Operation AntiSec hits Universal Music, promises more data soon

Operation AntiSec hits Universal Music, promises more data soon http://www.tinymixtapes.com/sites/default/files/news-11-06-antisec.jpg

Well, it was bound to happen. As LulzSec, after hitting company after company after government after gazebo, sailed off into the sunset, leaving behind a massive data dump involving the Arizona Department of Public Security, it felt like a tactical retreat. And it was. Temporary partners AnonymousIRC took over the fight under the banner (or sails, in their terminology) of previously announced Operation AntiSec, and began their run with new data dumps, posted on The Pirate Bay as antisec01 (or Anti-Sec 001).

Alongside some government shenanigans, AntiSec busted open two dumps from Universal Music Group, containing both usernames and passwords, as well as “other data.” Viacom was also hit, though the damage remain limited to a server mapping that might be more useful to actual hackers. As of press time, no confirmation from UMG or Viacom has been received regarding the validity of the dumps.

While the dump seems minor at the moment, AntiSec promises more dumps, perhaps hinting at a deeper hack for some of these groups:

And keep in mind: #AntiSec vessels have a very large cache of valuable goods aboard; the crews are currently working hard to sort the loot in a way that even the lousy media sailboats are able to just grab it and sail away for the horizon. You will hear from us very soon.

Not that we at Tiny Mix Tapes condone such hacking, but on the off chance that it means actual info regarding UMG’s relationship with the government (perhaps via the RIAA), maybe that could be sent our way? We’ve got a bit of an axe to grind with a certain Joe, and while our dinghy is lousy and small, we are rigging it with some anti-gravity machinery so that it can fly in the air and cut through the crap.

Ghostly International signs HTRK, the gloomiest, magical-est band around

It’s ironic, isn’t it (in the Alanis Morissette sense) that I love love LOVE a band named HTRK, or Hate Rock as you’re supposed to say it? I love this band so much I want to send it flowers, I want to write it haikus, I want to drunkenly tell everyone I know how amazing they are and then curl up beside their first record at night and dream sweet, sweet dreams of actually watching the band live and in concert. “Wait, WHO?” you’re saying. WELL, you obviously haven’t been exposed to the wonder that is drunken me.

HTRK is a London by way of Melbourne noise/electronic/hooooooly drum machine band whose first album, Marry Me Tonight, was recorded by Birthday Party legend Rowland S. Howard and released on the Mute imprint Blast First Petite. It’s a searing, brutal fusion of electronica and noise and their live shows are like walking into a sweat lodge and discovering your spirit animal, only to realize that it’s a honeybadger, or maybe a super psychotic crocodile on meth. They’ve shared the stage in the past with Lydia Lunch and Alan Vega.

And now, thanks to Ghostly International, the band’s second album Work, Work, Work will hopefully introduce music fans in these fine U States of A to this totally awesome band that is totally not paying me to throw all these adjectives around. (In case you thought they might be. Sorry. I can’t restrain myself.) The new LP comes out September 6 in the States. It was recorded in London and Berlin from 2006-2010.

Work, Work, Work tracklisting:

01. Ice Eyes Eis
02. Slo Glo
03. Eat Yr Heart
04. Bendin’
05. Skinny
06. Syntheik
07. Poison
08. Work That Body
09. Love Triangle
10. Body Double

• HTRK: http://www.myspace.com/htrk
• Ghostly International: http://ghostly.com

Wilco to release The Whole Love and show off their bad clothes on tour this fall

The experimental dads in Wilco have been stressing their wives out a lot lately. First they’re “out all weekend” doing some sort of self-curated festival and totally skipping church to do it. Then they’re dropping a new single on their newly-founded label dBpm (total dad-joke name, by the way) that features “I Might” backed with a cover of Nick Lowe’s “I Love My Label” and leaving dirty dishes in the sink. And now they’re announcing plans to release their new full-length, entitled The Whole Love, this fall, complete with a two month-long tour even though they already RSVP’d to cousin Judy’s kid’s baptism like two months ago??? Arrrrrrrg. It’s enough to make a lonely Wilco housewife start binge-ing on Okkervil River and changing into Spoon t-shirts as soon as she leaves the house!

