Ottawa Bluesfest 2011 to last entire summer, host The Flaming Lips, Death From Above 1979, Mark Kozelek, and hundreds more

Ottawa Bluesfest 2011 to last entire summer, host The Flaming Lips, Death From Above 1979, Mark Kozelek, and hundreds more

Ottawa’s Bluesfest is a festival that somehow keeps growing despite being held in what’s normally considered a sleepy government town. What started as a small, accurately titled weekend event held on a small patch of grass behind the Parliament buildings has sprawled into a nearly two-week extravaganza featuring well over 200 acts of every conceivable genre. This festival is seriously long enough to warrant an intermission day — we get Monday off.

Comedy has been moved inside this year, and thus the Black Sheep Stage is available once more. The re-addition of this smallest stage is an excellent step for the festival, as it regularly featured the most eclectic and challenging acts in previous years. The organizers seem to be aware of its status based on their adding Caravan Palace, M. Ward, Yukon Blonde, Chali 2na, Mark Kozelek, Sierra Maestra, and Red Baraat to the long list of acts sharing the stage.

On the other five stages, the variety of music present at Bluesfest is made even more apparent with The Black Keys, The Flaming Lips, Steve Miller, Peter Frampton, Skrillex, Shpongle, Girl Talk, Bootsy Collins, Ben Harper, Soundgarden, John Fogerty, My Morning Jacket, Death Cab for Cutie, Galactic, Joe Satriani, DFA 1979, Jennifer Hudson, Three Days Grace, Rise Against, and Infected Mushroom performing.

The list goes on from there to include comedy, spoken word, local bands, and international bands that even the most ironic and pretentious of people haven’t heard. Even if you’re not anywhere near the city and have no plans to visit the festival, I encourage you to check out the full roster, just to see the variety of acts this “sleepy government town” gets exposed to every year.

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James Ferraro readies new album Far Side Virtual with bonus Time Warner/700 Club creatine body spray

Blorp, blorp, blurp-bleurp. Hot news, hotter discounts. Blooop. That’s gotta hurt! RUN-DUN-DUN-DUN-DIMblorp. Next onAnimaniacs*snikt*. You’re watch-blugg… you. The WB, stay tuned to OWNflerp. Get ‘em, gut ‘em, get ‘em, gut ‘em, get’em’gem, gum — grum. Ge-net-ics?? Tranzz action denied. Please insert more gum… reload GNU OS for a unexpected easter egg ;o) Say “goodbye” to the schism within.

New-nude Ferraro al-b.u.m.! THANKYOUfor turning off your cells as a Kurtesy to others and “Enjoytheshow!” cuz ain’t it sumthin’?! New album is Far Side Virtual, “coming soon to a Summer near you.” THANKYOUfor coming, it’s been tooo long ;o) “For a smoother smoke… I’ll be back.” ~The Terminator. Feel soothing relief, as the label transfers to your skin: Hippos in Tanks. Hippos in Tanks?? Why, that’s more savings than you’ll know what to do with! ;o) FYI: partial rebroadcasting of this message strychninely forbidden. J/K. Hoof arted? Hoo cares, girl was fine, so fine. So effing fine. I felt like a woman in her own personal McWorld. One question, doh: anybuddy ‘chex’ed the spectrals yet?! I mean I gotta eat too LOL… stop futzing around! I oughta jpeg-stream ya for that ;o)

Sez Ferraro: “All the proceeds from Far Side Virtual are going towards my facial reconstructive plastic surgery, my new face will be fashioned after CCTV’s satellite queen, Princess Diana. and you will be able to see it live in concert on the Far Side Virtual World Tour.. Always coca cola.”

Sez me, in a chatroom testimonial: “At first I was skeptical. Far Side Virtual / Breast Men / Fahrenheit 9/11 combo pack on clearance, plus Sam’s Club rewards? Then I let go and felt wave after wave after wave of satisfaction. I let it touch me, minus the resistance. Who knew psychosexual transcendence was not only possible, but right around the corner? It was 2009 and I was ready for passion. I wouldn’t miss out on another Jim Ferraro module and I didn’t. Completely worth the drip.”

