The Necks release their first-ever vinyl album and tour with Harold Budd

The Necks release their first-ever vinyl album and tour with Harold Budd

Aussie avant-jazz trio The Necks have taken a break from whatever stereotypically Australian thing you could imagine them doing to release their latest LP, Mindset, marking the band’s first time on vinyl (most albums have been a single track nearly filling the capacity of a CD). The LP is available now on ReR Megacorp and the release has set the group on the road — or in a plane, probably. The Necks will be playing throughout the UK this month on a double bill with avant-garde composer and poet Harold Budd, presented by Sound and Music.


11.21.11 - Liverpool, UK - Capstone Theatre, Liverpool Hope University
11.22.11 - Oxford, UK - Holywell Music Rooms
11.23.11 - Exeter, UK - Phoenix Arts Centre
11.24.11 - Birmingham, UK - Stan’s Café
11.25.11 - Leeds, UK - Opera North, Howard Assembly Rooms

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Codeine begin reuniting, reissuing records in 1998, finish reuniting, reissuing records now

When Codeine was a band back in the 1990s, their songs unfurled at a glacial pace. Which is why they called their first record Frigid Stars. Because glaciers are frigid. Hrmm. That said, Codeine applied that gradual pace to all aspects of their band. Some say that back in 1998, Codeine began reforming. Consequence of Sound says that the band finished their reforming this year by planning a number of shows in Europe, the US, and the UK. Those dates will surely be revealed in a very languid manner, but one date has been announced: ATP’s I’ll Be Your Mirror festival in London in May 2012.

While Codeine is out playing ATP (and you’re out watching them???), Numero Group will be reissuing the band’s discography. On May 8, the label will put out deluxe, double-vinyl versions of 1990’s Frigid Stars, 1992’s Barely Real, and 1994’s The White Birch. These sets will feature expanded liner notes and packaging, perfect for you to pore over while you sit devoid of motion. With each set’s bonus materials of live tracks, Peel sessions, singles, and demos, you can sit there and listen and read liner notes until your muscles stop working. Never move again.

Frigid Stars tracklist:

01. D
02. Gravel Bed
03. Pickup Song
04. 3 Angels
05. New Year’s
06. Second Chance
07. Cave-In
08. Cigarette Machine
09. Old Things
10. Pea

Bonus material:

11. Castle (Afternoon Delight compilation)
12. Three Angels (Previously unreleased)
13. Skeletons (Previously unreleased)
14. Corner Store (Previously unreleased)
15. Squid (Previously unreleased)
16. Summer Dresses (Previously unreleased)
17. Pickup Song (Demo, Previously unreleased)
18. Pea (Alternate)
19. Second Chance (B-side of “D” 7-inch)
20. D (Live, Yo Yo A Go Go compilation)
21. A L’Ombre De Nous (Split 7-inch with Bastro)

Barely Real tracklist:

01. Realize
02. Jr
03. Barely Real
04. Hard to Find
05. W.
06. Promise of Love

Bonus material:

07. Media (Peel Session, Previously unreleased)
08. We’re dead (Peel Session, Previously unreleased)
09. Realize (Live, Previously unreleased)
10. Hydroplane (Live Unrest cover, Previously unreleased)
11. I Wonder (Previously unreleased)
12. Cracked in Two (Revolution compilation)
13. Jr (Instrumental, Previously unreleased)
14. Broken-Hearted Wine (B-side of “Realize” 7-inch)

The White Birch tracklist:

01. Sea
02. Loss Leader
03. Vacancy
04. Kitchen Light
05. Washed Up
06. Tom
07. Ides
08. Wird
09. Smoking Room

Bonus material:

10. Ides (Alternate version, Working Holiday compilation)
11. Smoking Room (Demo, Previously unreleased)
12. Atmosphere (Joy Division cover, A Means to an End compilation)
13. 2 Faced Man (Suicide cover, Your Invitation to Suicide compilation)
14. Loss Leader (Peel Session, Previously unreleased)
15. Something New (B-side to “Tom” 7-inch)
16. Wird (Demo, Previously unreleased)

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Jeff Mangum’s ATP weathers cancellations, additions, holy rattlesnakes, and pianos filled with flames

I’d bet some damn good money you’re still freaking out over Jeff Mangum’s 2012 tour announcement. I sure am. Try to cool your jets for a second, though, because ATP has just confirmed the lineup for the recently rescheduled Jeff Mangum-curated ATP Festival in Butlins Holiday Centre, Minehead, UK. Headliners include Jeff Mangum (obviously), as well as Joanna Newsom and The Magnetic Fields. And even though Panda Bear, Tinariwen, Superchunk, Group Inerane, The Mountain Goats, and Colin Stetson won’t be able to make the new dates, Versus, The Music Tapes, Group Doueh, and Mike Watt & George Hurley will. ATP also plans to add more artists — they’re hoping to confirm Fleet Foxes, Sun Ra Arkestra, and Micachu and the Shapes soon. Check out the festival website for the full lineup.

