college romance. A music festival called, simply, Forms. (Insert your own hashtag.) Forms is a four-day multimedia bonanza put on by Pitchfork’s Brooklyn office, in conjunction with NYC promoters The Bowery Presents and videogame arts/culture people Kill Screen. Forms will be a celebration of the fast-growing connection between the spheres of music, gaming, and art, with musicians working with gamers, gamers working with artists, LOLcats working with Rufus from Gossip Girl — you get the picture. Just imagine the thrill of exploring the enchanted world of Myst with the guy from No Age by your side whilst you chat about the oeuvre of Ai Weiwei! THAT COULD HAPPEN. ANYTHING could happen at Forms, the festival where art, music and gaming take over galleries, clubs, museums, and DIY spaces across NYC. No, they haven’t announced the lineup yet, but DUH No Age will be involved because, well, PITCHFORK.

The lineup will be revealed over the next few weeks. Obviously I have no idea who’s playing. There’s only two things I CAN tell you. 1) It takes place February 1-4 next year, and 2) tickets will go fast.

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Cambodian Space Project lead singer Srey Thy becomes UN Goodwill Ambassador

These days, music and philanthropy go together like fat kids and cake, and in addition to high-profile, holier-than-thou rock ambassadors like Bono and Chris Martin, other lesser-known musicians are also helping out the world over. Srey Thy, lead singer of The Cambodian Space Project (from you guessed it, Cambodia) was recently appointed as a Good Will Ambassador for UN Women’s UNiTE, a campaign to stop violence against women worldwide.

If for some reason you’re not up-to-date on the music scene in Southeast Asia, CSP is a seven-piece retro-inspired psych rock outfit formed in 2009 by Thy and Australian producer (and guitarist) Julien Poulson. The band just released their first album, 2011: A Space Odyssey, in September. However; unlike other do-gooding rock stars, Thy has a more personal connection with her cause. Growing up in 70s Cambodia under the oppressive Pol Pot-led Khmer Rouge (think back to 10th-grade social studies, kids), she was kidnapped as a teenager and nearly forced into a sex trafficking ring. Since that time Thy has become a prominent women’s rights activist in Cambodia, speaking at events sponsored by SISHA - Anti-Human Trafficking and Exploitation Organization and to community groups around the country.

And now, with CSP beginning to make their presence known internationally (they recently made their US debut at SXSW) paired with Thy working in an official capacity for the UN, she can finally spread her message and help women worldwide. Rock on, lady!

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