But seriously folks, regardless of women’s trifling “feelings,” the band has announced that The Whole Love will hit the streets on September 27 on dBpm and that they will hit both North America and Europe starting a few weeks earlier. According to Jeff “Thom Yorke of the Midwest” Tweedy and his bandmates, the newest addition to the Wilco library is “a veritable sonic stew” that features a seven-minute opener (“Art of Almost”) and a 12-minute closer (“One Sunday Morning (Song for Jane Smiley’s Boyfriend)”) among its twelve Wilco-y tracks. Sounds experimental! Or boring! Either way, check out the complete list of those tracks below, as well as all those dates that the wives are being so passive-aggressive about right now.

Oh, and incidentally, it seems as though the Wilco dads have already started stockpiling for their long trip away from home as summer transitions into fall, because Amazon’s all out of stock on those cargo pants that zip off into shorts.

The Whole Love tracklisting:

01. Art of Almost
02. I Might
03. Sunloathe
04. Dawned on Me
05. Black Moon
06. Born Alone
07. Open Mind
08. Capitol City
09. Standing O
10. Rising Red Lung
11. Whole Love
12. One Sunday Morning (Song for Jane Smiley’s Boyfriend)

2011 dates:

07.31.11 - Niigata, Japan - Fuji Rock Festival
09.13.11 - Indianapolis, IN - Murat Theatre
09.16.11 - Toronto, ON - Massey Hall
09.17.11 - Toronto, ON - Massey Hall
09.18.11 - Montreal, QC - Metropolis
09.20.11 - Boston, MA - Wang Theatre
09.22.11 - New York, NY - Central Park Summerstage
09.25.11 - Columbia, MD - Merriweather Post Pavilion
09.27.11 - Raleigh, NC - Raleigh Amphitheater
09.28.11 - Atlanta, GA - Cobb Energy Performing Arts Center
09.29.11 - Atlanta, GA - Cobb Energy Performing Arts Center
10.01.11 - Nashville, TN - The Ryman
10.02.11 - Nashville, TN - The Ryman
10.04.11 - St. Louis, MO - Peabody Opera House
10.05.11 - Madison, WI - Overture Hall
10.24.11 - Glasgow, UK - Glasgow Royal Concert Hall
10.27.11 - Bristol, UK - Colston Hall
10.28.11 - London, UK - Roundhouse
10.29.11 - London, UK - Roundhouse
11.01.11 - Madrid, Spain - Teatro Circo Price
11.02.11 - Barcelona, Spain - Palau De La Musica Catalina
11.03.11 - San Sebastián, Spain - Kursaal Convention Center
11.07.11 - Basel, Switzerland - Kaserne Basel
11.08.11 - Frankfurt, Germany - Alte Oper
11.09.11 - München, Germany - Circus Krone
11.11.11 - Wesendorf, Germany - Rolling Stone Weekender
11.12.11 - Berlin, Germany - Tempodrom
11.13.11 - Utrecht, Netherlands - Vredenburg Leidsche Rijn
11.14.11 - Tilburg, Netherlands - 013

• Wilco: http://thedailywilco.tumblr.com

Portishead’s ATP: I’ll Be Your Mirror just got way fucking cooler: Thinking Fellers Union, Reggie Watts, and more Jeff Mangum

If a handful of Jeff Mangum performances, the Ultramagnetic MCs, Portishead, Shellac, and plenty more artists weren’t enough to convince you that the Portishead-curated All Tomorrow’s Parties: I’ll Be Your Mirror is going to be dope, then maybe the newest round of announcements from the festival will.

First up, it’s been confirmed that Jeff Mangum will play an extra show on Sunday. Mangum agreed to the extra show as long as music critics the world over agree to stop referring to him as reclusive. ATP has also announced that a whole new super-special type of ticket to the festival has been announced to accomodate the newly announced show: what used to be called “Three Day Jeff Mangum Passes” have now been broken down into “Three Day Jeff Mangum Sunday Passes” and “Three Day Jeff Mangum Friday Passes,” depending on which one of the days you want to see Jeff, although I recommend Friday because Mangum is always worn out by the end of the weekend and usually just spends Sunday reading the paper and napping.

If you’re not a Mangum fan and couldn’t give a shit about reclusive musicians, ATP has also beefed up the artists playing on Friday and Saturday of the show. Thinking Fellers Union Local 282 (making their return to live performances), Factory Floor, Awesome Tapes From Africa DJs, as well as comedic acts Reggie Watts, Hannibal Buress, and Rory Scovel have been added to Friday. Saturday sees the additions of Marc Ribot’s Ceramic Dog and Colin Stetson, while Sunday is still waiting for more confirmations but they’ve gotta be better announcements than Jeff Mangum if they’re taking this long to reveal them. Perhaps it’s Jimi Hendrix and Frank Zappa risen from the grave to perform their collaborative album Zappin’ the Drix?