If you already purchased tickets for the original dates, don’t worry, those will still be valid in March. However, if you’re still hoping to snag tickets, ATP is offering a limited number of installment tickets as well as family tickets. I’m not sure how much fun you’d have with your family, though, considering that your mom drinks until she’s no longer speaking and your dad dreams of all the different ways to die.

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A.C. Newman’s Los Angeles home burglarized by renegade Kindle Fire proponents

Apple products: shiny and irresistible to the touch. They’re so irresistible, in fact, that some people apparently can’t help but succumb to the overwhelming urge to spontaneously hurl inanimate objects, just for the chance to grab hold of one. The New Pornographers’ A.C. Newman was unfortunately on the receiving end of such actions on November 9. As he so tweeted: “Someone threw a potted plant through the window of our LA pad and stole our iPads. Some people are just no damn good.” He later added, “We’re lucky the thieves only took our iPads. Everything was saved in iCloud. I was praying for iCloud to work.” See? They just went for the iPads. Has anyone inspected those things for pheromones?

Fortunately, it appears as though neither Newman nor anyone else was in the immediate vicinity when the break-in occurred. We wish his potted plants a speedy recovery.

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A Place to Bury Strangers release EP for the coming Mayan apocalypse

Ugggggh, is it really time to start thinking about February 2012 already? Say it ain’t SNOW! Fortunately, we’ve got Valentine’s Day, the coming destruction of the world as we know it, and a new EP from A Place to Bury Strangers to look forward to. Sure, sure, most non-Lars Von Trier people’s hearts don’t start tap dancing at the mention of that chocolate holiday or the apocalypse, but A Place to Bury Strangers? Who can argue with that?

According to a press release, the New York-based sonic warriors “produced, engineered, mixed and mastered” said new EP, Onwards to the Wall, without outside help. (This is basically the music-world equivalent of those dinosaur frogs or whatever in Jurassic Park who can breed with themselves.) Onwards will drop February 7 on Dead Oceans. For those who can’t wait and for those who are just worried about our impending Mayan apocalypse, Pitchfork has posted a track from the EP, titled “So Far Away.”

Onwards to the Wall tracklisting:

01. I Lost You
02. So Far Away
03. Onwards to the Wall
04. Nothing Will Surprise Me
05. Drill It Up

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Fennesz and Ryuichi Sakamoto join forces again this December to bring you Flumina on Touch

Sometimes two things or people come together to create something greater than the sum of the individual parts. Think peanut butter and jelly, Simon and Garfunkel, or alcohol and bad decisions. So it is with Ryuichi Sakamoto and Christian Fennesz — they just go together.

Following up on their 2005 live EP Sala Santa Cecilia and the 2007 album Cendre, Christian Fennesz and Ryuichi Sakamoto will release another collaborative album via Touch on December 6 titled Flumina.

After three years without a release, Sakamoto found himself pondering another collaboration with Fennesz. With this idea in mind, Sakamoto set out on tour, opening each performance with a piano piece played in a different key. After 24 performances, Sakamoto had a set of compositions and improvisations comprising all 24 steps in the Western tonal system; the groundwork for another melding of music had been laid.

Next, Sakamoto sent the piano recordings to Fennesz, who played with the pieces, adding in guitar, synths, and electronics to transform them into something altogether new. The two finally met up in New York to mix the album together and Flumina became the end result.

Flumina tracklisting:

Disc 1:

01. 0318
02. 0319
03. 0320
04. 0322
05. 0324
06. 0325
07. 0327
08. 0328
09. 0330
10. 0401
11. 0402
12. 0404

Disc 2:

01. 0405
02. 0407
03. 0409
04. 0411
05. 0415
06. 0417
07. 0419
08. 0423
09. 0424
10. 0425
11. 0428
12. 0429

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