Negativland release un-mixed “U2” track in wake of Casey Kasem’s death, encourage fans to reinvent said track

Negativland release un-mixed "U2" track in wake of Casey Kasem's death, encourage fans to reinvent said track

Radio personality Casey Kasem died at age 82 on June 15, and culture-jammers Negativland didn’t waste any time in commemorating his legacy.

Negativland’s 1991 EP, aptly titled U2, featured the group parodying one of Bono and Co.’s most well-known works, “I Still Haven’t Found What I’m Looking For.” Included in Negativland’s “cover” was a clip of Kasem’s extensive on-air rant about U2: “These guys are from England, and who gives a shit?”

U2’s label was not exactly pleased with the jokey record, and they quickly sued Negativland and squashed the release. The band wrote about the experience in a zine called The Letter U and the Numeral 2 — Kasem’s chosen pronunciation for the Irish band’s name.

And now Negativland have announced that they will be releasing “the original un-mixed studio multi-track tape ‘stems’” for fans to play around with as a tribute to Kasem. The band hopes that “entirely new versions of the work are created and disseminated,” and fans are encouraged to post their works to Negativland’s official website. Get to work!

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RIP: Horace Silver, jazz pianist and composer

From NPR:

Pianist and composer Horace Silver, who created a rhythmic jazz known as “hard bop” that combined R&B and gospel to go along with his eclectic style of piano playing, has died at age 85, his son confirms.

Silver began as a tenor saxophonist playing in clubs in his native Connecticut, where he was discovered by Stan Getz. He moved to New York in the 1950s, where he switched to piano, formed a trio, and began performing at the Blue Note Jazz Club. He eventually signed on with Blue Note and stuck with the iconic label until the 1980s. Silver performed not only with Getz, but also Lester Young, Miles Davis and Art Blakey.

Bassist Christian McBride told NPR in 2008 that Silver’s music had long been his favorite.

“Horace Silver’s music has always represented what jazz musicians preach but don’t necessarily practice, and that’s simplicity,” McBride said. “It sticks to the memory; it’s very singable. It gets in your blood easily; you can comprehend it easily. It’s very rooted, very soulful.”

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Madlib to drop huge Rock Konducta double album July 15, because there’s no such thing as too much Madlib

Consider this: You bump into Madlib on the street hulking around a five-foot stack of limited-edition, hand-painted Sun Ra quadruple-LP box sets, which he proceeds to drop on your toes, eliminating the functionality of your feet and binding you to a wheelchair for life. Do you forgive him? I mean, really, Madlib is a man who can seemingly do no wrong. Perhaps his output isn’t always up to the Madvillain standard (though often it is), but when was the last time you heard someone say, “that Madlib album sucks”? He’s remarkably dependable when it comes to music, and he’s a nice guy, too!

But back to my proposition. If you’re on the fence, say Madlib offers you a hand-signed vinyl promo copy of his Rock Konducta series’ soon-to-be-released second half as reparation. Still mad? Let Madlib explain to you. This record draws from the funky, dirty sounds of 60s, 70s, and 80s psych-rock, Krautrock, and prog from across the globe. Could be interesting, but stay with Madlib here. He’s also offering you the CD version, which compiles the first and second parts into one mammoth 50-track double-album… and what if he told you it included 14 tracks not found on the vinyl edition? Do you forgive Madlib for crippling you? Maaaaaybe? How about his entire discography on vinyl? Yeah, Madlib thought so.

Now since this didn’t happen, temper your excitement just a bit and instead get excited for Rock Konducta Part 2. The vinyl edition drops July 8 and the big digital/CD compilations drop July 15. Both are available for pre-order through Rappcats.