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Awkwardcore Records release digital comp with Deerhoof, The Music Tapes, and 19 other bands you can pretend to have heard of

We’ve heard our fair share of -cores in the last 30 years, especially with prefixes that run the gamut of angsty teen emotions/habits: there’s sadcore, mumblecore (movies), cutecore, queercore, etc. You may have thought that the -core genre was put to bed after the 2000s, but actually there’s a whole record label called Awkwardcore, going strong for four years now! On April 16, they digitally released their first compilation album, and we’re kind of embarrassed that we’re only reporting on it now. (It’s — well, you know the adjective I’m going for.)

Awkwardcore is a small digital-only label based in Rochester, NY, run by members of the band Fewn, and they kindly offer free album streams to those who want to listen and cheap downloads to those who want to pay. The first compilation download includes unreleased tracks from a handful of Awkwardcore bands (Fewn, Dirtman, Ganache, The Whiskers), among others like So Cow and Univox. There are also live recordings from Deerhoof and The Music Tapes, and an uncomfortably funny three minutes of the late somniloquist Dion McGregor talking in his sleep. Now, stop shuffling those big feet of yours and get it (or listen to it) here!

Awkwardcore Compilation #1 tracklisting:

01. The Captain Shafts, “Back When Phone Lines Cut the Sky”
02. Fewn, “The Hoof Destroyer”
03. Univox, “Bashful Son”
04. Dion McGregor, “Naughty Pussy”
05. Ganache, “That Old Pastoral”
06. Bogs Visionary Orchestra, “Colors”
07. Deerhoof, “Basket Ball Get Your Groove Back” (live)
08. Dirtman, “Spirit Spout”
09. Kerrin Pantelakis, “Loner”
10. Colonel Parmisan, “Centric”
11. Painted Rocks, “Sea of Quarks”
12. So Cow, “As I Roved Out (Brian)”
13. The Northwest Man, “The Means”
14. The Music Tapes, “Minister of Longitude” (live at Awkwardcore studios)
15. Seth Faergolzia, “Icky Sticky”
16. Goodbad, “Lungfish”
17. Anti-Octopus, “Rattlesnake”
18. Simon Waldram, “Girl with the Clipboard”
19. Apollo Ghosts, “Dirty Letters to Nora”
20. The Bloody Noes, “Ranchhh”
21. The Whiskers, “Birds of Paradise” (remix)

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Ty Segall’s new single and LP to be released by Drag City cause why the hell wouldn’t they?

That rambunctious little phenom of a rockster Ty Segall is up to his antics again. You guessed it — the Beiber of SF garage rock is throwing out a new 7-inch AND a new LP, both gettin’ released within nearly a month of each other. So you’re saying to yourself, “what the fuck else is new, that dude records a new 7-inch every time he takes a dump and throws out LPs like it ain’t no thing.” The difference here, my friend, is that both of these records are being released by the illustrious Drag City Records, who, like Sean Connery in The Highlander, have taken it upon themselves to train Ty in the ways of the immortal. The only difference being that, instead of beheading his foes in a bloody struggle, he is being provided with mass distribution and PR. Two sides of the same coin, really.

The “I Can Feel It” 7-inch single comes out May 17, so you can go ahead and preorder that baby over at the Drag City webstore. His newest full-length Goodbye Bread is coming out June 21. The prodigal son also has some tourdates rolling up soon. Check those out below.


05.26.11 - Barcelona, Spain - Primavera Sound
06.16.11 - Toronto, ON - The Garrison (NXNE)
06.17.11 - Toronto, ON - Wrongbar (NXNE) @
06.18.11 - Toronto, ON - Bovine Sex Club (NXNE)
07.02.11 - San Francisco, CA - The Independent
07.21.11 - San Diego, CA - Casbah ^
07.22.11 - Los Angeles, CA - Eagle Rock Center ^
07.24.11 - Las Vegas, NV - Beauty Bar ^
07.25.11 - Reno, NV - Holland Project ^
07.28.11 - Portland, OR - East End ^
07.29.11 - Seattle, WA - Crocodile Café ^
07.30.11 - Vancouver, BC - Biltmore Cabaret ^
08.14.11 - San Francisco, CA - Outside Lands Festival

* The Walkmen, Peelander-Z, Black Joe Lewis & The Honeybears, and more
@ Panache Showcase w/ Julianna Barwick, Prince Rama, PUJOL, Secret Cities

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The Fiery Furnaces announce tour in hopes that you’ve never seen them live before and aren’t put off by this news

Huh? Wha?