• All Tomorrow’s Parties: http://www.atpfestival.com

Dent May prepares for “Fun” 7-inch, tour with Real Estate, and questions about what happened to His Magnificent Ukulele

Forget Eddie Vedder and Ukulele Songs. Everyone knows that America’s favorite ukulele chanteur is Dent May, and to show up Vedder and that major record deal of his, Dent May has announced both a summer tour and a forthcoming single on Paw Tracks.

Okay, so maybe Vedder is completely innocent of cultural appropriation, since Hawaii’s traditional instrument didn’t actually appear on his record — but then, Dent May is too this time. On the new 7-inch, “Fun” b/w “Wedding Day” (out September 13), Dent May discarded the magnificent uke and experimented instead with “cosmic synths, funky guitars, analog drum machines, loopy bass lines, and massive vocal harmonies” — which could also sort of be said for last year’s single on Forest Family, “Eastover Wives.” As we hinted at earlier, Dent May doesn’t exactly have Pearl Jam-level notoriety, and so only 700 copies of “Fun” will be pressed (but on clear vinyl!). As we also said, Dent May is going on tour, which means that if you miss out on the 7-inch, you can possibly pick up the limited-edition cassette version of the single, available only at shows and until someone buys the 100th (and last) copy. And why shouldn’t you see them on tour? They’re playing with Real Estate, for Pete’s sake!

Tourdates (all w/ Real Estate):

07.10.11 - Washington, DC - Red Palace
07.11.11 - Chapel Hill, NC - Local 506
07.12.11 - Atlanta, GA - The Earl
07.13.11 - Oxford, MS - Proud Larry’s
07.14.11 - Nashville, TN - Hard Rock Cafe
07.17.11 - Chicago, IL - Subterranean
07.18.11 - Detroit, MI - Magic Stick
07.19.11 - Toronto, ON - The Garrison
07.20.11 - Montreal, QC - Il Motore
07.24.11 - Hoboken, NJ - Maxwell

• Dent May: http://www.dentmay.com
• Paw Tracks: http://www.paw-tracks.com

EMA to tour Europe between now and when the sun explodes, but more specifically in the fall

Tale as old as time: drone-folk band forms, puts out a few great records, then breaks up. Co-founder of aforementioned drone-folk band starts her own solo project and puts out a great debut. Fast forward a million or so years and the world is consumed in a fiery explosion. Yes sir, tale as old as time and there ain’t nothing older than time.

To place some pieces in this puzzle, that drone-folk band was Gowns, Erika M. Anderson was the co-founder of that band, EMA is her solo project, and Past Life Martyred Saints is EMA’s debut record. Oh, before I forget, that world is Earth and the fiery explosion is a fiery explosion. But the important part is the part about EMA. As a victory lap following the release of Martyred Saints and as a regular lap during the whole being a band thing, EMA is heading to Europe for a tour this fall. Experts theorize that the timing of this tour is to get in right before a million something years pass and the Earth is engulfed in fire, incinerating the Robosaurs and Silver Riders and Hydradogs that will surely roam the planet’s face by that point.

EMA dates:

09.13.11 - Brighton, UK - Green Door Store
09.14.11 - London, UK - Cargo
09.15.11 - Bristol, UK - Thekla
09.16.11 - Manchester, UK - Deaf Institute
09.17.11 - Leffinge, Belgium - Leffinge Festival
09.18.11 - Tilburg, Netherlands - Incubate Festival
09.20.11 - Amsterdam, Netherlands - Paradiso
09.21.11 - Munich, Germany - Atomic Cafe 22
09.22.11 - Berlin, Germany - Festsaal Kreuzberg
09.23.11 - Hamburg, Germany - Reeperbahn Festival
09.24.11 - Cologne, Germany - Gerbaude 9
09.25.11 - Frankfurt, Germany - Offenbach
09.27.11 - Kufstein, Austria - TBC
09.28.11 - Vienna, Austria - Badeschiff (Waves Festival)
09.29.11 - St. Gallen, Switzerland - Palace St. Gallen
09.30.11 - Dudingen, Switzerland - Bad Bonn
10.01.11 - Brussels, Belgium - Orangerie

• EMA: http://cameouttanowhere.com