Listen to “Black Dreams (Sludge Fight)” from Rock Konducta Part 2:

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Werkdiscs producer Moiré to release first LP Shelter in August

Werkdiscs labelhead Darren Cunningham a.k.a. Actress has never released, or supported, easy-listening. He and signee Moiré specialize in a strain of harsh, dirty techno that does very little to explain itself; pleading its case for deep experimentation quite incisively, but never overtly. Both Moiré and Actress share an interest in discord, noise, and unsettling abstraction, flirting with the abstruse likes of minimal electronic “sound artists” such as Ryoji Ikeda and Alva Noto, while always managing to keep a good old four-four close at hand. One track may push in the “sound art” direction, while another may drop a snare on the two/four and a hi-hat on the off-beat, undoubtedly allying itself to the dancefloor. Werkdiscs operates from an uneasy middle-ground.

Their next release, an LP by Moiré called Shelter, heads the latter way. Shelter focuses on subtle rhythmic progressions and intelligent songwriting more heavily than the conceptual mischief featured on Werkdiscs’ last big release, Actress’ Ghettoville. By Werk standards, I guess you could call Shelter conservative, but only in the sense that it’s a lean refinement of an already pinpoint vision glimpsed only in pieces until now. Previously, Moiré has put out two EPs through Werk/Ninja Tune — Never Sleep and BBOY 2 / False. Shelter will drop on August 18.

Listen to “No Gravity” from the album while you wait.

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Outkast add Kid Cudi and Childish Gambino to homecoming concert in Atlanta, return not as men but as gods, gods with infinite power

When Outkast’s Andre 3000 and Big Boi started up in Atlanta in the early 90s, there were mere boys. When they rose to fame in the late 90s with a series of classic hip-hop records, they were men. But things are different now that the group is headlining almost every single festival in the entire world. As Pitchfork reports, Outkast are curating and headlining a show in Atlanta’s Centennial Olympic Park on September 27. They are returning to where they came from, not as boys, not as men. They are returning as gods, and their power has grown to infinite proportions. Did you know Big Boi can consume worlds? He can.

Though the “special guest” has yet to be announced, Kid Cudi, Childish Gambino, and Raury have just been added to the homecoming show. Speculate if you wish, but I can tell you the special guest will be none other than Henry, the most feared man in comedy. Henry will do a two-hour set before Outkast will go on. Other guests will include John Singleton, director of 2005’s Andre-starring Four Brothers (also Boyz n The Hood), and the woman complaining about it being cold on Stankonia. Nah, I’m just playing, it’ll probably be some great Dungeon Family-related rappers and, if the world is perfect, Kate Bush.

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Herbert to release new EP Part 6 to the great ethical outrage of all those for whom “six” sounds a little too much like “sex”

So, yesterday, electronic/experimentalist/musique concrète/what-have-you mastermind Matthew Herbert calls me up at home (mind you, it’s after 8 PM too; and I have explicitly told the dude at least half a dozen times before never to call me at home after dinner), and he’s all like:

“Hey Nobodaddy, guess what? I’m planning to release a new EP called Part 6 under my house music moniker of just straight-up “Herbert” on June 23! Well… the vinyl version will be June 23; I guess technically the digital version won’t be out until June 29… but either way, yeah! I’m totally pumped because it’s coming out on my own Accidental Records label and one of the songs — which is called “One Two Three,” by the way — features Hejira member Rahel Debebe-Dessalegne on vocals. It’s totally sick man. Can you believe it? It’s been like… six, no, seven…eight years since I’ve put out a record as “Herbert”! And dude, do you think people will “get it” how this whole part 6 thing is a direct continuation of the playful and intriguing electronic musical style that I fucking pioneered the shit out of way back in the day on my original Parts 1 - 5 releases from fuckin’ 95/96 on the Phono label!?!? Dude, I don’t think anyone’s gonna even connect the dots about that shit!”

Seriously. ALL OF THAT SHIT (and probably more) comes out of his mouth before he even has the wherewithal to stop for a sec and finally ask “Oh, I’m sorry, how are YOU doing, Nobo?” God. Same old story, you know? Some people are just… selfish, that’s all. Argh. Sorry to dump on you like this, readers. But truly. I am just SO SICK of that guy!

Part 6 tracklisting:

01. One Two Three
02. Manny
03. My DJ
04. Grab That Bottle

DJ dates:

06.20.14 - London, UK - Fabric
06.21.14 - Ibiza, Spain - Space

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