What are you doing here?

Uhhh… Ackehmmm…

Sorry, one second… pardon my dust…

Okay, now I’m ready for you. Sorry about that, dude. This is kind of embarrassing, but I wasn’t really expecting anyone to actually click on that headline! Heh heh… soooo, I kinda don’t have anything clever prepared for you. See, I was pretty sure that you’d, you know, already seen a few Furnaces shows in the past and are therefore pretty familiar with the way in which they’ve managed to systematically alienate any semblance of a casual (that is to say: “non-die-hard” or “non-Duchamp-loving”) fanbase through the somewhat-intriguing-but-probably-just-another-middle-finger mystery box that is their live show.

But, well, here you are anyway. So, without further ado: The Fiery Furnaces are touring a small cross section of US clubs in May. Each of these shows is billed as an “intimate duo” set, featuring just the bro-sis duo of Matt and Eleanor Friedberger. And seeing as how the band hasn’t technically released anything official since 2009’s I’m Going Away (remixes and solo endeavors by Eleanor and Matt aside), one can probably imagine the concept for this tour as a Fiery Furnaces Review of sorts. After all, according to their ever-so-patient Thrill Jockey label, the goal of these shows will be “to play Fiery Furnaces songs, lots of them, as simply as possible.” Each set will feature Eleanor on vocals and Matt on piano and vocals. That’s it.

You know, actually, that doesn’t sound like a bad show. Maybe I was wrong about them driving people away whenever they play live. Oh, wait, there’s also “a short karaoke interlude” planned for each show. Never mind.

05.04.11 - New York, NY - Rockwood Music Hall
05.05.11 - New York, NY - Rockwood Music Hall
05.06.11 - Philadelphia, PA - World Cafe Live Upstairs
05.07.11 - Cambridge, MA - Lizard Lounge
05.10.11 - Chicago, IL - Schubas
05.11.11 - Chicago, IL - Schubas
05.13.11 - Minneapolis, MN - Cedar Cultural Center
05.14.11 - Madison, WI - Majestic Theatre
05.17.11 - Los Angeles, CA - Largo
05.18.11 - San Francisco, CA - Cafe Du Nord
05.20.11 - Austin, TX - Lambert’s
05.21.11 - Austin, TX - Lambert’s

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Iggy Pop readies new and old music for you to listen to shirtless

Despite looking like Death with anorexia, Iggy Pop is a busy man with tons of new and old music in the pipeline that he can’t wait for you to listen to. In a recent interview with Billboard, Pop revealed a couple of projects on his schedule sure to satiate fans.

First up, Shout! Factory is releasing Roadkill Rising: The Bootleg Collection 1977 - 2009, a four-CD set of Iggy Pop bootlegs that includes material from Pop’s solo career and with The Stooges, plus some covers, with each CD representing a different decade. If you’re more of a video fan, then you can check out the new DVD Raw Power Live: In The Hands of the Fans, a recording of The Stooges playing at last year’s ATP Festival in New York where the band played their album Raw Power in its entirety.

In future news: Iggy told the magazine that he’s hard at work on a follow-up to 2009’s Préliminaires (TMT Review) where he plans to still sing in both English and French and do another all-covers record. Pop is planning his own versions of The Beatles’ “Michelle,” Fred Neil’s “Everybody’s Talkin’,” as well as songs from Serge Gainsbourg, Henri Salvador, and plenty of others, with a release tentatively set for late 2011 or early 2012.

Iggy has also been working with his buddy in The Stooges, James Williamson, on new material: “about eight things right now that are… sort of complete songs. Maybe some of them need to be more complete or some of them need to be forgotten. And then some of them… just flow right along.” So, here’s to hoping that we get a new Stooges album in the next five years!

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